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Mailbag: UFOs, Alien Beings and a Distant Message

I have a great respect for the OUIJA which began after a story my great-aunt, Margaret Brunner, had told me when I was young.

In the early 1940's my aunt worked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard inspecting equipment and varied items for the war effort. At the time she worked there, there was a woman who had recently come to the United States from Poland. The woman spoke very broken English but was hired because there were a few women also employed there who spoke both English and Polish well enough to translate for her.

There was a small group of women who were very close, my aunt and the bi-lingual ladies included. They would sit together at lunch break and sometimes go for coffee after work since many of their husbands were overseas. Almost immediately after the new Polish woman began working at the Yard, the ladies invited her to join them. My aunt said the woman was always very kind and "rather even tempered and not prone to emotional outbursts".

One evening, around Christmas, the ladies were allowed to have a holiday party and were given a full hour for lunch before going back to work. One of the women in the group brought a OUIJA board for entertainment. The Polish woman had never seen a OUIJA board before and watched as my aunt, who was known for being a greater "connector", and another woman worked the board, a third woman recorded the letters and any pauses with a slash. On the third round the group asked the Polish woman to ask the next question. According to my aunt the woman was very skeptical so in Polish she asked "I don't believe any of this so make me believe". With that the planchette began moving very quickly. The woman assigned to write the letters remarked that something was wrong, that "the spirit must be angry" because the letters made no sense. The pointer stopped just as suddenly as it had started. The women went to the recorder and asked to see what was written. My aunt said that it looked like nonsense, "a jumble of letters", but before anyone could respond the Polish woman screamed and ran from the break room crying. Everyone was rather confused until one of the bi-lingual women deciphered the message. It didn't make sense to my aunt because it was written Polish! (According to my aunt, the woman recording the letters was Italian.) The message, once translated, read "Go home your mother is dead".

The Polish woman did not report the next day, the foreman stated that her mother had passed away the previous morning and that a collection would be taken up for the family. Needlessly to say the other women never "played" with the OUIJA again and the Polish woman quit shortly just after.

Trisha Di Noia
Philadelphia, PA

I had an encounter with a UFO when I was 10 years old. It was in school and was playing football on the playground when I looked up and there was this craft. It looked just like the Lunar Module with windows going around the bottom of it. It was hovering in the air when a low black cloud came across and covered it. When the cloud had moved out of the way the craft was gone.

I told my mother that I had seen the Apollo coming back to earth because that is what it looked like. The Apollo mission was happening at the time, but I did not know about it until my Mother told me and explained that they come back to earth in the Pacific Ocean. It took a few years for me to realize what I had seen and that`s when I said to myself it was not of this earth.

When I was 14 years old I was with a group of mates and we were playing in the nearby woods next to a golf course. We went onto the the course and sat on one of the tee-off bunkers. It was starting to get dark so we decided to head back home when one of the boys says, "what`s that up there"? When we looked up, there were three lights, blue, red and green in a triangle shape and it was not moving. We were too scared to move and we just sat there looking at it. It seemed like an age, when one the lads says it`s lights were dimming. The lights were not dimming they were getting smaller. I realized it was rising and as soon as it was out of sight we legged it and run towards the local school because it was lit up. We would not go back into the woods.

When I got home I told my parents what had happened, but they sort of ignored me. In the local paper the next evening the headlines was, "Policeman Spots Triangular UFO in the Breacon Beacons" (about 30 miles as the crows flies from us) on the same night as us. That`s when my mother believed my story .

A couple of weeks later I was walking with my mate going to do our paper round and as we were walking to the local shops a green ring with a green ball in the center of it flew over the top of us. It looked as if it was going to hit a block of flats in the distance, but it went over the horizon. It was that big it looked as if it was low and it was overcast as well, so it had to be under the clouds. All of this happened in Newport Gwent, South Wales and the encounters that I had happened in an area of about 2 miles around my house. I am 50 years old now and I remember all of it as if it were yesterday. I will never forget and I know what I saw.

One evening in the Spring of 1975, my girlfriend and I were driving through the Kansas countryside. After crossing a cement bridge that spanned a river, we pulled into a farmer's access road and parked at the edge of a field alongside a bend in the river with the car pointing east. Not long after we stopped we noticed a strange light that suddenly approached our location in a quick "blur". Suddenly, hovering above the tress was a dark object, rectangular in shape with on red & one green running light positioned together on the lower part of the craft at its center. We stared in amazement and couldn't take our eyes off the object.

After 5 minutes or so, we noticed the craft's position had moved to the right. It seemed to move in a very slow motion to the other side of the river. After another 5 minutes I decided to drive away from the area. As we turned onto the county road and subsequently onto the cement bridge we saw that the craft had returned to its original position, above us and slightly back from the bridge. I stopped again and got out to look at the craft.

The object was about 20-25 ft. wide and now I noticed a large rectangular glass window, or what appeared to be glass, running across the middle third of its front. Standing inside to the left side looking down on us were two beings, which I could see only from the waist up but could tell that theses beings were about 4 ft tall, with abnormally large heads and large black eyes. The eyes seemed devoid of emotion and their skin was pure white, like the moon, the texture resembling that of an albino salamander. Their eyes ran almost north/south with their heads. The craft hovered silently the whole time. After about a minute of eye contact with the humanoids I got back into the care and rapidly drove away from the area. We could still see the craft hovering where we had left it.

My girlfriend and I eventually married and still live very near to the location where we witnessed this craft. Sometimes, we both get an urge to return to the spot and just sit there and talk about our shared experience, kind of hoping these beings would stop by.

Winkleigh UFOs Described As 'Stars With Wings'

northdevongazette - What was seen in Winkleigh, Devon earlier this week?

The bizarre close encounter happened following an evening visit to a Christmas fair at a neighbouring village on Monday.

The witness contacted the Truro-based Cornwall UFO Research Group to report the sighting and group chairman Dave Gillham contacted the Gazette to appeal to any other witnesses to get in touch.

Mr Gillham said the witness saw a "strange yellow orangey light" approaching from the south west as he unpacked his car at his farm in the village

The man said: "I went inside and told my wife that there was a strange light in the sky.

"We both went outside and there were now three lights lying about 300-yards astern of each other all making exactly the same course.

As the first passed over us at about the speed of a small plane there was absolutely no sound. They passed overhead as we both watched and my wife got a little scared and went inside the house.

"I watched them fly in silence towards the east. Then there was a fourth - it took exactly the same course and flew over the farm in silence and was gone.

"If I was to describe them they were like brilliantly lit up stars with wings, almost like hang gliders. But they were not; they didn't circle or soar, they kept to a rigid course and in my humble opinion these were UFOs.

"There was huge military activity in the sky the next day with helicopters and twin-engine spotter planes so maybe it was a coincidence but who knows?"

The popularity of Chinese paper lanterns have been blamed for an increase in UFO sightings, although these are usually launched during the summer months when the weather conditions are more suitable.

Ghostly Sighting Aboard The Queen Mary...Is It Psychic Peter James?

Click for video

ireport - Chris Morrow, who is a frequent contributor, told us she was "creeped out" and had a hard time sleeping after this happened. The Queen Mary's owners acknowledge the ship's "haunted" history by staging an on board show called "Ghosts and Legends."

This is REAL! I spent the night on the Queen Mary and was at the piano bar late with about 10 witnesses. Marty Morrow (husband) took our small Sony pocket camera and clicked a photo of Leslie the Bartender while she was playing the piano. The ghost 'Bruce' appeared as a reflection on the piano. This has been documented only once before.

I can't explain it - I was there - and there are witnesses!

About the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary has played roles throughout her illustrious career, and upon her Maiden Voyage in 1936, was considered the grandest ocean liner ever built. During her heyday, many considered her the only civilized way to travel. With the outbreak of World War II, she was transformed into a troopship overnight. By the end of the war, "The Grey Ghost," as she was fondly called, had carried more than 800,000 troops, traveled more than 600,000 miles and played a significant role in virtually every major Allied campaign. Retired in 1967, she was purchased by the City of Long Beach and has remained an icon for the city for over 40 years.

