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Monday, April 25, 2011

Reader Submissions: Alaskan Mothman / The Stalking Doyarchu

I recently received two interesting anecdotes...one references the first of several encounters with a Mothman-like being in Alaska and the other is an incident involving a creature in Arizona that is similar to a Doyarchu:


My first encounter with this thing most people call the Mothman was when I was nine years old and I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. I was walking back from my uncle's place. I was walking on the sidewalk and I saw this man standing on top of my fathers house close to the edge facing west. He was all black he looked like a man. He stood about 7 or 8 feet tall. I shouted out at him but he acted like he didn't hear me. I said "hey you...who are you?" I kept trying to get his attention...it was like I wasn't there. But when I said "hey you're standing on my house...who are you?" he looked at me for a few seconds.

His face seemed like a normal persons face until it slowly opened it's eyelids and I saw a red glow...like his eye's were glowing not a red light but a glow. I froze and just stared at him. He stood there looking at me for 9 or 10 seconds and looked away and jumped really high and far. I'd say he jumped about 40 feet high and 70 to 80 feet away and as soon as he seemed to fall down, very long and large wings came out of his back and flapped twice...just in those two flaps he traveled about 100 feet and flew right over the high school.

Since that day I never spoke to anyone about it cause I thought I saw the devil. I freaked out so bad I looked out for it everyday to make sure it wasn't around. That is my first encounter with that thing. It's body was like a man's and his face is like a man's too...but his eye's are what make's it so scary and weird. Those wings are very long and large. His whole body was all black...like not skin but blackness was covering him...I can't explain. I'm not the only one in my village that saw this thing but after that there have been many sightings here and in other villages....even to a point that the thing goes into people's house's while they sleep. That happened to someone I know. - N.H.



Hi - I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts? My fiancee and I live in the mountains of Arizona and we went night fishing at an old fish hatchery, now privately owned ponds, tonight. We were there for a couple of minutes when we started to hear something rustling around at the pond next to us. At first I thought it was just an elk (we'd been there a couple of days before and there were tracks in the mud on the shore) but my fiancee was worried that it might be something else so he made a fire to try and scare it away. After a while the rustling stopped and we relaxed.

Not long later we heard a huge splash from the other pond. We thought that maybe a mountain lion or bear had jumped in trying to get some of the fish, as unrealistic as that seemed, but we never heard any more splashing and it was very unlikely that there was a fish the size of a full grown man in the pond next door. We didn't hear anything after that for a long time until suddenly there was another huge splash in our pond, but I couldn't see where it had come from or what had made it.

I was starting to get creeped out and the fire was dying out and I wanted to leave but my fiancee wanted to stay and fish some more. We could hear some more rustling in the reeds near us and suddenly my fiancee just started packing things up and dousing the fire and told me that he was ready to leave. We had left the car up by the highway by the gate and walked all the way down the dirt road, through the meadow, and past some other ponds to get to where we were fishing...so we still had a ways to walk before we would hop the fence and be back at the car. Every couple of seconds he would look behind us and then start walking faster. He told me that he thought there was a bear by the ponds and kept looking back and getting more panicked and walking faster. I was too chicken to look back at what he was obviously looking for.

By the time we were almost back to the car I was practically jogging to keep up with him and he was making comments like "once we get over the gate we'll be fine." When we finally did make it to the car he kept looking back over the meadow and acting antsy until we were driving back home. When I asked him if he'd seen the bear he replied "I don't know what that was, but it wasn't a bear." He proceeded to tell me about the animal he'd seen and that had looked right at him while he stood on the edge of the pond. He described it as being as big as a bear, but looking like a half dog, half crocodile mutation of some kind. He said it looked scaly and that they had looked at each other right at the same moment and the creature had almost all black eyes. He also said that he felt like he was being studied by it, like it was very very smart.

We were a little ways away from the ponds when he started looking back and walking faster. He said that first he saw the thing sitting on the top of the hill by the pond looking at us. This freaked him out so he started walking faster. When he looked again it had come down the hill and was still looking at us, making him walk even faster and tell me the bogus lie about the bear (he knew very well what a chicken I am and that I wouldn't look back). When he looked again, it was in the field, still far away, but still following us. The next time he said it was on the road behind us, walking like a cat does when stalking it's prey. This was when he started making comments about getting over the gate and freaking out over the lantern because it was starting to dim (he's a scout and I guess the theory is that if you have light with you it will keep most everything away).

I've never seen him so freaked out before and I didn't know if I should think that he was just seeing things? But he swears up and down that he saw whatever it was. So we came home and looked up "giant alligator dog sightings" and came across the Doyarchu. The descriptions of it sound amazingly accurate to what he told me on the drive home and we kinda freaked ourselves out wondering if the second splash in our pond would have been it's mate. I do believe that he saw something tonight, he's also sworn that he's never going back out there again.

After my parents laughed at us they suggested that we go back in the morning and look for tracks, but he flat out told me no! I know that this probably sounds like just a crazy story, doyarchus are supposedly mythical creatures from Ireland, as I understand it. I just don't know how to explain what he swears he saw and felt like was going to eat us.

NOTE: Any comments by the readers would be welcomed. Has anyone experienced anything similar to either of these accounts? Lon