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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Pennsylvania Abduction, Cape Cod Whale Gathering and Being Shakespeare

Pennsylvania man recalls observation of an alien abduction

MUFON CMS - 10/7/1974 - unedited: i worked 2nd shift,til midnight,after work i or we would get a 6 pack of beer & ride around to unwind or go park somewhere & sit . so this night we went to the top of the highest point in the area & sat & talked about work,etc.& we were enjoying the view of the country around us,had just opened the 1st beer,when my friend ernie said ,do you see that bright light over towards New Freedom.i sure did,it was very very bright & shiney.it was hovering with a slight motion going to & fro. we watched it a good while,Ernie says i really don't think thats a helicopter or airplane,i totally agreed. then it shined a bright beam of light towards the earth,we watched in disbelief,after a few minutes we noticed something being brought up into the craft.i was so scared but kept watching.we said very little.it just hovered there for quite awhile.then what or whoever they brought into the craft was being lowered back down.with the bright beam,then after that there was a bright beam coming from the earth towards the craft & then it stopped.we sat there & watched a little longer then the craft started moving southward. i had a willy's jeep with the top off.it was still pretty warm then.we decided to try to follow it.we got to the bottom of the hill & tore up the road & caught up with it in our sight.we followed it into the state of Maryland,Baltimore county.we followed it to the Prettyboy Reservoir.it stopped again for a minute & then it was gone,it took off in a flash.gone !!! ernie said to me,i don't think you should tell anybody about what we saw,they'll never believe us.i never did tell anyone til years later.but i remember it like it was Yesterday,i'm 60 now & i should let it out. before this happened ,i saw a ufo coming home from work at midnight.in the same area.it was huge a bright orange color & it was like quivering.thats the only 2 times i've seen ufo's,but i know what i saw .thank you for reading my experience.


Endangered whales gathering off Cape Cod in record numbers

boston.com - Whale watchers won’t even have to leave land to see a spectacular sight.

A record number of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whales have gathered close off the beaches of Provincetown and Truro and is expected to stay there for at least another week, said Charles “Stormy’’ Mayo, senior scientist at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown.

Researchers counted more than 100 whales during an aerial survey Tuesday, with a preliminary count of more than 200 total, a little less than half of the known population. At some points the whales can be seen just a few yards offshore, to a quarter-mile out.


Bullet Lodged in Man's Brain for 23 Years

telegraph - A two-centimetre rusted bullet, embedded in the head of a farmer for 23 years, has been removed at a local hospital.

In 1988 Wang Tianqing, who lives in Zhangjiakouin city in northern China's Hebei province, was knocked unconscious on his way home by a blow to the head.

"I thought I'd been hit by a slingshot," said Wang. "I saw a man standing on a hill and thought he'd hit me."

He woke up in a hospital bed, was given anti-inflammatory drugs by the doctors and sent home.

Shortly afterwards he started having epileptic seizures which grew progressively worse over the next two decades.

On a return trip to the hospital for treatment for his convulsions, the bullet was spotted on his CAT scan.

Wang Zhiming, an attending surgeon from Neurosurgical Oncology department, said that the survival rate for being shot in the head would usually be one out of several thousand, but the bullet missed his brain's main veins and not injured his brainstem.


Chinese author plans plastic surgery to look like Shakespeare

shanghaidaily - A BEST-SELLING author is planning to fork out 1 million yuan (US$153,000) on plastic surgery to look like British playwright William Shakespeare so as to "let the people across the world mourn" one of world's greatest writers and dramatists.

Zhang Yiyi will go undergo 10 face-lifts in 10 months to look like the playwright. He has to receive checkups every month after the surgery, China National Radio reported yesterday.

The surgeries won't be too difficult as Zhang has a sculpted face with a sharp nose and deep eyes that bear some resemblance to Shakespeare.

Chief surgeon Zheng Churong said the procedure will require work on the eyes, chin and other parts of his face

Zhang made the decision to go ahead with his plan after learning of the risks involved. The surgeries will cost 1.2 million yuan, which was royalties he earned for his new book that he spent the last four years writing.

"Life is a process of striving to become a better person. I think the surgeries are worth the money," Zhang was quoted as saying.

Members of the online community criticized him of seeking publicity instead of focusing on writing.

This is not the first time Zhang has stirred up media hype. He published a letter in which he proposed to a famous Chinese TV show host in 2006. The letter listed six reasons why she should marry him. He also wrote a book detailing the demerits of people from 13 provinces and municipalities in 2008, igniting outrage among readers who accused him of insulting many people.