NOTE: what do you think? Lon

Update: our spiritual consultant 'SW' forwarded the following:

That picture is not of a spirit named "Bruce". The spirit's name is "James" (don't know if it is a first or last name) but I do know he is not a "resident" spirit of the Queen Mary. The initials "J" and "P" are important. The ghost has a mustache and dark, thick wavy hair. I get the sense he was on, or stayed on the ship before he died. Also, I think he may have had some psychic ability. A ghost hunter himself, perhaps?

Sure enough, after some research 'SW' forwarded this information to me:

Obituary: Peter James, World-renowned Psychic

Psychic Peter James, who spent a lifetime communicating with those who have passed on, died July 31, 2007, following a brief illness. He was a long-time resident of West Hollywood, California.

"There are many who view my career of intense research into the 'other side' as a testament to my abilities as a gifted researcher and accomplished psychic," Peter James said recently. "However, personally I feel as though I am just now fully prepared to reach even greater heights of understanding in my efforts to reveal the unexplained."

Peter James had been a full-time ghost investigator and psychic since 1980 and had studied ghosts and explored his own psychic abilities since his first ghost encounter when he was eight years old. In the apartment building where he lived in Rochester, New York, a past fire had claimed the lives of three young children, and, in his words, "these three children became my playmates for nearly three years. With childlike innocence, I soon learned to communicate with my new friends. This happened easily and quite naturally, as it does among children the world over, by playing together. At that time, I didn't know what a ghost was, nor did I realize what was meant by being psychic. Now that I do understand these things, I believe the broad range of psychic abilities I possess today is largely due to my early experiences with these children." He believed that this kind of communication is an ability that can be developed in all of us.

"Since those early days, I have met kings and queens, heads of state and numerous players on the world's stage, and made many amazing and carefully-documented discoveries regarding my ghost investigations," James said. He took great pride in the fact that his discoveries had been verified by independent researchers.

His method for communicating with ghosts was unique. He would go to the place where the ghost was said to reside and communicate directly with the spirits, calling them out for a conversation. He said he could see ghosts as clearly as he could see any other living human being.

His following grew during his eight years as resident psychic on the television show, Sightings, and he appeared in many other movie and television projects relating to the world of paranormal research. He regularly conducted ghost tours of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, based on his paranormal investigations of the ship dating back to 1991. He claimed to have identified more than 600 resident spirits haunting the ship - 150 he said he had spoken with personally. A DVD chronicling his work will be released nationally in late September.

"Peter's investigative tours of the Queen Mary, as recently as a couple of months ago, were quite remarkable and very popular with our guests," said Queen Mary President and CEO Howard Bell. "His deep and sincere belief in his work and his well-reported conversations with the Queen Mary's resident ghosts were enhanced by his dramatic appearance and warm, generous personality. We plan to create a permanent memorial for him aboard the ship and hope that Peter's spirit won't stray too far from the Queen Mary where he has many friends."

Many may not have known that the psychic was also an accomplished vocalist and a life-long devotee of jazz and rhythm and blues.

In the conclusion to his recent biography, he said, "I've helped scores of people over the years by offering insight, guidance and enlightenment to help better focus their lives. I will continue these efforts, and I am planning astounding ghost investigations with the hopes of discovering something so profound that the world at large will be more accepting of things going bump in the night."

Peter James is survived by his brother, Tommy Nast; sister-in-law, Luanne; niece, Ali and nephew, Nicholas. He also leaves behind his beloved friends, Victor Guzman and Grant Collins. Peter and Tommy were recently preceded in death by their sister, Marion Stimus.

"Peter had a remarkable gift," said his brother, Tommy, "and he always utilized it for the benefit of others. Peter's credibility and integrity were unparalleled in the paranormal world as well. Our family and friends will miss him, but his memory will stay in our hearts for eternity."

A private memorial service is being planned aboard the Queen Mary.

Ghost Hunting Aboard the Queen Mary with Peter James

NOTE: is this Peter James' spirit? Lon

Homeland Security's Big Brother 'Malintent' Program On Fast Track

Click image to enlarge

alternet - In the sci-fi thriller Minority Report, Tom Cruise plays a D.C. police detective, circa 2054, in the department of "pre-crime," an experimental law enforcement unit whose mission -- to hunt down criminals before they strike -- relies on the psychic visions of mutant "pre-cogs" (short for precognition) who can see the future. It may be futuristic Hollywood fantasy, but the underlying premise -- that we can predict (if not see) a person's sinister plans before they follow through -- is already here.

This past February, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a one-year, $2.6 million grant to the Cambridge, MA.-based Charles Stark Draper Laboratory to develop computerized sensors capable of detecting a person's level of "malintent" -- or intention to do harm. It's only the most recent of numerous contracts awarded to Draper and assorted research outfits by the U.S. government over the past few years under the auspices of a project called "Future Attribute Screening Technologies," or FAST. It's the next wave of behavior surveillance from DHS and taxpayers have paid some $20 million on it so far.

Conceived as a cutting-edge counter-terrorism tool, the FAST program will ostensibly detect subjects' bad intentions by monitoring their physiological characteristics, particularly those associated with fear and anxiety. It's part of a broader "initiative to develop innovative, non-invasive technologies to screen people at security checkpoints," according to DHS.

The "non-invasive" claim might be a bit of a stretch. A DHS report issued last December outlined some of the possible technological features of FAST, which include "a remote cardiovascular and respiratory sensor" to measure "heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and respiratory sinus arrhythmia," a "remote eye tracker" that "uses a camera and processing software to track the position and gaze of the eyes (and, in some instances, the entire head)," "thermal cameras that provide detailed information on the changes in the thermal properties of the skin in the face," and "a high resolution video that allows for highly detailed images of the face and body … and an audio system for analyzing human voice for pitch change."

Ultimately, all of these components would be combined to take the form of a "prototypical mobile suite (FAST M2) … used to increase the accuracy and validity of identifying persons with malintent."

Coupled with the Transportation Security Administration's Behavior Detection Officers, 3,000 of whom are already scrutinizing travelers' expressions and body language at airports and travel hubs nationwide, DHS officials say that FAST will add a potentially lifesaving layer of security to prevent another terrorist attack. "There's only so much you can see with the naked eye," DHS spokesperson John Verrico told AlterNet. "We can't see somebody's heart rate…. We may be able to see movements of the eye and changes in dilation of the pupil, but will those give us enough [information] to make a determination as to what we're really seeing?"

Ideally, Verrico says, FAST mobile units would be used for security, not just at airports, but at "any sort of a large-scale event," including sporting events or political rallies. ("When the Pope visited Washington D.C.," he says, "it would have been nice to have something like this at the entrance of the stadium.")

"Basically," says Verrico, "we're looking to give the security folks just some more tools that will help to add to their toolbox."

If you think eye scanners and thermal cameras sound like the twisted props of some Orwellian dystopia, you're not alone. FAST may be years from being operational, but civil libertarians have already raised concerns over its implications.

"We think that you have an inherent privacy right to your bodily metabolic functions," Jay Stanley, director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty program told AlterNet. "Just because somebody can build some high-tech piece of equipment that can detect your pulse and perspiration and breathing and heart rate, that doesn't mean that it should be open season to detect that on anybody without suspicion."

Besides, he says, the FAST program is based on "the same old pseudo-scientific baloney that we've seen in so many other areas. As far as I can tell, there's very little science that establishes the efficacy of this kind of thing. And there probably never will be."

Bruce Schneier, a security technologist and bestselling author who has been one of the most vociferous critics of such new high-tech DHS initiatives, concurs. In fact, he says, all the evidence suggests the opposite. "The problem is the false positives," he says.

Beyond the fact that ordinary travelers are likely to exhibit many of the symptoms supposedly indicative of malintent (how many people run to catch a plane and end up overheated and out of breath?), compare the rarity of terrorist attacks with the millions of travelers who pass through a security checkpoint. Statistically, Schneier argues, it's a fool's errand. "If you run the math, you get several million false positives for every real attack you find. So it ends up being as useless as picking people randomly. If you're going to spend money on something, you can spend money on dice -- it's cheaper. And equally as effective."

