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Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Life of Real UFO Sightings and Alien Encounters - Part 1

This account was posted at the MUFON CMS (as a file) and titled Real UFO Sightings and Alien Encounters. The submitter added the following note:
Attached are all my UFO sightings and alien abduction, encounter experiences. I might have sent you the document before, but just to make sure. You might find it beneficial in your research. Thank you.
I am going to present it as a two-part post:


Nineteen UFO Sightings

Others and I witnessed the following sightings between 1979 to this current date of 2000.

The sightings are not in exact order. And the information of dates and measurements are not accurate.

1) Coming home from Newport Beach, Calif. approaching the Newport freeway a thirty-foot long cigar shaped object passed over in front of me and other drivers. It looked to be corroded with lava material all over it. It traveled at ten mph. It disappeared behind some large trees to my left. When I passed the trees it was gone. Upon arriving at home I turned on the radio hoping that something would be said about it. No sooner I turned it on a disc jockey said that there is a UFO raid in Orange County (the county I live in). People were being interviewed, as that they confessed to having seen small round objects, which hovered near them for a couple minutes then taking off and disappearing at a very high speed.

2) My father worked for the Pacific Bell Telephone Company in Anaheim, Calif. He came home from work one night and said that near the park he saw a small metallic boomerang shaped object coming toward him at a very low altitude. Some large trees obstructed his view of it, as he did not see it again. Two days later I was in two miles from that area at Disneyland, and I saw it. It was what my father described and it cruised at two mph at about fifty-feet above the sidewalk. Traffic was busy, as I was stopped at a light in my car. As far as I could see the other drivers did not see it, as they were busy chatting away. Anyway, the object traveled down the street and out of sight.

3) One night in my parent’s backyard I saw a bright light in the east. I thought it was a planet or a very large star. Within a couple of seconds it split in half becoming two smaller lights. About fifteen seconds after that the two lights, four hundred yards apart, united in one very fast motion becoming one very bright light again. Then it disappeared in an instant shooting out into space at a very high speed.

4) My father has always been skeptical about UFO’s until surprisingly one night at around 8:00 P.M. he sat in a rod iron chair on the sundeck to his house. He put his head back and looked up. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was looking for UFO’s. Only fifteen seconds later he pointed up saying quite calmly, ‘There’s one.’ Because of his calmness I thought he was kidding. He stood up from his chair and pointed almost straight up. Finally I saw it. It was a very small and faint light that was very high. At first I thought it was a satellite, but when it aligned with a larger light it disappeared.

After living for two years on my own I moved in an apartment in Garden Grove, Calif. in a shopping area called the Promenade.

Others and I witnessed most of the following sightings here in the Promenade area.

5) I could not sleep, as I went outside on my porch. I lived upstairs, as the roof was close above me. When I looked up I saw at the end of the roof a bright object. It was in the center of the sky having a diameter of about a quarter of an inch. It was traveling in an easterly direction. It disappeared in ten to fifteen seconds in a fraction of a second. There were no clouds eminent.

6) Getting to be close friends with Tomy’s restaurant employees, as it is walking distance from my apartment I often go there until closing. It was 10:50 P.M. one night, as I left Tomy’s restaurant. As I was walking home I noticed a very low large bright light coming down the street where I live. Taking a shortcut through the alley the object often became obstructed from apartment buildings and trees. When I got to the preschool near where I live the object came right up to me and stopped. It was about twenty-feet in diameter with two very close car high beam headlights. It had a smaller round part on top, which looked like bubbled glass paneling. Besides the paneling it was painted white. The upper paneling part looked dark inside, although it would seem to have light. It had no windows or seams, as it hovered silently. It was about six yards away from me over the preschool playground. I thought it to be a piece of junk that gave me the impression that it probably could not fly very fast. But a couple seconds after I thought that it suddenly budged a foot and disappeared. The only thing that determined its direction of departure was a ten-foot tracer from the high beam car headlights. It was angled slightly upward and in a northerly direction.

7) After moving next door to my neighboring complex taking about four days. I finally got everything put away. Sitting for the first time in my living room I looked out of my window. Within ten seconds an object came out of the sky about a quarter-mile away. It looked like an upside down car stick shift. The ball of it spun in an opposite direction than that of the stick with a blend of different fiery colors, such as orange, yellow, blue and violet. It acted with very fast pendulum motions. It was visible only for about three seconds, as it shot out of the atmosphere at a high speed.

8) Waiting for my lady friend outside the grocery store on a bench I noticed many small planes flying with their lights on, as it was dusk. As I watching these planes I focused on one in particular for no special reason, as it looked like the other lights. It suddenly went straight up and out into space. When my lady friend came out of the store I told her about what I saw. She tried to assure me that it was not a UFO, but I couldn’t accept what she said. On the way home I stopped occasionally observing the lights from the planes, as my lady friend walked on. As I would catch up to her she would slander the UFO subject. As we approached our apartment complex she pointed outward saying excitedly, ‘Is that one?’ I looked up and I saw a round metallic object flying through the tall pine trees that align our street. I believe there may have been a UFO alert in my area, as for the reason of all the small planes.

