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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just the Facts? Roan Mountain Creature Encounter, EU Says Eat Bugs and Moose in a Tree

Roan Mountain Creature Encounter

Hi Lon, I was reading the Centaurs in North America and about the strange sighting in Michigan in 2006 and was reminded of a sighting my sister frantically called me up and told me about on April 17, 2010.

This is her description...

My sister was driving her ex and his son back home from a birthday dinner at a favorite restaurant on April 17, 2010 and was coming through Roan Mountain, Tennessee along a two lane stretch of road when ahead of them they saw what appeared to look like a LARGE WHITE BALL that had moved out onto the highway directly from a CEMETERY above. She said that it began coming towards them as if it were trying to collide with the vehicle and the closer they got to this thing they had a better look at it. She described it as appearing to be HALF ANIMAL, REPTILE, HALF HUMAN with human limbs. It had two arms and two legs and was crawling on its belly.

She hoped that the creature would exit the highway and into the woods to prevent getting hit but it just continued moving directly at them and the vehicle. She slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting it and at that point the creature went from crawling to SPINNING "like a TORNADO" right before it made contact with the front of the vehicle. Then she said it went beneath the radiator and vanished. She, her ex and his son were all quite shaken and terrified and said that whatever the creature was it wasn't anything from this world. She continued describing it as having two human arms and legs, mid body alligator or reptile and WHITE as SNOW. It crawled on its stomach like a reptile. Her ex stated that during the encounter it felt like time had stood still. Everything just slowed down. All three of them agreed that they had a very eerie feeling of something very EVIL present before they encountered this thing. Bet


EU says 'eat bugs'

This was the summer of insects in the food world. Dana Goodyear wrote a piece on entomophagy -- insect eating -- in the New Yorker, Daniella Martin wrote one here on HuffPost Food and Angelina Jolie said her children eat crickets "like Doritos." So far, the activity has been mostly rhetorical -- people have been giving lip service to the ecological benefits of eating insects, but not that many people have actually been converted.

But now, the European Commission is putting money where all these foodie mouths are. It is offering a massive £2.65 million ($4.32 million) prize to the group that comes up with the best idea for developing insects as a popular food. The Commission is counting on cattle and other large animals being an increasingly untenable source of protein in decades to come, and hopes that some research group will be able to devise ways to convince people to eat insects despite the inherent "yuck" value.

The EC is also helping support a project by the UK Food Standards agency to investigate the nutritional value of insects. Insect meat is much lower in fat, and higher in calcium, than beef or pork. But the UK study is looking especially hard at any risks presented by eating insects.

If you want to taste insects yourself before they become the default meat for recipes of the future, you have a many options. You can go to Oaxaca, Mexico where crickets and grasshoppers have long been a staple on taco menus. You can visit a state fare, where maggot sandwiches are an up-and-coming delicacy. Or you can stop buy the grocery store and pick up a package of Nathan's frankfurters -- a recent lawsuit alleges that insects are an increasingly standard ingredient in hot dogs. - HP


A moose in a tree in Sweden

(translation) - The elk were out for evening walk in a residential area in Särö. Then it got stuck in an apple tree.

Probably, she ate apples and become a little drunk. She saw the red-eyed, says neighbor Per Johansson.

It was at ten o'clock on Tuesday evening that the elk was discovered in a trädklyka on a plot at the Old Church Road. First came a hunter to assess the situation.

But both he and we thought we would try to release the elk, says Per Johansson, whose son documented the events with his camera.

The neighbors tried to help the moose by sawing off branches. Then came the emergency services there.

We had to bend down the tree with a crane, said Lars Jostelius the rescue command center.

Once down on the ground again fell moose together, exhausted.

Hopefully it will survive. She lifted her head. The hunter did not shoot it. It was a good hunter, says Johansson. - gp.se

Thanks to Alexander for the heads up!


UFO over Dudley, West Midlands

Last night my grandson was here with me and at 9.10 pm , a sphere came over at approximately 1000 feet. It came from the South going North. It must of been 16 feet wide and traveling fast. It was a very light orange in color. I have seen the same UFO earlier this year when I was at the old house. I hit it with a green laser and was quite astonished. As the green bean hit the sphere, it flaired outwards and I heard a crackling noise and was quite astonished. Hayden, my grandson was in the living room and I shouted to him to come outside quickly. He also saw the sphere. We followed it across the limited space we have in the garden. I feel it was doing at least 500 miles per hour. I had no time to capture it on camera. This is the second time I have seen this object. NOTE: This sighting has been submitted to World UFO Photos. The above image is a rendering.

This is another sighting by Mike Bathurst of the United Kingdom. Mike is a researcher and has discovered many strange features on Mars and the Moon. Mike has been a researcher for World UFO Photos. - Ken Pfeifer - New Jersey State Section Director MUFON - World UFO Photos