'The Theory of Malintent'

The FAST program, and others like it, have been in the works for a few years. In 2007, New Scientist reported on a DHS project called Project Hostile Intent, which "aims to identify facial expressions, gait, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration rates that are characteristic of hostility or the desire to deceive." Under the purview of DHS's Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), the project would "include heart rate and breathing sensors, infrared light, laser, video, audio and eye tracking."

According to New Scientist, "PHI got quietly under way on 9 July, when HSARPA issued a 'request for information' in which it asked security companies and U.S. government labs to suggest technologies that could be used to achieve the project's aims. It hopes to test them at a handful of airports, borders and ports as early as 2010 and to deploy the system at all points of entry to the U.S. by 2012."

Subsequent news reports have conflated Project Hostile Intent and FAST, claiming that the latter is the same program, under a new name. But Verrico says this is incorrect. They are two separate programs, both seeking to "find the things that we can't see with the naked eye."

FAST was inspired by what DHS officials refer to as the "Theory of Malintent." Don't bother Googling it; it seems to exist primarily in relation to FAST, apparently pioneered in the service of the program. According to Verrico, the theory was -- and continues to be -- developed by Dr. Dan Martin, an adviser to the program, who posits that one can identify specific physiological cues that are diagnostic of malintent. Currently, Verrico says, researchers are trying to devise an algorithm that can differentiate between people whose heart rate is up because they are, say, afraid of flying, and those who are potential terrorists about to carry out some sort of attack. Verrico says they are searching for the "combination of signs that will tell us the difference between somebody who's just stressed or out of breath or overheated or whatever … and somebody who really is planning to do something nasty." But can such (admittedly common) variables really be distilled into an equation and fed into a machine?

Stanley argues that it is misguided to pour so much faith into "this idea that everything can be reduced to machinery and numbers." He says it shows naivete on the part of government officials about the limits of technology. He also blames it on "vendors pushing expensive new products." In the search for the next cutting-edge counter-terrorism tool, DHS has thrown millions of dollars at scientists purporting to be developing the Next Big Thing in security technology. As private military contractors know, providing security equals big bucks.

"I've heard it called the 'Security Industrial Complex,'" says Schneier. "There's money to be made and there are people out there who are going to say it can be done. And, yeah, it's techie and sexy and sounds good."

Schneier, who travels around the world speaking about the intersection of security and technology, says this has been especially true since 2001. "After 9/11 the money faucets turned on. And anybody with any half-baked security idea got funded."

Technology v. Fourth Amendment

It will probably be years before FAST is implemented. "It's sort of at the 'gee whiz' stage," says Stanley. The technology has only been tested using human subjects twice; once last year, at the Prince George's County Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD, and another time this summer at Draper Labs.

According to Verrico, the demonstrations were partly intended to test the theories behind FAST, "but were mostly done to demonstrate the system to government observers and the media."

"We can't go into too much detail on the laboratory protocol," he says, "but basically, participants were told they were going to attend a special event. Some of them were asked to create some sort of disturbance. As they were entering the facility, they were asked a series of questions while being observed by the various sensors. The earlier tests were done to determine whether the sensors could detect the physiological signs we were looking for and to validate their accuracy. For example, some people wore contact heart monitors and readings were compared to those picked up by the remote sensor."

Verrico is quick to clarify that none of the study's participants had their personal data stored; last December DHS issued an official Privacy Impact Statement asserting that subjects would have their privacy vigorously protected.

As for broader privacy concerns about the program itself, Verrico denies there's a problem. "We're not X-raying you," he says. Besides, "these are things that you are already presenting. Your body temperature is what it is. The fluctuations on your skin are what they are. Your heart rate is what it is. All we're doing is trying to see it a little better."

But when similar logic was presented to the Supreme Court, in Kyllo v. United States a few years back, the justices were unconvinced that this was not a violation of the Fourth Amendment. In that case, federal agents used a thermal imaging device in order to detect an unusual level of heat emanating from the home of an Oregon man named Danny Lee Kyllo. According to authorities, there was an unusually high level of heat radiating from Kyllo's garage, as compared with the rest of the house, suggesting that there were high-intensity lamps inside, of the type used to grow marijuana. On these grounds, federal agents searched the house, uncovering more than 100 marijuana plants; a crime for which Kyllo was subsequently convicted. Kyllo's appeal reached the Supreme Court, and in 2001, the justices ruled 5 to 4 in his favor.

"It would be foolish to contend that the degree of privacy secured to citizens by the Fourth Amendment has been entirely unaffected by the advance of technology," Judge Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority. "The question we confront today is what limits there are upon this power of technology to shrink the realm of guaranteed privacy."

'We Don't Live in a Police State'

Existing precursors to FAST, like the TSA's SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Technique) program, have so far had pretty dismal results. As I reported last month, in 2008 alone, TSA's Behavior Detection Officers across the country pulled 98,805 passengers aside for additional screenings, out of whom only 813 were eventually arrested. SPOT's defenders argue that at least this means we are catching "bad guys" -- as Dr. Paul Ekman, who helped pioneer the program told AlterNet, "I would think that the American public would not feel badly that they are catching money or drug smugglers, or wanted felons for serious crimes" -- but Bruce Schneier calls this "ridiculous."

"I can just invent a program where I arrest one in every ten people in the street," he says. "I guarantee you I'm gonna catch bad guys. I mean, shoot, how about we arrest everybody whose name starts with G?"

"We don't live in a police state," says Schneier, "so be careful of the logic, 'Well, you know, we catch some bad guys.'"

Jay Stanley hopes the FAST machinery will never get off the ground. "But it's possible that this kind of thing could be perceived as blunderingly effective, even though it's violating privacy rights and it could catch people who are nervous for other reasons," he warns. "The authorities could push to expand it and that's a very troublesome notion. I think that only concerned citizens making their voices heard could stop it if things turn out this way."

"I think maybe we need more English majors in the Department of Homeland Security," he jokes, "because each person is like a walking War and Peace: We all have complicated lives that could be written into thousand-page novels. The idea that somebody could take a snapshot of our breathing rate and decide that, of all the possible sources of human stress and excitement, that it is a terrorist attack we're plotting is simply absurd."
Posted 9/24/08

Minority Report Reality: 'Pre-Crime' Detector Shows Promise

Last year, New Scientist revealed that the US Department of Homeland Security is developing a system designed to detect "hostile thoughts" in people walking through border posts, airports and public places. The DHS says recent tests prove it works. Project Hostile Intent as it was called aimed to help security staff choose who to pull over for a gently probing interview - or more. Commentators slated the idea that sensors could spot people up to no good from their pulse rate, breathing, skin temperature, or fleeting facial expressions. One likened it to the "pre-crime" units that predict criminal behaviour in the movie Minority Report. However, last week, the DHS science unit gave an update on the project, now dubbed the less-hostile-sounding Future Attribute Screening Technologies (FAST) programme. And, if DHS claims are to be believed, the research appears to be getting somewhere. At an equestrian centre in Maryland, 140 paid volunteers walked through a pair of trailers kitted out with a battery of FAST sensors, including cameras, infrared heat sensors and an eyesafe laser radar, called a Bio-Lidar, that measures pulse and breathing rate from a distance. Some subjects were told to act shifty, be evasive, deceptive and hostile. And many were detected. "We're still very early on in this research, but it is looking very promising," says DHS science spokesman John Verrico. "We are running at about 78% accuracy on mal-intent detection, and 80% on deception.

" That sounds incredibly high at such an early stage in the research - but only tests on vast quantities of real people, rather than eager volunteers, will present any real test. Questions remain, however, as to how secure the system is. The machines could reveal health conditions like heart murmurs and breathing problems as well as stress levels - which would be an invasion of privacy.


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Unknown Creatures Stalking Oshana Region, Namibia

informante - Concerns that unknown creatures reigning terror on villagers are linked to witchcraft have deepened after footprint studies by the nature conservation left more questions than answers about the identity of the creatures.

Villagers of Okaku in the Oshana Region have on several occasions reported that mysterious creatures were depriving them of their livelihood by feeding on their goats and chickens.

Most recently, one of the alleged giant dog-like creatures reportedly attacked a 16-year-old boy at the village, leading to his death at the Oshakati State Hospital.
In another case, a woman at the village has allegedly become mentally disturbed after the creatures ate all her livestock.

