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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Were These Images Acquired During A UFO Abduction?

The video was presented by SecureTeam10 - Click for video -11/22/2013 CONFIRMED ALIEN ABDUCTION CAUGHT ON CAMERA - INSIDE A UFO

11/22/2013 - The photos published in the above video, were provided to us from a source who at this point wishes to remain nameless. What we can disclose, is that she is a woman, and has been a resident of New Orleans for the past 32 years of her life. She is married, and lives on the outskirts of the city of New Orleans. In August of 2004, our source was taking a walk in a park just a few miles outside of her home. She regularly took nightly walks with her husband at this park, however on the night of 8/4 2004, she had drove to the park without her husband, who was working late that night and could not attend.

From what we are told, the area in which the park is located, consists of miles of flatlands. It is out in the country, and it is quiet and beautiful at night time. Hence the perfect place for an evening walk or jog. This area is frequented by locals wanting to exercise, walk their dogs, etc.

On the night of 8/42004, our source had been walking alone in said park, on a widely used bike path stretching nearly a mile through the park. Nearly 20 minutes into her walk, she suddenly felt that she "was being watched by something". The concrete bike path, which is surrounded on both sides by yards of flat grasslands, begun to very slightly vibrate under her feat. She recalls it to be a very strange sensation as if there were a large truck in the distance or a train. However, there was no sound to be heard, nor were there any large vehicles or trains anywhere near the area.

Almost instantaneously, a large, black craft with 3 large blue windows, appeared parked on the grass directly in front of where the source was standing. The rest, is noted in the above video. We will publish more as we get it. This is an ongoing case.

NOTE: Go look at the video and read the rest of the commentary. They state there is other evidence available. Also that the witness could not get the images published until now...no one, including the mainstream media, would publish the information. There are hundreds of internet outlets that could have accommadated the witness, so I'm not buying into that statement. Several years ago, I published photos of a supposed alien abduction. There was never any proof provided...so it was basic 'word of the witness.' I presented it 'as is.' I honestly can't comment on these images. We'll wait and see if anything noteworthy develops...Lon

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