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Friday, April 08, 2011

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - John and Bobbi Robinson: Unity, A Journey of Hope

Join Eric and Lon this week for a very special show as we welcome back to the program Bobbi and John Robinson of the organization Unity, A Journey of Hope! 'The Forkchop' Sean Forker will make a rare appearance on the program along with James Baker with the latest episode of the 'Bake Shop'.

About Unity, A Journey of Hope:

Unity, A Journey of Hope is a 503c Non Profit Organization that grants wishes for individuals 18 years and older with life limiting illnesses. In 2001 an old schoolhouse built in circa 1854, known to neighbors as "The Unity School" was purchased by the co-founders of Unity, A Journey of Hope. Following a lifetime dream they remodeled this school house, reusing existing material from the school house into a home. The majority of work was done by themselves with friends and family help.

September 2005, they opened "Unity, A Journey Home LLC" Southwestern PA's first residential hospice house. Upon caring for hospice residents, they decided that these people each deserved some joy in their struggle for life. Each resident was granted wishes as part of the care & therapy they received. During the operation of hospice granting wishes as Unity does now, was never a thought until much later.

August 2007, it was decided to create an accredited non-profit organization that grants wishes not only to their residents, but extending their hands to the surrounding community in order to grant wishes.

This endeavor has proven to be a true blessings to the co-founders. The hospice house is no longer in operation however, it was a stepping stone to what is now named "Unity, A Journey of Hope." Granting wishes to adults with a life-limiting illness.

Unity from its humble beginnings has now grown into a national wish granting organization. Within the past year their wishes have stretched far beyond their local community granting wishes in Houston Texas, Denver Colorado, New Jersey, Chicago Illinois as well as the greater Pittsburgh Area.

This past year has proven to be a great year, not only for wish granting but recognition and an awareness of Unity's mission and passion beyond the Pittsburgh Area.

Unity is partaking on what they call the "Wish Warrior Program." This is the start of national push to establish local offices throughout the USA. There is already a pilot program in the South Hills of Pittsburgh & interest in Atlanta Georgia.

So Join us this week for a heartwarming show with the founders of Unity John and Bobbi Robinson as we welcome Unity, A Journey of Hope back to the program and find out what they've been up to, some of the wishes granted and where Unity is headed in the future!

Join us this Sunday night, April 10th at 10:00 PM ET for what is sure to be an informative and inspirational show you do not want to miss! Live on Beyond the Edge Radio

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