Fed-up villagers, armed with weapons, a fortnight ago decided to take matters into their own hands by tracking the footprints of the creatures.

According to Oshana Governor, Clemens Kashuupulwa, the villagers followed the tracks all the way to a homestead, but were forced to call in the police to intervene after they were denied access by the owner of the homestead.

“The villagers are desperate and devastated after losing their goats,” said Kashuupulwa.

Oshana Police Commander, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa told Informanté that upon obtaining a search warrant from the court, the police searched the said homestead but found nothing.

Nature Conservation was eventually called in the hope of identifying the creatures, but little came of their investigations.

According to an official at Nature Conservation in Ondangwa, the footprints of the creatures were unlike anything they had ever seen, which made it virtually impossible to name the creature.

“At first we thought the footprints might belong to wild dogs, but there is such a large distinction like the size of the paws that we soon realised that the prints were of an animal we have never encountered,” said the official.

The villagers, who are convinced that the mysterious creatures have over the past few months reproduced, are now worried that they do not have enough livestock left to continue satisfying the blood-thirst creatures.

“If you go around the village, everyone has an interesting story to tell about these creatures. Many of our children nearly became meals, while another was unfortunate and lost his life,” said one villager.

The villagers claim they know the identities of the culprits behind the witchcraft-related creatures, but cannot confront them for fear of angering them further.

The police have since referred the matter to the traditional authority.

“We hope that they will know what to do with this situation,” concluded Kashihakumwa.

Texas Woman Claims Demons Chased Her From Home

krgv - One woman says her family lived in fear. She claims they heard voices and saw shadows in their home.

The family was so scared they called a ghost hunter to find out what was going on.

"My little girl would see a little girl with dark hair. She said she looked sad. Those were her words," the woman explains.

She didn't want her identity revealed. But she tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS she moved from San Antonio after finding the home on craigslist. She rented it without ever seeing it.

The family claims after a few months in the home, they started seeing things. At one point, the woman and her four children were sleeping in one room.

She says she paid for a cleansing on the home, but it didn't help. That's when she called local ghost hunters. Those ghost hunters say a little girl who said the name Beth talked to them. The little girl said she was demonic.

The family eventually moved out of the home, breaking the lease.

Kay Kerr who manages the property for a woman in California says a lease is a lease.

"We respected her attitude, thoughts, and I had done a cleansing on homes with difficulties before," says Kerr.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the home's owner, Diana Johnson. She told us over the phone nothing bad has ever happened inside the house.

She suspects the woman made the whole story up to break her lease.

Unusual Triangle Shaped Anomaly Recorded at Portsmouth, NH Truck Accident Site

Click for video

MUFON witness report: While looking at the reporters photo of a news story on Seacoastonline, I noticed a strange shape in the photo. Directly above the fire truck in the attached photo, is a triangular shape. There is no such shaped object in the area where this photo was taken. I am not the taker of the photo, either, merely curious at what it could be. I have sent an e-mail to the newspaper this morning inquiring as to whether or not this photo was photo-shopped prior to publishing. I have not had a response as of yet. My first thought was that the photo was a screen capture of an on-line paused video (where a triangle shows in the middle of the screen). When I zoomed in on the photo, it does appear that the right most point of the triangle is behind the building.

seacoastonline - A potentially deadly situation was averted Thursday morning after a trash compactor struck a telephone pole, causing electrical wires to fall on top of the truck that was leaking fuel with the driver trapped inside.

The accident occurred at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Commerce Way, not far from Hesser College. Police and fire personnel arrived to find a Waste Management truck on its side with three-quarters of a snapped telephone pole resting on top of it. The driver was conscious and standing through the open passenger-side window.

The volatile situation was calmed approximately 20 minutes later when rescue personnel determined the truck was not charged, placed a metal ladder against it and successfully removed the driver.

It was unclear what caused the vehicle to strike the poll.

The driver initially refused treatment, but eventually went to Portsmouth Regional Hospital with what are believed to be minor injuries.

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Achilles said they were fortunate to a have a firefighter who is also a city electrical inspector, who helped determine the driver could be removed safely.

“Initially you have a victim entrapped with a live wire and a fuel spill, so you always worry about him getting injured further or electrocuted, or if there's a spark that ignites a flammable hydraulic fluid or the diesel tank,” said Achilles. “The biggest thing right now is the serious environmental impact it might have.”

The accident occurred 10 feet from a large marsh area beside Market Basket Plaza on Woodbury Avenue. Approximately 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid was leaking, according to Achilles, though the diesel tank remained in tact. Fire personnel used booms to try to keep the fluid from spreading into the wetland.

Achilles said a representative from the state Department of Environmental Services was heading to the scene to assess the damage.

“It looks like we'll be here for a while,” said Achilles, at approximately 9:45 a.m.

At 10:30 crews were awaiting response from FairPoint Communications, which owns the pole.

NOTE: the anomaly also shows up on the video. Is there a plausible explanation?...Lon

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NOTE: Don't you just love the internet? Go to the website THE SECRET OF INVISIBILITY and read the claims. What's your opinion?...Lon


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hovering Blue Lights Connected to Colorado Cattle Mutilations?

denverpost - by Jason Blevins - Manuel Sanchez tucks his leathery hands into well-worn pockets and nods toward a cedar tree where, last month, he found his fourth mysteriously slaughtered calf in as many weeks.

"I have no idea what could do this. I wish I did," he says.

Four calves, all killed overnight. Their innards gone. Tongues sliced out. Udders carefully removed. Facial skin sliced and gone. Eyes cored away. Not a single track surrounding the carcasses, which were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from any road. Not a drop of blood on the ground or even on the remaining skin.

In his life in the piñon-patched pastures where his father and grandfather raised cattle, the 72-year-old Sanchez has seen
mountain lions and coyotes kill cattle, elk and deer. He's seen birds scavenge carcasses. He's heard of thieves slaughtering livestock in the field for their meat. He can't explain what he saw last month.

"A lion will drag its kill. Coyotes rip and tear flesh. These were perfect cuts — like with a laser or like a scalpel. And what would take the waste — all the guts — and leave the nice, tender meat?" Sanchez says, as he nudges his old Ford through rutted trails, rosary beads swinging from his rearview mirror. "No tracks. No blood. No nothing. I got nothing to go by. They don't leave no trace."

Every rancher who has reported similar cattle deaths — and there have been at least eight such deaths in southern Colorado this year — uses the same description.

"They just stripped this one," says Tom Miller, who in March was one of three ranchers near Trinidad who discovered mutilated cattle.

Cow raises the alarm

One morning, he went out to his concrete troughs to feed his herd of about 80 red and black Angus cows and calves. The herd was racing about. A cow that a week before had birthed a calf was bellowing, "raising all kind of devil," Miller says.

There by the trough — past the locked gate a quarter-mile from U.S. 350 east of Hoehne — was the calf. Its front legs and torso were gone. Its back legs were hanging by hide to a shattered pelvis and a meatless backbone. Miller thought a pack of coyotes had torn into the calf the night before.

Then he saw the ears: sliced off the head in circular, surgical-like cuts. He noticed that there were no tracks. And no blood anywhere.

"If anyone can show me how this happened, I will believe them. I know it's not coyotes, especially in one night. Only a human or something like that can cut the ears like that," says Miller, a 72-year-old rancher who was raised on the prairie bordering the Purgatoire River.

"If it was done by people, they sure went out of their way to bother and confuse me. And really, why? It doesn't make any sense."

Mysteriously mangled

Colorado Brand Inspector Dennis Williams came out and looked at Miller's calf. He lives next door; the calf would be the last of three strangely mutilated cattle that he would investigate in March of this year.

"I've heard about it. It was weird, to say the least. Totally unexplainable. To me, it looked like that calf had been dropped from a high distance, the way its hips were dislocated and all its broken bones," Williams says.

That same month, ranchers had called Williams to grisly scenes northeast of Aguilar and west of Weston to investigate mysteriously mangled cattle that had been seen healthy the day before.

