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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Interesting Native Peoples' Concept of SASQUATCH

In her 1916 book, 'To The American Indian,' Yurok Native woman, Lucy Thompson wrote about traditional beliefs of Sasquatch:

“The Klamath Indians in bringing down their legends from the creation of man until the present day, say that some were made to be good and honorable, some bad and some were real bad and mean, which they termed devils, or Oh-mah-ha. We have the conception of the invisible Satan, (Sey-elth, or wicked old woman) and a real living devil as walks the earth, and we fear them as they will harm us if they get the opportunity. We have had these living Indian devils (living human beings) all through the long and weary centuries, ever since the creation of mankind, such devils as we find in every race and nation of the earth. “

So, it’s clear she’s talking about flesh and blood creatures, and not only that but humans. She continues:

“Our Indian devils are Indians who for some reason or cause leave the tribe and go far away into the lonely mountains, and into the depths of the forests, where they live near the streams and places almost inaccessible. In their loneliness, they roam through the forests and over the mountains like some wild animals of prey. They forget the language of their mothers and become something like wild beasts, fleeing from the sight of human beings.

In olden times, the women were especially careful to keep together on their camping trips when they were gathering the acorn crop, grass seeds, pine nuts, etc., for fear of these Indian devils. These Indian devils would sometimes watch the camps of the Indians very closely and follow them about as they moved from place to place, watching for an opportunity to seize one of the young women and carry her off to make her his wife. If a young woman strayed away too far by herself, she was often made a captive by one of these devils. The women of the tribe had a great fear of them as they had great horrors of becoming the wife of a wild man.

Sometimes the women would be captivated by the Indian devils and would be gone away from their tribe for years, when they would return and tell of their wildlife and experiences. They would become the mother of children and the children would inherit the wild habits of their father, as they would always be whistling, making strange noises, romping wildly about, and always on the go, roaming everywhere in the wilds. These women were never happy when they came back to their people, as after a time they would long to go back to their devil husbands and children. They always managed to get away and return to the old wildlife, as it held such a fascination for them when they once experienced the wilds that they could not resist the calling of such a life.”

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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