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Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Bigfoot Investigator Don Keating

BTE Radio is on the trail of long time Bigfoot investigator Don Keating from the Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center

Something mysterious, big and hairy, leaving large human like tracks is roaming the forests of Ohio and this week Don Keating of the Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center joins us to tell us about his 27 year quest to find out exactly what it is. Don also hosts the longest running Bigfoot Conference on record and this year celebrates his 23rd year and we will talk about the much anticipated 23rd Annual Bigfoot Conference held at Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge Ohio May, 13,14,15, 2011.

Don Keating has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon since July of 1984 when he read John Green’s book Sasquatch The Apes Among Us. He has conducted countless on site investigations of alleged Bigfoot sighting and track discoveries. He has also given countless talks to Scout groups, Libraries and other groups. Keating has been featured in numerous TV news shows, radio talk shows, newspaper and magazine articles and national programs including the History Channel’s “Monster Quest”; the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show” and NBC TV’s “Today Show”. Furthermore he has hosted two decades of the Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO held in eastern Ohio in Newcomerstown and Salt Fork State Park. He has produced four video documentaries based on his discoveries and findings in Ohio. His most recent is titled “Sasquatch at Salt Fork” which chronicles sightings, track discoveries and other unusual incidents at the park in eastern Ohio. The production he was involved with while filming for an episode on the History Channel’s program Monster Quest which was called “The Ohio Grass Man” to date, is the highest rated show on Monster Quest. Keating has just re-released his 1993 book titled “The Buckeye Bigfoot” (1993, 2010) and has also recently authored a book based on Salt Fork State Park Bigfoot history and reports simply titled “The History of Bigfoot… At Salt Fork State Park” (2010). Keating’s Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center web site may be accessed by going to www.eobic.net

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