To add to the weirdness, Sanchez, Miller and Mike Duran, who found a sliced Red Angus cow near Weston in March, have all experienced similar mutilations before. Sanchez lost cows in 2006 and 1993, Miller in 1997 and 1980, and Duran in 2000 and 1995.

"It's weird and unexplainable," says Duran, who lost a healthy 27-year-old Red Angus cow on March 8, her udder and rear end removed with what he describes as "laser cuts, like when somebody cuts metal with a torch."

Cops, like Williams and the ranchers, are stumped.

"We can't come up with anything," says Las Animas County sheriff's Deputy Derek Navarette, who investigated the Miller and Duran calves.

"We've seen these before and they are all kind of the same. No one has ever explained it. Northern New Mexico has had some of these same cases, and in those cases they never got any further than we did."

Predators ruled out

Chuck Zukowski of Colorado Springs investigated three of the eight mutilated cows in southern Colorado this year. The amateur UFO investigator and reserve deputy in El Paso County documents each scene, testing for radiation and scanning carcasses with ultraviolet light.

Despite his extraterrestrial inclinations, Zukowski's studies — found on his website — fall short of concluding anything paranormal. He seems certain all the animals he studied were killed and drained before they were sliced, which explains the lack of blood found near the animals.

The way the tongues were sliced off in straight lines back behind the teeth indicates it is not a predator kill, he says.

"I'm looking for obvious things," Zukowski says. "I don't like to say aliens did it. There are just too many unknowns. I like to lean on human intervention until I actually see a UFO come down and take a cow."

Sanchez is a salt-of-the-earth-type fellow who put three kids through college running cattle. Yet, he says he and his wife marveled at incandescent blue lights hovering over a ridge near his pastures in July and August. He declined to speculate about the lights.

"I just say the truth and that's what I saw," he says.

Duran, on the other hand, is willing to take the next step. He's looked at it from every angle, he says. If it wasn't human and wasn't a predator, he says, there's only one other option.

"I do believe it was UFOs. This universe is so big, a lot of people think we are the only ones here," he says, declining to guess why aliens harbor such bloody disdain for bovines.

"I bet there is something out there."

A History of Ghostly Butchery

The "Phantom Surgeons of the Plains," as they are known, have been slicing up Colorado cattle for decades. From the late 1960s to this year, the bloodless, trackless and isolated scenes all have been the same: bovines with ears, genitals, tongues, organs and udders neatly removed.

Worldwide, the incidents number more than 10,000. Colorado seems especially plagued. In 1975, ranchers on the state's Eastern Plains, particularly around southern Elbert County, reported more than 200 mysteriously mutilated cattle.

Theories abound, with some pointing to animal-sacrificing cults and others suggesting secretive government experiments and even military-guided laser beams. The alien conspiracy theory blossomed when inexplicably gored cattle were found adjacent to pastures with crop circles in Alabama. Other cases in New Mexico and Colorado involve tripod imprints in a circular area near the carcasses, suggesting the involvement of an atypical aircraft. Countless ranchers report "strange lights" in the sky around the time they find their sliced cattle.

Despite the theories, no mutilation has ever been thoroughly explained.

Colorado's dalliances with mysteriously mangled animals began with a horse named Snippy in 1967. Found in a defleshed, bloodless heap with her brain missing and neck bones cleaned gleaming white in September 1967 north of Alamosa, the 3-year-old Appaloosa is considered the pioneer of the unexplained mutilation phenomenon. Since Snippy, the paranormal-rich San Luis Valley under the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range has hosted hundreds of unsolved livestock deaths.

Death By Bubble Gum

rian - A chemistry student from the northern Ukrainian city of Konotop was killed when a stick of chewing gum exploded in his mouth, Ukrainian media reported on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old student of Ukraine's Kiev Polytechnic Institute was working at a computer in his parents' house late on Saturday when the incident occurred.

"A loud pop was heard from the student's room," the portal said, citing an aide to the city's police chief. "When his relatives entered the room they saw that the lower part of the young man's face had been blown off."

A forensic examination established that the chewing gum was covered with an unidentified chemical substance, thought to be some type of explosive material.

Police questioning revealed that the student had a bizarre habit of chewing gum after dunking it into citric acid. On his table, police found both citric acid packets and a similar-looking unidentified substance, believed to be some kind of explosive material.

Investigators believe that the student simply confused the packets, and put the gum, covered with explosive material, into his mouth.

Although the local forensic department does not have the necessary equipment to identify the substance, it refused to send it to the capital, Kiev, over fears that it might explode during transportation. Forensic experts from Kiev are expected in Konotop on Wednesday.

Investigators are to decide within a 10-day period whether a criminal case should be launched.

Photo: Minnesota Land Owner Claims Bigfoot Captured On Trail Camera

bemidjipioneer - Tim Kedrowski and his sons, Peter and Casey, are not pushovers for Bigfoot stories, but a frame on a game trail camera set up on their hunting land north of Remer has left them in a quandary.

“To us, it’s very hard because we lean toward the skeptical type,” Kedrowski said in a telephone interview from his Rice, Minn., home.

But after checking with neighbors and any other hunters who might have been walking through the dense woods at 7:20 p.m. on the rainy night of Oct. 24, he said they couldn’t imagine what else the image could be. Tim said he considered ideas from a bear to a bow hunter in a fuzzy suit. But the arm and hand couldn’t be a bear’s, or its upright gait. And there is no evidence in the photo of a bow or flashlight a hunter might be using to track a wounded deer.

The Kedrowskis checked the Minnesota Bigfoot Web site and came up with the names of Don Sherman and Bob Olson, the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

Sherman is the facilities manager for the Cass Lake Indian Health Service Hospital, and Olson is an auto body repairman in Deer River.

Sherman has responded to numerous area Bigfoot sighting reports and has made casts of footprints. He said he once caught footage of a Bigfoot on a thermal imaging camera and heard its warbling call.

When Sherman saw the image the Kedrowskis sent him, Tim said the researcher responded that he believes it is a picture of a Bigfoot. Sherman went with the Kedrowskis to the photo site and measured the height of the creature in comparison the sapling next to it. He determined the animal is about 7 feet tall.

“I’ve hunted there for 43 years,” Tim said of their property near Shingle Mill Lake. “I’ve seen one bear off my deer stand. I’ve seen three timber wolves.”

Casey Kedrowski said he and his brother had gone out to the family’s hunting shack prior to deer season to bring in firewood and make other preparations. They set up a game trail camera to see what might be wandering around their property.

Casey said he and his brother were the only people who knew where the camera was located. They took the camera down when deer season started, and a couple of weeks later checked on what they had caught.

When they came to the picture of the long-armed creature walking upright, Casey said, “We just looked at each other. Each of us thought we were playing a trick on each other.”

When they determined that neither of them had pulled a prank on the other, they checked to see if anyone had been in the area that night. Tim said the only neighbors were two elderly hunters in their own shack, neither of whom matched the size and appearance of the creature caught on camera.

However, he said, when he asked the men about the night the camera clicked on the mystery, they said they had gone out about 2 a.m. to use the outhouse and had heard strange squealing noises. Ted said he asked them to show him the direction of the sounds. They pointed to the area where the camera had been, although they had no idea of its location.

Sharing photo

Ted said he just released the photo and permission for its publication last weekend.

“It was deer season and we wanted to concentrate on deer hunting, and (we) really wanted to talk to people in the area and … make sure they weren’t scamming us,” he said. “We’re not 100 percent sure, obviously. After visiting with (Sherman and Olson) we feel they’ve done a lot more investigation. That’s why we put it in their hands.”

Sherman said the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team started receiving reports of Bigfoot sightings in 2006 and has had reports every year since, including four reports this year. He said the first reported sighting he investigated was from a man running a road grader near Six Mile Lake south of Lake Winnibigoshish. Sherman said he was able to make casts of the footprints. A more recent sighting report was by a truck driver.

“I’ve talked to this guy – this was last year – he was coming from Crosby (Minn.) with a load of lumber by Washburn Lake,” Sherman said. “It had hands, he said, like baseball mitts. It took three steps to cross the road. He was pretty shook up.”

Doubt expressed

In spite of such seemingly credible reports, biologists remain unconvinced.

