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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"They will return when ready"

I recently received the following correspondence from a reader in Minnesota. We have written back and forth a few times since...I have added more of his information to the original email:

Hi Lon, I have been reading your blog for a few months especially after I came across the experiences of David Eckhart and his family. To some people these incidents may be mere imagination - but my experiences are just as strange and frightening.

To begin, I am in my mid 60's and these experiences took place over a period of 15 years starting when I began my law practice in 1972. I had lived in Ontario, Canada all my life but eventually moved to the United States and became a citizen. My life too this point had been fairly uneventful and I was raised by wonderful parents. I was naive to the supernatural and considered it a farce. I was very conservative in my ideals including my commitment to my church and other civic organizations.

One afternoon while working in my office my secretary paged me to say that a gentleman was waiting and wanted to talk to me. He didn't have an appointment but said that he needed to see me immediately. I agreed and told her to let him in. The man was very well dressed in a suit and walked directly to the chair in front of my desk and sat down. He looked at me in a strange manner almost like he wasn't sure if he should be there. I stood when he entered the office but he did not reciprocate when I reached to shake his hand. I sat back down and asked how I could help him. He looked away then slowly back towards me, leaned forward and said "I was told to tell you something."

"OK - by whom?" I asked. He started a story that was simply unbelievable - but I knew he was telling me the truth. Why? I have no idea - but I just knew that his words were meant for me and that I'd better follow through with the instructions. After a few minutes, the man (I never got a name from him) told me he had to leave, turned around and walked out of the office. I sat there dumfounded and worried - was he really telling me the truth?

When I got home I tried to relax before I made my next decision. I was frightened by this time and dreaded making that telephone call. I sat in my recliner and picked up the telephone and dialed. The telephone on the other end rang for two minutes without an answer - there was no answering machine - it just continued to ring. They weren't home and it was too late for them to be out. I called their neighbor to check on them. The car was in the driveway and there was no answer at the door. The neighbor contacted the police who arrived and entered the house. There was uneaten food on the table and the television in the dining room was on. They were gone - my parents were abducted!

The mystery man in my office had told me that he was approached earlier that day by a young woman who had an odd manner of speech and looked out of place because she wore a strange brown hooded poncho. He had been eating in a local diner when this woman simply walked over to his booth and sat down across from him. She looked into his eyes and he started to feel as if he was drugged. She told him where to find me and to give me these instructions. I was to stay home tonight and to call my parents. They will not answer - they are with us. We need to talk to you - it is important that you do as you have been instructed.

I was utterly scared to the roots. What was going to happen to my parents and what was going to happen tonight? I prepared for the evening in the best way I knew - just sit and watch television until something happened. It didn't take long.

About an hour after I had started to watch television the power went out - including the neighborhood and, from what I could gather, much of the city. I looked out the window - it was very dark. I walked over to my recliner and started to sit down when I heard a clicking sound coming from the hallway. I looked in the direction of the hallway and noticed something moving towards me. It had a metallic look to it but also seemed to be cloaked and almost invisible. As I stared at this form it began to speak to me in English but very deliberate. "Please be calm and listen. You are safe - your parents are safe. It had to be done - there is no explanation that you could understand." I asked when will my parents return. The answer was "They will return when ready" - then the form backed up and disappeared. Ready for what?

That was in March 1972. I received 6 more visits by similar but different beings and with the same message - the last visit was in 1987 just before Christmas.

My parents have never returned. There was an attempt by the authorities to search for them but there was no evidence available and the case quickly went cold. I did eventually get married and helped raise a son. My wife and I are very happy. She knows about my ordeal and, like I, wonders if they will return one day.

Over the years, I have been in contact with others who have had the same or very similar experiences. Many of these people have not told their stories. I felt it was time to tell mine. I forward this summary at your discretion. I enjoy your daily newsletters immensely. Best to you - M.M.