9) On my way home from my local library I was walking down a not so busy street. I looked up and noticed that a meteor shower had recently occurred. There were many streaks in the sky of all different shapes and lengths. Sky liner jets did not cause the streaks, because the streaks were too wide and/or short, and at a relatively low altitude. I was kind of enjoying it, as I occasionally looked up, as I walked. One of the times I looked up I saw at a very low altitude a very small but very bright object traveling from west to east. It was in the center of the sky. And it was only three hundred yards away from me. When it got fifty yards away from me, and two yards from the ground, at a dirt field, it swooped upward and disappeared into space at a very high speed. It was illuminated and it was so small that I could honestly say that if I had it in my hands it would have been no bigger than a basketball. I believe its brightness was from the suns reflection. If it was manned it would must have had some kind of miniature life form in it.

10) Standing outside my apartment at about 9:00 PM I could see over the roof across the way from my complex. There I saw two groups of five objects hovering in the east. Besides these objects were two larger objects appearing then suddenly disappearing near the two sets of smaller objects. The two sets of five objects and the two larger objects were very bright. After observing these objects for three minutes I went back inside my apartment.

11) Waiting for my order at the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurant I sat at my usual table in the back near the window. It was cloudy, as we had a recent storm. As I noticed birds flying I saw a bright flash like that of a camera. It caught my attention, as I stared in that direction. It happened repeatedly in intervals of about ten seconds. Then I started yelling for the waitress who was my friend. ‘Alice! There’s a UFO!’ Alice was an elderly lady who shared her story with me of a UFO that landed in her farmyard. Anyway, she came running to my table. She looked out the window, as the flashing occurred twice. She did not see the flashes, because she said that she did not have her glasses. However another waitress shared the sight of the flashes with me. She was dumbfounded. There were long shaped white clouds with pockets between them. Finally I could see a very small metallic object about ten-feet in diameter playing around in them. For sometime it was going up and down in the cloud pockets. When my order was placed on my table I stopped looking at it and I ate. When I left the restaurant I looked for it. I saw it outside the restaurant at a very low altitude traveling northward at about five mph. Because the air was clear and there were no clouds in the area where it presently was I could see it was a small round metallic object with a small dome on the top of it.

12) One night at around 11:00 PM I was trying to sleep. When about three minutes went by I rolled over in my bed with my eyes open (as it took me hours to sleep). My bedroom window was open, as I saw twenty-five feet away a concoction with different colored Christmas tree type lights on and near its corners. The lights blinked alternately. It looked like an object in shape to that of a pile of boxes. I could only see its outline being it was dark outside. In the center of it was a lighted area. And in the center of the light was a cross. The white light could be seen through what looked like stained glass (like a shower door glass). Somehow I sensed somebody or something inside of it was angry, but not at me. I viewed this object for ten seconds, as it slowly went by my window at about two mph. It was very beautiful.

13) Upon picking up my lady friend from work we were chatting as usual. Nearing her apartment by the preschool parking lot I sensed someone looking at me. I looked up and saw a round rainbow colored object about twenty feet in diameter. As soon as I saw it it flew away straight up at a high speed disappearing into space. It left a very beautiful rainbow tracer.
My lady friend saw it before I did, but she did not say anything to me. It was hard for me to determine the objects altitude; because it was almost out of my sight by the time I saw it.

14) My friend Al and I went grunion hunting at a nearby beach. Although the grunions did not run the two nights we went both nights. Two bright lights could be seen over the ocean. They hovered for forty-five minutes then they slowly disappeared. The bright lights were about two hundred yards high and a quarter mile away. These lights could not have been helicopters, because I never heard of a helicopter hovering for forty-five minutes, and there was no sound.

15) Walking eastward one morning I saw about four hundred yards away from me a low hovering object. It was round and bright. It looked like a white ball of fire, as it seemingly spun in one place. In about thirty seconds it very slowly went out into space. Two days later at approximately the same time and place I saw another one. Only this one was a light orange color. The white object was about three quarters of an inch in diameter, and the light orange object was an inch in diameter. It was easy for traffic to have seen both objects.

16) Walking home from the Marathon restaurant one night I stood at a cul-de-sac looking at a low flying object. It looked like one small light. I thought that if blinking lights would become imminent it would be a plane. It silently nosed dived a hundred yards away from me. When it was fifty yards above the ground it sharply turned upward and flew out into space. Within a couple of seconds it was gone. Although it was dark I could see that it had wings. The wings were like that of a plane, and that they were angled back. And on the insides of the wings were five semicircles, insinuating to me that it was evil.

17) From my bedroom window you can see the Bank of America building. It had a broken floodlight near its roof. It looked and acted like a UFO probe. I showed my lady friend one night from my window. After observing this broken flood light for thirty seconds to the right of it appeared a very small dot of white light. It entered the atmosphere quickly in an upside down L path then stopped. I told my lady friend to look at the object. That it will soon disappear. We watched it for about thirty seconds then sure enough it went back out into space the same way it came. My lady friend said nothing. She says that she is a firm believer in UFO’s, but usually she will not admit to have seeing one.