“Personally, I don’t buy the fact this thing exists,” said Blane Klemek, assistant wildlife manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Bemidji.

“There are certainly species that are discovered each year –but megafauna – rare is it a big mammal is discovered,” he said.

He noted the belief that the ivory-billed woodpecker is not extinct after all is based on a fleeting, indistinct video image of some kind of woodpecker recorded in 2004 in the Big Woods of Arkansas. No other sightings have been reported.

He also noted than no one has ever found a Bigfoot carcass.

“All organisms die; they don’t just go away,” Klemek said. “You’d think someone someday would find one.”

Evan Hazard, Bemidji State University retired mammalogist, also expressed doubt about the Bigfoot’s existence.

“I just don’t know,” he said. “My background in mammalogy makes me skeptical, not expert. My inclination is to say we really don’t have good evidence.”

Hazard said proof would be a clear photo matched with footprints at the same site – multiple pieces of overlapping evidence.

Search continues

Sherman said the research would go on. He said he believes the Bigfoot is intelligent and perfectly at home in the woods.

“That’s why they’re so elusive,” he said. “They know the woods better than any hunter because they live it.”

One thing the hunters agree on is that even if they could produce a carcass for examination, they wouldn’t shoot a Bigfoot.

“Absolutely not – no way,” said Tim. “I asked my sons would they shoot it, and they said no. It has every right to live.”

“I’ve talked to people who’ve had them in their sights and their scopes, and they said they couldn’t pull the trigger,” she Sherman.

NOTE: your guess is as good as mine on this one. The number of sightings in the upper Midwest have increased dramatically over the past few years. The witnesses don't seem the type of people who would attempt to pull a hoax...but, you never know for sure...Lon


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bigfoot Sighting - Fayette County, Georgia

thecitizen - Reports of the sightings of large primates, usually referred to as “Bigfoot,” are not uncommon across the United States. But they are uncommon in Fayette County. At least until this past summer.

A blog posting changed all that with its report of a north Fayette County woman who said she encountered a large hairy creature on Lee’s Mill Road in mid-July.

The unnamed woman who reported the July 17 incident, according to the Georgia Mysteries story, was rounding a curve on Lee’s Mill Road as she drove home from work on a clear night at approximately 11 p.m.

The woman described the creature in her headlights as being approximately 6 feet to 7 feet in height, hairy with a medium build and with a loping gait.

“As I rounded a curve I saw something walking across the road in front of me. It was tall, not slim but not thick and covered in grayish-brownish hair. It never turned to look at me and just loped across the road and off in the dark. I was traveling about 40 mph and slowed quite a bit to ensure it would make it across without me hitting it,” the website report said.

The creature did not turn towards the vehicle at all, just continued across the road to the other tree line, according to the unverified report. The sighting lasted 10-15 seconds. At the closest point the woman said she was approximately 10 feet from the creature, according to the report.

A follow-up report was done by BFRO investigator Mary Snyder. In her statement Snyder said the witness had been sincere in her report of the incident.

“I could hear in her voice that she was still very upset about the encounter,” Snyder said.

The woman is reported to have said that subsequent to the event she learned that sightings had occurred a few years ago in Coweta County. There were several sightings of the “Happy Valley Horror” in 2005 in the Happy Valley Circle area of north Coweta, as reported in the local media.

Fayette County, GA - BFRO Report

bfro - The Georgia Bigfoot, other than being the title of my next book, is also an ongoing mystery in the Peach State. With sightings dating back to the early 1800s in Georgia, and ranging from the mountains to the coast, there is much to be said for the possible existence of the elusive creature in Georgia.

According to the report, this sighting comes from Fayette County, a rapidly growing county in the southwest portion of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is the home to Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, and other communities that are experiencing the throngs of the urban sprawl of Atlanta. The county is still rural enough that there are a number of dark country roads. This is apparently where the sighting took place.

The person who reported this sighting said that it occurred on July 17, 2009, this past summer while she was driving home on Lee's Mill Road. The driver was rounding a curve around 11:00 p.m. that evening when she saw something crossing the road in front of her. The animal was caught in the headlights of her car. The animal walked upright on two legs, was slim, and had greyish-brown hair. The driver mentioned that the animal never stopped to look at her, but simply trotted across the highway into the Fayette County darkness. The night was clear, no rain, and the driver felt very comfortable with her description.

This area of Georgia, Fayette and Coweta County, have been rich with sightings of these animals. One may remember the Belt Road Booger or the Happy Valley Horror near Newnan. But Fayette County has a share of sightings, especially near Peters Road and other rural parts of the county.

The Christmas Gift That Refused To Be Ignored

oprah - by Mark Leyner - Can an innocent Christmas present plunge a normal family into consensual madness?

Yes, it can, especially if the catalyst is a three-foot My Size Barbie, the first exceedingly popular toy that my daughter, Gaby, ever asked for insistently.

Her obsession meant I ended up in some remote Toys “R” Us in another state! one Christmas Eve about ten years ago, vying with other desperately doting dads for the last few items on well-looted shelves.

But I managed to bag my first Big Gift.

The next morning, Gaby exuberantly unwrapped the My Size Barbie, immediately and inexplicably christening the doll Jessica Lynn Cohen.

Why that oddly specific appellation, with its country-western triple cadence, we’ll never know. It was Christmas, and it was her doll, and it stuck.

Gaby and Jessica Lynn Cohen became instant BFFs. Gaby lent Jessica Lynn Cohen her clothes, they played school, hosted tea parties, went to the park, sat on the stoop together, reenacted scenes from Disney movies.

But then came the inevitable cooling off. Kids tire of gifts. And they abruptly and blithely cast them into oblivion. No big deal. We put Jessica Lynn Cohen in the basement, in a spare room we use as a catchall storage space.

In the beginning, we’d each move her around just to scare one another. But then she seemed to move around on her own.

She’d appear in various rooms without anyone having touched her - or at least without anyone admitting to having touched her.

I’d go downstairs to attend to a blown fuse and there’d be Jessica Lynn Cohen in the boiler room. We’d find her in the pantry with her arms outstretched in a sort of pious Joan of Arc gesture of supplication or in the bathroom with one leg raised high over her head like a Folies Bergère dancer.

Coming upon her this way could be frightening. She had taken on the stricken phantasmal look of a ghost from a shipwreck.

She also started terrifying other people. I could always tell by the ashen face of some poor plumber or cable guy that he had accidentally stumbled upon Jessica Lynn Cohen in a dark corner of the house.

So we decided to get rid of her. But very bad things happened to us whenever we tried to throw her out.

Within hours of the first time I left her out on the street for the garbage men, my wife, Mercedes, who’d never had a single related symptom, had a severe gallstone attack and needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

I reluctantly brought Jessica Lynn Cohen back inside.

A couple of months later, I was hit by a car as I crossed a street in Culver City, California. At the moment of impact, I did not have that common experience of seeing my life passing before my eyes; I had the unmistakable feeling that Jessica Lynn Cohen was angry.

I called Mercedes and asked if anything unusual had occurred in the days preceding my accident. She admitted that she’d taken Jessica Lynn Cohen to the Salvation Army.

Get her back, I said.

We tried finding a new home for her. A friend - a single guy without kids - finally agreed to take her in. Within two weeks, he’d developed a pilonidal cyst and his brother in Florida was arrested for embezzlement.

Our friend returned her and asked that we never again discuss her in his presence.

We eventually had to reach an accommodation with Jessica Lynn Cohen and accept her as a permanent member of our family.

She is now the unrivaled centerpiece of our Christmas tradition.

On Christmas Eve we keep her in a special “secret detention room.” We worry that Santa, because of his facility for seeing into the souls of all things, might discern in Jessica Lynn Cohen something irredeemably bad, and be frightened off before he has a chance to deliver our presents.

But on Christmas morning, there she stands, in her honored place of precedence, next to the tree.

Yes, I suppose you could say she’s an evil zombie doll who led our family to madness.

But, damn it, she’s our evil zombie doll. We adore her. And we’re never, ever going to abandon her.

And so, another Christmas will come and go, under the vigilant, unflinching gaze of Our Gracious Lady of Nonrefundable Gifts, Our Jessica Lynn Cohen.

