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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

WELL-DEFINED 'SHADOW BEING' Leaves Burnt Handprint on Refrigerator

A girl uses the bathroom at night but soon realizes that a shadow being is watching her. Terrified, she feels the entity pulling at her blanket as she remains underneath it.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends & colleagues Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"I have wanted to share my story for a while, and finally am. I will tell this story at my dad’s house, as my parents are divorced. It was around 4 am, and I had woken up to use the restroom. For some context, I was sharing a room with my sister and stepbrother. My sister and I were using a bunk bed, and I had the top bunk, and our beds were straight across from the door. Anyway, I climbed down and walked down the hall to the restroom. Now I admit, I was scared as I had been watching quite a few scary movies, which many people tell me is why I saw what I saw, but I assure you, this was real, and I wasn’t imagining it.

So I use the restroom and wash my hands. I was a bit scared to flush the toilet, so I brushed my hair. I then flush the toilet and exit the bathroom. Now, the way the house is set up is that the right side of the hall sticks out longer than the left. On the left side, the shorter wall has the kitchen, the first thing being the fridge. Then, on the right side, it sticks out longer because the bathroom is right there. At the time, my room was the first door on the right down the hall. From the hall’s view, you can see the living room, where one lamp was lit, and there was no other light.

So anyway, I flush the toilet and walk out, but no one is there. No one was even awake; my dad and stepmom were asleep in their room, and my other siblings were asleep. So I turn and start walking down the hall. I suddenly felt this overwhelming fear, and I don’t know what made me want to turn around. So I stop in the hallways and slowly turn my head back. I saw a very tall and large black figure peering from behind the left side of the wall. The living room lamp lit the living room up quite a bit, so it was nowhere near dark. But this black figure was distinct and watching me from behind the wall. I could see the shape of its head and shoulders, more one shoulder than the other. It had no hair or face; it was just a black void with a profile. It was the most fear I have ever felt in my life. I immediately ran to my room. Now, at the time, I wasn’t thinking it was a shadow figure or anything of the sort; I was more thinking it was an intruder.

So I ran into my room and desperately tried to get onto my bed, but I couldn’t find the ladder to get up. I finally found it and climbed as fast as I could, and I got under my blanket. I remember my exact position. I was slanted, and my feet were crossed. I had my hand, which was holding the blanket up to the top of my forehead. I remember praying and asking for protection over everyone. The odd thing was I remember saying it, never he, even though I thought it was an intruder. My blanket was tucked in on every corner, and the left side of my bed was against the wall. But I know for a fact my blanket was tucked in.

But as I’m lying there and praying, my heart pounding out of my chest, I feel a tug at the very bottom right corner of my blanket. My heart stopped; I literally froze and completely stopped breathing. All the logical thoughts then rushed in, “It’s just me moving or me breathing.” So, to test it, I hold my breath and am as still as possible. A tug happens again, only this time higher. I then start to panic and have so many thoughts at once. Time was passing so slowly that it felt like 30 minutes had gone by when, in reality, it had only been a couple of minutes at most. My blanket got tugged 4 or 5 times, each higher than the last. I remember thinking about whether I should call my sister or not. I thought, “It would know I’m here if I call for her,” then thinking, “Well, it already knows I’m here.” I thought this repeatedly, and it was like my thoughts were getting louder and louder. I decided to do it. I started calling her name in a shallow whisper and gradually started screaming her name. I was petrified of this thing I saw in the hall, and it was now pulling at my bed sheets. She runs and turns on the light. I didn’t even move; all I did was stick my hand out and cry as she held my hand.

When I finally looked, there was no one there. I told everyone what happened, but no one believed me; even now, only some do. Something even more odd to add was that there was a handprint of a left hand on the right side of the fridge door, which is how someone would be standing to peek out into the hall. It was too small for anyone in the house’s handprint, which was weird considering how tall and large the figure looked. The image of the figure is burned into my mind. I will forever remember that moment, and it was that moment that led me to believe in the paranormal. Thank you, guys, for reading my story, and I hope you have a great rest of your day."

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WENDIGO MYTHOLOGY - WHAT ARE THEY? | Join Us For LIVE CHAT | Questions & Answers #Wendigo #Cannibal

The wendigo has been misappropriated from its original context in Algonquin folklore. The word "Wendigo" roughly means “The Evil Spirit Who Devours Mankind.” Originally it was depicted as a cannibal ice giant and cautionary tale relevant to the realities of Algonquin life. Euro-American popular culture mutilated it into what may only be described as a "zombie-were-deer."

First, the Algonquin monster has relevance to their traditional way of life. Their culture was reliant on teamwork, so selfishness is a deadly sin to them, and the wendigo is the ultimate embodiment of that.

Secondly, wendigo psychosis is a real mental illness and was historically used as a justification to destroy the Algonquin culture. There are written accounts in the last two centuries of people suffering from this illness being murdered by their peers.

So then, how was the Wendigo tale altered? This goes back over a century to Algernon Blackwood's story "The Wendigo." The story does not depict a Wendigo but seems to get it confused with the Inuit (not Algonquin) creature Ijiraq and possibly the Tariaksuq. In the story, the monster burns away a victim's feet with friction, while in myth the Ijiraq is sometimes described as stripping the flesh off its victim's shins and if it survives then it becomes a faster runner. The Ijiraq is otherwise described as a trickster who kidnaps children or lures hunters by pretending to be caribou. So, it is easy to assume Blackwood read about the Ijiraq and then twisted the details for his own story.

Now Euro-American popular culture takes the name of an Algonquin cannibal ice giant and applies it to a zombie-were-deer; it has been utterly stripped of its original context and symbolism. I doubt there will ever be much push-back against the zombie-wear-deer version since it has been burned into popular culture at this point.

Now, that being stated, I'm going to present several modern-day accounts that some of the witnesses described as the ‘Wendigo.' Then you can determine what the creature in the report is. Is it an original folktale of the cannibal ice giant or something a bit more contemporary?


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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