18) It was dusk, as I was getting ready to leave my apartment to go get a meatball sandwich at Antony’s Pizza. The night before we had a very bad rainstorm. As I was putting on my jacket I looked out of my living room window and saw what first appeared to be a sky liner jet. It was in the west and just above the roof of the complex next door, but at a great distance. As I watched it I noticed it was not a sky liner jet, but that it had a constant white trail or tail coming from it that was about forty yards long. And the head of it looked half round. To be frank it looked like a comet. It traveled slowly south toward a dense purple cloud. And when it went behind it it turned out toward space and disappeared. Then about three seconds later a very small round object appeared next to the cloud. It was a very beautiful blue, orange and violet colored object, which measured three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter. It looked like a precious shiny stone. It stayed perfectly still for ten seconds then it suddenly disappeared into space in the same direction as the comet looking object.

On the way to the restaurant I asked people in the Pavilions parking lot if they had seen the object. They all said that they had not. But one person offered his opinion, as it could have been a government missile.

About four days later I was walking home from the library and near the nearby field close to where I live I saw it again! The same object was almost directly overhead. It took up almost an eighth of the sky. It traveled along near the center of the sky for ten seconds then it slowly turned out into space and disappeared. This sighting took place at about 5:30 PM. This object was interesting as to how its white vaporous tail consistently remained a part of its head. And how the vaporous tail dissipated into thin air after it turned out into space disappearing.

19) Sometimes I walk with my head down, as I meditate. A couple of months ago, I was walking with my head down through the Pavilions parking lot, as I was on my way to the library. As I approached the field I looked up. What I first thought to be three crows flying ahead of me was only two crows and a UFO. The UFO must have been only six yards high. It was twenty feet long, and six feet wide, and it was dark brown and black. The center part of it had a round feature. And it had wings on both sides that made it look like a rectangle. The wing parts were cut out in the centers as semicircles. This object slowly traveled down the field towards a main street. It crossed the street and traveled down another field. The object was soon out of my sight, as it disappeared into haze.

My city police are aware of the unusual UFO activity in my area. In fact, I talked to Officer Stofer who was in charge of the situation. He said that they are ‘friendly’s.’ I updated my sightings to the Mutual UFO Network of Orange County, and to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, NM. Also, X-PPAC a new organization back east that documents UFO sightings is trying to bring the subject into the open. The founder of this organization told me by phone that he heard of strange things going on in my area. I had many eyewitnesses to my sightings, as I literally had hundreds mostly in this shopping area alone nearby where I live. Seven years ago the channel 7 Eyewitness News Team did a live report saying that the objects are all along the Pacific Coast. And that nobody knows what they are, but investigators plan to find out. Even MUFON of O.C. documented the objects around here as ‘unknown’ meaning UFO by two investigations with me 10 years ago. I learned just a couple of years ago, from the Internet, that to the most part I and others around here were seeing Orbs, which I photographed and filmed.

I take all into consideration concerning the confirmation of my sightings, as to whether they are planes, birds, helicopters, blimps, atmospheric conditions or weather balloons.

I took the following photos in the Promenade shopping area. Although nighttime UFO photos come a-dime-a-dozen I just thought to share them with you. People I show my photos to often accuse me of taking photos of lamplights. I know, they are not very good photos, but I can guarantee you that the images concerned are not lamplights. These people are all from UFO organizations that are affiliated with the government, so because the government does not want the public to have faith in UFOs they will lie about any evidence from the public. My local MUFON of O.C. was somewhat on the level with me. My photos have been analyzed by The Mutual UFO Network of Orange County and by The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, NM with data base computers. Both places found my photos to be authentic that the images could not have been manipulated, and that they are derived directly from their negatives. I hope to obtain better photos in the near future.

The photos that look like smoke is not smoke. It is an ‘energy field’ or ectoplasm (ghostmatic material or material that comes from ghosts). The appearance of ectoplasm on film indicates a prelude to an apparition or if it is considered an ‘energy field’ then it is usually UFO related. Some people in the subject believe it is an UFO ‘energy field’ and some believe it is ectoplasm.

Following are my freehand drawings of my Close Encounter Sightings that are described above. And after that are my photos, and a report about them from Doctor Burleson from the International UFO Museum and Research Center. And following that are three reports from England paranormal investigators about my 8-hour video, which are the same type objects I photographed. The footage of my video was also taken in the Promenade shopping area. I used a high-powered digital zoom lens, which took me right up to the objects. To tell you what they look like would take too long not doing them justice, except that they are commonly called Orbs. Orbs can be UFO related, ghost related or environmentally related. Because of my encounter experiences I cannot dismiss my photos and film as being UFO related, and that I filmed a couple of saucers. According to OrbSite, on the Internet, the Orbs are interstellar satellites from another planet. They are here to help us in their patience. They are technically, scientifically and spiritually advanced. There are Bell Orbs, Tetrahedron Orbs and Football Orbs. They travel through space from one place to another, and when they find a comfortable place they stay, at least for a while.

NOTE: I will post the final part on Friday. If the writer happens upon this post, please feel free to contact me. Lon

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