Truckin' Along the Solar System

NOTE: this statement was posted last night. It's a bit unusual as opposed to conventional 'experiencer' I figured I'd let you judge for yourself...Lon

MUFON witness report (unedited): This particular experience was with my son and is one of the most recent ones. He was shown a 'van' and he got inside as there was no feeling of fear present. All 5 beings were 'asian' in appearance. The two at the controls did not once turn to him so he did not see their actual faces. The 'van' changed form. It turned into a ship of some sort. He was taken straight up at a speed that made his stomach feel like he was on a lift. He was, in seconds, looking down at the earth from space. He was then taken to another location where they 'hovered' over the surface of a planet. He saw other beings on this planet and they were destroying what was on it. He remembers feeling confused as these beings had ships hovering over the surface also and, were visibly, technically he could not understand why they would be using brute attack in such a manner. He does not remember what they looked like only that they had a type of 'scale' and were coloured. He was not at all scared as he said he just knew that the ship he was in was more advanced and that the beings could not harm them at all! He was then taken to a much larger ship where, the one he was on, was 'docked'. He remembers asking if he could operate one of the smaller ships. He was informed that they still had 'laws' to follow as far as the ships were concerned but if he stayed in the immeadiate vicinity, he can have permission. He did. When he come back and got out, he said he just wanted to go again and they allowed him to do so. (has said, since a child, that he wanted to be a 'jedi') They were in the ship together again and he was asked if he would be an 'ambassador' to the earth for their introduction. They then did something that amazed him. They changed his form! They said that the people on earth respond better to a form that is very pleasing. He could then see himself changed. He said he was very slender (stocky in normal appearance) had on a suit, and his face was quite handsome (he is handsome normally but this face was VERY pleasing to the eye). He told me that he did not feel good about any of that and refused to take on a new form. They were compliant and told him that he is able to have only that one form, if he other. (I said to him that if he had agreed, and then suppressed his memory, he could be standing in front of himself and would not even know it..or be reading about 'someone' visiting the government,as an ambassador, and not even know it was himself!!! That can take the mind soooo many places!)

He doesn't have anything after that. He must have been brought back. We have many experiences like that but that is one of the most recent. Thank you for your time..Sharon.

Photos: Strange Spiral Anomaly Over Norway

Norwegian Swirl Anomaly 1
Norwegian Swirl Anomaly 2

NOTE: I received these video links from a reader this morning. This phenomena occurred over Norway pre-dawn today (December 9th) and was witnessed by thousands from what I can gather. I could not embed the video...only screen captures. I've seen similar anomalies in the past but not to this degree. News report below...Lon

thesun - A mysterious giant spiral of light that dominated the sky over Norway this morning has stunned experts — who believe the space spectacle is an entirely new astral phenomenon.

Thousands of awe-struck Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the incredible light — that could be seen in the pre-dawn sky for hundreds of miles — could possibly be.

The phenomenon has been dubbed 'Star-Gate' — as the world's top scientists and the military lined up to admit they were baffled.

Theories ranging from a misfired Russian missile, meteor fireball, never-before-seen type of northern light, 'black hole' and even alien activity were all proposed.

Witnesses across Norway, who first glimpsed the space show at 8.45am, all described seeing a spinning 'Catherine wheel-style' spiral of white light, centred around a bright moon-like star.

A blue "streaming tail" appeared to anchor the spiral to earth, before the light "exploded" into a rotating ring of white fire.

The spiral spectacle — which lasted for two minutes — was seen by vast swathes of the Scandinavian country's almost five million population, with sightings as far north as Finnmark to Trondelag in the south.

Totto Eriksen, from Tromso, in northern Norway, was one of the thousands who bombarded Norwegian newspapers with sightings — after nearly crashing his car on spotting the spiral overhead.

He said: "I was driving my daughter to school when this light spun and exploded in the sky.

"We saw it from the Inner Harbour in Tromso. It looked like a rocket that spun around and around - and then went diagonally across the heavens.

"It looked like the moon was coming over the mountain - but then turned into something totally different.

"People just stopped and stared on the pier - it was like something from a Hollywood movie."

Axel Berg, from Alta, also in the north of the country, added: "It was like a giant spiral - a shooting star that spun around and around.

"I initially thought it was a projector but then the 'tail light' left and the spiral remained spinning still."

Norway's most celebrated astronomer, Knut Jorgen Roed Odegaard, said he had never seen anything like the spiral before.

"This was seen over an exceptionally large area of the country - in all of north Norway and the Trondelag.

"My first thought was that it was a fireball meteor - but it lasted far too long.

"It may have been a missile from Russia - but I can't guarantee that is the answer.

"I rang the Air Traffic Control tower in Tromse. They said it was over in two minutes. To me, that is far too long for this to be an astronomical phenomenon.

"This spiral shape is unique. It is definitely not a variation of the aurora borealis - northern lights."

Chief Scientist Erik Tandberg, at the Norwegian Space Centre, said that he too was "totally amazed" by the spiral.

He agreed with many other experts that the spiral pattern could have been caused by a missile from Russia — something the Russian military have strongly denied.

Dr Tandberg said: "I agree with everyone in the science community that this light was the weirdest thing. I have never seen anything like this ever.

"It may have been anything from an exploding missile whose launch went wrong - to a comet or other celestial object that for some reason has been behaving strangely.

"If it was a missile - most likely from the launch base in Pletsevsk in Russia or one of the Russian submarines or even from the European Space Agency base in Kiruna - then we are talking about a rocket launch that has gone wrong.

"The spiral suggests the object came off course and balance and entered the spiral movement. Leaking rocket fuel could account for the blue light.

"But I know that the military have denied this explanation. So we could be looking at an entirely new natural phenomenon."


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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Truth Is Still Out There...

I found this on ATS today:

"I work for a package delivery service. Today (Monday December 7) I knocked on a door and a man came to the door. He signed for his package and looked up at the Air Force hat I was wearing. He asked if I was in the Air Force. I replied no, but by father was. I asked him if he was in the Air Force. He said he was at Scott AFB in Illinois."

"I got excited and nervous, but I asked him anyway...I said "so what about the large football field sized UFO that flew over several small towns near Scott AFB back in 2000?" He looked at me with a smile, nodded, and said "yeah, I was there." Then I said "so was it ours or the Greys?" His facial expression didn't change a bit, he only said the same thing "yeah, I was there."

"I could tell he was holding back something he couldn't divulge to me so I left it at that and then asked him what he thought really crashed near Roswell in 1947...a Mogul balloon as the Air Force says or an alien craft. He had a more serious look on his face now and said "I really think they crashed there." and "I knew the undertaker at Roswell that saw the alien bodies." After that he started walking back inside so I just said "thanks! and have a good day!" to which he said "you too!" and that was that."

"I am not going to divulge his name for the sake of his privacy, nor his address. I would estimate that he was in his early 40's. Typical smart Air Force guy. It always amazes me who you can run into and it never hurts to ask people questions because you might be shocked by their response."

NOTE: as some of you know, my father was an engineer in the USAF 509th Bomb Wing in the early 1950's. Mention the 1947 Roswell Incident, and one thing that always comes to mind is the 509th Bomb Wing that was stationed in Roswell when the incident occurred. Their place in history was also apparent in WWII, when they helped bring the war to an end by dropping the only atomic bombs ever used in wartime. Anyway, like I have stated on previous occasions, he served with several men who were present at Roswell during the incident. From the information I have gathered from him and other sources the incident definitely occurred and there were remains of some type of beings. The Mogul balloon story was simply a cover. Though the only evidence I have is word of mouth from witnesses, I feel the real truth has yet to be officially disclosed...Lon

Click for video

Bigfoot Migration Route Goes Through West Virginia?

register-herald - Two brothers hunting for turkeys in the Monongahela National Forest split up and head out in different directions, one of them venturing into a small opening that leads within a few feet inside the woods to a massive ravine.

Suddenly comes the sound of something huge thrashing at the bottom of that deep ravine, too loud for a bear or a fellow hunter, but unmistakably walking on two feet, snapping limbs and crushing branches underfoot.

