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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PHANTOMS & MONSTERS: NEWS & UPDATES - UFO/UAP Sightings Reported in SE Pennsylvania - Make Your Personal DIGITAL CLONE - USOs Are U.S. Maritime Security Concerns


UFO/UAP Sightings Reported in SE Pennsylvania

From Researcher Stan Gordon:

Two similar and detailed UFO/UAP observations have been reported within days of each other and about twenty miles apart in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

April 8, 2024-Daylight UFO Over Route 30, Irwin/North Huntingdon PA area

I received an email report on 04/09/24, that two people riding on Route 30 in the Irwin/North Huntingdon area observed something unusual in the sky at 11:30 AM. They were traveling on Route 30 westbound and entering the right ramp to enter the turnpike to head toward Ohio to view the eclipse. The driver happened to look up and noticed something unusual through the upper left side of the windshield. Continue Reading at Two Daylight, Low Level UFO/UAP Sightings Reported Above Populated Communities in Southwest Pennsylvania-April 2024


Make Your Personal DIGITAL CLONE

Holistic health advocate Deepak Chopra, 77, is one of several people who have digitally “cloned” themselves to do their work for them. Chopra’s lifelike-AI fills in on Zoom calls, the Daily Mail reports.

Delphi, touted as the world’s first digital cloning platform, uses data from podcasts, videos, PDFs and other content to develop a clone that can mimic the user’s thoughts and speech — and it can take as little as one hour.

“The clone will learn how they think about the world,” Delphi co-founder and CEO Dara Ladjevardian told the Daily Mail this week. “We have a readiness score to show how ‘ready’ a clone is in representing that person. They can also upload their voice, so the clone learns how they speak as well.” Continue reading at People are making ‘digital clones’ of themselves — to do their work for them


USOs Are U.S. Maritime Security Concerns

A retired rear admiral has expressed concerns over UFOs that can transition from air to water.

In a new report, retired rear admiral Tim Gallaudet of the US Navy has outlined his concerns that UFOs shown to be capable of seamlessly transitioning from air to water represent a clear and urgent threat to maritime security.

One example of such an object, which was originally filmed by a serviceman aboard the USS Omaha in 2019 after it buzzed a US Navy fleet off the coast of San Diego, was made public by UFO researcher Jeremy Corbell two years ago before being confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon.

In the footage, the object seemed to enter the water without even making a splash.

"The fact that unidentified objects with unexplainable characteristics are entering US water space and the DOD is not raising a giant red flag is a sign that the government is not sharing all it knows about all-domain anomalous phenomena," Galludet wrote. Continue reading at Ex-Navy officer: 'Underwater UFOs jeopardize US maritime security'


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WENDIGO MYTHOLOGY - WHAT ARE THEY? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Wendigo #Cannibal

The wendigo has been misappropriated from its original context in Algonquin folklore. The word "Wendigo" roughly means “The Evil Spirit Who Devours Mankind.” Originally it was depicted as a cannibal ice giant and cautionary tale relevant to the realities of Algonquin life. Euro-American popular culture mutilated it into what may only be described as a "zombie-were-deer."

First, the Algonquin monster has relevance to their traditional way of life. Their culture was reliant on teamwork, so selfishness is a deadly sin to them, and the wendigo is the ultimate embodiment of that.

Secondly, wendigo psychosis is a real mental illness and was historically used as a justification to destroy the Algonquin culture. There are written accounts in the last two centuries of people suffering from this illness being murdered by their peers.

So then, how was the Wendigo tale altered? This goes back over a century to Algernon Blackwood's story "The Wendigo." The story does not depict a Wendigo but seems to get it confused with the Inuit (not Algonquin) creature Ijiraq and possibly the Tariaksuq. In the story, the monster burns away a victim's feet with friction, while in myth the Ijiraq is sometimes described as stripping the flesh off its victim's shins and if it survives then it becomes a faster runner. The Ijiraq is otherwise described as a trickster who kidnaps children or lures hunters by pretending to be caribou. So, it is easy to assume Blackwood read about the Ijiraq and then twisted the details for his own story.

Now Euro-American popular culture takes the name of an Algonquin cannibal ice giant and applies it to a zombie-were-deer; it has been utterly stripped of its original context and symbolism. I doubt there will ever be much push-back against the zombie-wear-deer version since it has been burned into popular culture at this point.

Now, that being stated, I'm going to present several modern-day accounts that some of the witnesses described as the ‘Wendigo.' Then you can determine what the creature in the report is. Is it an original folktale of the cannibal ice giant or something a bit more contemporary?


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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