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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just the Facts? Time Traveler's Shoe Print, Rabbits Dig Up Human Remains and New Dolphin Species

Time traveler's shoe print left in solid granite?

Beyond impossible artifacts, the best evidence for the existence of time travel and time travelers are the human footprints left behind--from a time when almost everyone can agree no humans could have existed naturally.

James Snyder lives at the base of a mountain in the Cleveland National Forest. Snyder lived a relatively uneventful life until, in 2002, he discovered a fossilized footprint on the mountain above his property. The print had been embeded in the granite, rock estimated to be about one billion years old.

"I go out of my way to make a slip trail where nobody else has been and I was actually looking for gold," Snyder explained about his accidental discovery of the time traveler's shoe print. Read more at Time Travelers Footprints Found


Slow news day in Erie....Sasquatch costume stolen

Erie police don't have a description of the burglar who struck a vacant Old Town home last week, but there's a distinct possibility the suspect could bear a strong resemblance to bigfoot.

Police responded to a home in the 100 block of Briggs Street at about 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, after receiving a report that the vacant property had been burglarized.

The homeowner, who is trying to rent the home, discovered last week that someone had entered the home and removed an undisclosed length of copper pipe leading to the water heater.

Also missing: a bigfoot costume.

Erie police Lt. Lee Mathis said the total value of the stolen property has yet to be determined.

"The bigfoot costume was worth about $120, but we don't have an estimated value on the pipe, yet," Mathis said. "That's a pretty common thing for people to steal -- the pipe, not the costume. We won't have a total value on the pipe until someone comes in to replace it." - timescall


Rabbits digging up human remains

The discovery of human bones in the grounds of a monastery has been blamed on rabbits.

A local churchman found pieces of skulls, arms, ribs and teeth beside graves at Kinloss Abbey, near Forres in Moray.

Reverend David Fox described the find as "the stuff of nightmares". He added: "People come here to trace their ancestry and this could be what they find.

"There's dead servicemen buried here. Potentially, their bones could be strewn across the graveyard in years to come. It's horrific. It should be hallowed ground.

"You should have dignity in death. You don't expect to be tripping over people's ribs and teeth when you visit a graveyard."

Lairs at the site date back to the late 1700s.

A Moray Council spokesman said: "Bones being disinterred by burrowing rabbits has been a recurring problem at this burial ground over the years.

"We will look at further rabbit control in the hope it prevents further incidents like this." - dailyrecord


Ken & Barbie Snatching iPads

When Mattel launched Day to Night Barbie in 1984 under the slogan 'We Girls Can Do Anything', theft probably wasn't what they had in mind.

But now two accomplices under the name Barbie and Ken have been caught snatching iPads in Denver, reports the Denver Post.

Turns out this isn't the first time either. Both have been linked to a few iPad thefts throughout Denver happening from April to June.

The real-life Barbie, a 25-year-old, allegedly responds to iPads for sale on Craigslist. When she's about to make the transaction, she grabs the device and speeds off with 27-year-old Ken Sigala waiting in the car, per Cult Of Mac. With the pair's iconic names, it's a shame they didn't pay tribute with a hot pink Barbie Ferrari as a getaway car.

So what awaits the duo? According to The Denver Post, Ken gets a felony charge for providing false information to a pawn broker and Barbie faces charges for theft and robbery with arraignment due later in September.

This isn't the first time Barbie has been accused of a crime. Back in June, Greenpeace called Barbie a serial killer for getting caught up in rainforest destruction in Indonesia, according to a report by the Huffington Post. The environmental organization said because Barbie's packaging comes from the Indonesian rainforest, killing off the rainforest is harming the habitat of endangered animals. See the video where Ken breaks up with Barbie over her serial killing ways. Click for video - HP


UFO hovered over houses

Report made 9/15/2011. Event took place in late afternoon, June or July of 1968, in housing area called Scarborough Farms, a subdivision of 1/4 acre lots/homes in Cherry Hill, NJ. I had stepped outside to my front yard tending to tend to our dog. Between our house and that or our neighbor, which is about 40' from their front door to our front door, I suddenly saw a large, c. 30' x 15' cigar shaped object, light grey metal, silently hovering between our two houses, about 10' above roof lines. It had four very large square windows, positioned left to right on the object, each a different pastel color: one each-pink, yellow, green, blue. All were opaque-I could not see inside. It was totally silent, and motionless. I quickly went inside to call my five year old son, to come and see it. He remembers it to this day. We both had time to watch it together, I waved to whomever was inside it, in a foolish attempt to be friendly, as there was clearly no harm intended to us. Within a few seconds of my waving, it made a silent and extraordinarily rapid ascent off to my right, at about a 50 degree angle up into the sky, until it was roughly about a few hundred feet away. Just as quickly, it made an abrupt turn and ascent to its' left, at about a 90 degree angle and disappeared from view. The entire ascent time, from the position of hovering to being out of sight was less than 2-3 seconds. The entire experience lasted about 10 minutes.

I immediately went into the house and called the Cherry Hill police department to report the sighting. The officer who answered my call was very impatient, and told me to "...get off the phone, lady. We've already had over 200 calls reporting it..."
I have waited this long to report it, 9/15/2011, as sightings and UFOs are still not an accepted topic of conversation in my circle of friends or relatives. My son who saw the UFO, is now 48, and a lawyer in Columbus, OH, and still affirms that he saw the UFO and knew it to be just that, a UFO.

I report it now because some years later, in 1989, I had another experience while living in Dayton, OH, which I firmly believe was an abduction experience. It troubles me, as I have no way of verifying that it was abduction. I am now 72, college educated and with some graduate education, and feel that I am not easily fooled by sensationalist thinking. - MUFON CMS


New species of dolphin discovered

Researchers have determined that dolphins found in southeastern Australia represent a previously unknown species.

Around 150 of the dolphins live around the Melbourne area and had until now been assumed to be one of the known bottlenose dolphins.

But detailed DNA studies and analysis of skulls in museums showed the two populations are in fact a new species.

The new classification as Tursiops australis is described in PLoS One.

The common name of Burrunan dolphins derives from the Aboriginal Australian for "large sea fish of the porpoise kind".

Previous research had shown that the DNA found in the dolphins differed from that of the known bottlenose species Tursiops truncatus and Tursiops aduncus.

But in order to define a new species, more evidence is needed. Kate Charlton-Robb of Monash University in Melbourne and her colleagues studied dolphin skulls found in a number of museums, as well as more detailed analysis of DNA, to show that T. australis is clearly a different animal.

"This is an incredibly fascinating discovery as there have only been three new dolphin species formally described and recognised since the late 1800s," Ms Charlton-Robb said.

"What makes this even more exciting is this dolphin species has been living right under our noses, with only two known resident populations living in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria state."

In fact, now that it is recognised as a separate species it may immediately qualify under Australia's criteria for endangered animals.

"The formal recognition of this new species is of great importance to correctly manage and protect this species, and has significant bearing on the prioritisation of conservation efforts," the authors wrote.

"This is especially crucial given its endemism to a small region of the world, with only two small known resident populations." - BBC