What follows next almost defies description — a blood-curdling scream that seems to reverberate off the sides of the ravine.

The hunter looks up at his brother, who inquires, “Did you get a shot at Bigfoot?”

To them, it’s a big joke, another hunting story that survives well beyond that season.

But to rock musician Kris Allen, the idea of Bigfoot running around in West Virginia’s rugged terrain is no laughing matter. Rather, it is a serious issue that has thrust him into a major investigation that entails two films.

Once the lead singer for the Marshall Tucker Band, and now the head of his new group, Southern Thunder, the veteran musician says he has seen three of the creatures in the Monongahela National Forest alone.

Actually, his first sighting came at age 8 when Allen, his parents, a sister and some neighbors spotted the curious creature in a tree in Chelyan, not far from his Marmet home, and watched it until darkness set in.

“It was almost as if you went to a zoo and had seen a spider monkey sitting in top of a tree,” he recalled.

“It just stood there. It was a young one, a juvenile, about 6 feet tall. My father suggested someone call a newspaper, but Mom said by the time the newspaper got there, it would be dark. Back then, few people had video cameras. It acted like a monkey would do. I never even thought of it being a Bigfoot at the time.”

To the uninitiated, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as he sometimes is known, is an ape-like creature and the object of serious research by man, and of scorn by some in the scientific community.

Years later, Allen would run into another one, this time with a girlfriend in tow at Kanawha State Forest.

“It was just sitting on the ground, on his butt, behind a big tree,” Allen said.

“It was leaning around, looking at me eye to eye. Apparently, it had heard a noise walking up the hollow.”

As soon as he made a move to get a closer look, Bigfoot had vanished.

By his own count, Allen says he has spied half a dozen of the mystical creatures, all of them in West Virginia.

“They have been seen in every state and every foreign country,” he said.

Allen is hooking up with Animal Planet for some filming in Flagstaff, Ariz., and also plays an integral role in a 3-D documentary produced by Goldenleaf and Pixar, this one due for release next spring.

“We’re going across the United States and getting the best of the best in there, the very best footage,” Allen said.

While many in the world of science scoff at the concept of such a creature surviving all these years, Allen is convinced Bigfoot is real.

“I know exactly what it is,” he said. “I have seen two species. The one in the Monongahela National Forest is called ‘gigantopithicus blacky.’ It was the largest of the large primates. Scientists at one point thought they became extinct 10,000 years ago.

“Anyone knows that it is impossible to predict the future of something becoming extinct without actually knowing this, and how can you absolutely know of something that is a nocturnal animal is extinct?”

Bolstering his personal research, Allen has engaged in a number of talks with anthropologist and animal welfare activist Jane Goodall.

Allen conducted more research this fall at Sherwood Lake in the Monongahela National Forest during what some scientists believe was the migration route.

“Some say they try to go down to warmer weather,” Allen said.

“I disagree with that. I have camped up there in two blizzards since 1993. I camped there once when it was 20 below, the other time at 30 below. I won’t ever go through that again.

“That was too much torture on the human body.”

If Bigfoot is real, is he human or animal?

“From all the DNA samples we get back, every time we send something in, it comes back 98 to 99 percent human and 1 to 2 percent unknown primate,” Allen says.

“It’s very human. It’s very intelligent. I’ve heard them speaking. It’s very hard to do. I’m a vocalist and it’s hard for me to do. If you can imagine, it’s like breathing in, then making tunnel sounds. It’s a communications noise.”

Allen recalled a camping trip when he and his family, inside a tent, heard a peculiar noise in the forest.

“We heard something that almost was like it was one talking to another outside my tent,” he said.

“It stood there for a good 10 to 15 minutes.”

Even his loyal Rottweiler and pit bull, which had never displayed a fear of anything, were “totally freaking out.”

“And the time we were up there camping in a blizzard, we heard the beating sound at the trees around us,” he said.

“It was so loud that if you took a drummer in dead silent woods and amplify that drummer with huge amplifiers, it would be the loudest noise you could imagine. An hour before this happened, the dogs jumped in a tool box in the back of the pickup truck. They would not come out. It was the weirdest thing. I’ve never in my life seen a dog do this. I was trying to get them out of the tool box. But they wouldn’t come out.”

An hour later, the beating sound returned, and this time it sounded as if it were originating inside the tent.

“A few minutes later, we heard the same beating signal from across the lake,” Allen said. “We felt like we were being hunted. They are tremendous hunters.”

Allen says he has taken numerous photographs of nests that Bigfoot fashions from twisting sapling trees together, not unlike the way birds do, except on a bigger scale.

“They’re almost like a bird nest, but upside down with a bunch of leaves inside for bedding,” he said.

“And most of these nesting areas are right off a trail. I’ve encountered dozens of them. They’re usually closer to you than what you think they are. There’s a reason for this. Deer will follow a trail. It’s quiet. They’re not going to walk through the woods and make as much noise when they’re on a trail. Usually, those trails follow creeks or river beds. Those are prime drinking and hunting areas for the Bigfoots.”

Another tell-tale sign of Bigfoots are stacks of rocks in bizarre places inside a forest, he says, affording the creatures a good vantage point from which to stage an ambush.

Bigfoot is known to have attacked humans, Allen says.

“I’ve personally had rocks thrown at me. I’ve got a lot of witnesses on this. All of a sudden, a rock will be hurled at you. You’re out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter, and when they go by your head, it sounds almost like the same velocity as someone slinging a rock with a slingshot right past your head.”

Once, in the company of his son, Allen says, he spotted two of them ripping trees apart, either for the bark or the grubs.

“We stopped behind a rock, stood there for 20 minutes,” he recalled. “We couldn’t move. We just stood there in awe. As soon as they stepped into the darkness of a tree line, they were gone. They had vanished into the darkness of it. You could be looking into the woods directly at one and it almost looks like a shadow standing in the woods. You would never know it until it moves. This large one stepped out, about 12 to 13 feet tall, and as soon as that one came out, I told my son we had better run back to the camper as fast as we could about three quarters of a mile. We ran nonstop.”

Explaining Bigfoot is another matter.

And in this realm, Allen has been given some ideas from Bible readers, citing the passage in Genesis 6:4, “there were giants in the earth in those days ...”

“There are several locations in the Bible where there were large men that once existed that became extinct,” Allen said.

“They were considered to be giants on the earth. I’m not saying David fought one of these Bigfoots or whatever. There are a lot of humans out there that have a gene problem where their face is covered with hair. I’m not saying they’re Bigfoots or descendants of Bigfoot at all. But I’m saying that thousands of DNA samples came back and they were 98 to 99 percent human and 1 percent unknown primate. You’d think that’s too close, but it’s not. That 1 percent makes a huge difference, especially if you look at the genes scale. But they’re close enough to be human. They have a lot of human traits. They walk upright.”

One major distinction is the foot.

“How you can bend your hand is how their feet are,” he explained. “Their feet actually bend in the center. You can tell a fake footprint when you see one.

“People have actually come out and tried to fake people with hoaxes,” he added. “If it doesn’t have the midtarsal break in the foot, it’s a fake.”

Perhaps, he theorized, Bigfoot’s descendants have learned over generations to avoid human contact, explaining his shy ways in the forests until he feels threatened.

A hunter in 1785 captured one with help from Native American friends and promptly named it the “hideous creature,” wrapping it in binds and parading it through the streets of a town.

If he ever catches up with another Bigfoot, the musician says, he would attempt to communicate, but, taking Goodall’s advice, won’t look him directly in the eyes. He tested her on this at a zoo and found that a baboon was perfectly calm as long as he was watched from an angle, but the moment eye contact was made, the animal went ballistic.

“It’s a form of territorial gesture,” he said of eye contact.

“You could be some sort of a threat. I looked at that baboon eye to eye. He was behind a cage. I wiggled my eyes as he looked at me. He stretched his arm as far as he could and flashed his incisors at me.”

And Bigfoot, so all the accounts go, is much, much bigger than a baboon.

NOTE: this is an interesting theory. The reports of large hominid sightings in West Virginia have increased over the years. The state itself is still a very wild wilderness in many areas and offers excellent habitat and cover for Bigfoot during the less severe seasons...Lon
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