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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Horrifying RED-EYED 'WEREWOLF' Encountered in Wise River, Montana

A former Montana resident describes his encounters with a cryptid canine not long after moving into his new home. The red-eyed beast left an indelible impression on the witness!

I received the following account:

"Hello. This event happened in mid-July 2015. I lived in Montana, outside of a rural community with a population of about 2,000.

During this time, I lived in a small one-floor ranch home by myself. My nearest neighbor lived one mile away and was a farmer. I never had many strange encounters leading up to this one but the woods by my house always had an ominous feel to it. Soon after moving in, I realized why the previous homeowners left pretty quickly. I’d start to hear noises in the woods. These weren’t just any noises, but what sounded like blood-curdling screams and growls. After some research, I learned that even something like a raccoon or bobcat can make these unnatural noises and chalked it up to be that. But still it just never felt right. It’s hard to explain, but I never felt like this before and it was just something about the woods around my house that made me uncomfortable. Like I was always being watched.

The first experience I couldn’t explain happened about two weeks after I moved in. There was a thunderstorm and the thunder was loud enough to keep me awake. (I never did feel comfortable in storms by myself). The lighting was crazy and would light up the whole surrounding area for a fraction of a second. I was lying on the couch and got up to get a glass and a drink at the sink. It was about 2 am if I recall correctly. Above it, there’s a small window that gives a view of my yard leading up to the tree line. When the next flash of lightning hit, I saw it. Admittedly it wasn’t a long view, but it gave me enough time to see whatever this thing was. It was near the tree line, just a few steps into my yard. At first, I thought it was a bear, but it wasn’t. It was standing on two legs with its face pointed towards the house. Its legs were like a dog’s and I could clearly make out the hocks. It was hard to tell the color of the fur but it was dark. Its upper body was massive with a wide torso and arms that could almost reach the ground from standing. The strangest thing is how the upper body seemed to dwarf the lower body. After standing there, frozen in shock, I waited for the next lightning strike but when it happened it wasn’t there. It happened so quickly and was gone so quickly. After that, I bought a gun and would sleep with it within arm's reach.

The next encounter is what I consider the most frightening thing of my life. For several weeks nothing worth noting happened. I don’t get cable where I live and one night I was watching something and my satellite kept acting up. I didn’t like going outside at night but this would be quick, I just had to move the antenna a little bit. Nothing had happened for a few weeks so I decided to just go out and do it. I grabbed my gun and flashlight and went out. The first thing I noticed was the eerie quietness that surrounded me. This time of year at night the woods are active with all types of creatures. Not tonight. Despite the fear I was developing, I made my way over to the satellite and began to adjust it. I heard a small snap of a stick and quickly turned to my left and shined the light toward the direction of the noise.

What I saw will horrify me for the rest of my life. I was immediately met with red eyes. These eyes were the color of blood and they were evil. The head of this thing looked like a mutated German Shepard. I don’t like to say it, but it looked like a werewolf. A long snout and pointed ears. The fur was black and shaggy in some places. I could see this creature’s extremely developed musculature and it dwarfed even the biggest humans on earth. It was half in and half out of the woods, almost crouching and it still came up to my head at 6 ft. Fully standing, this thing would have been 8 feet I estimated. I was about 20 feet from this thing. I didn’t even consider my gun which I thought to protect me. Chances are in hindsight, the little .223 bullets would have just pissed this thing off before it tore me to shreds. I backed away slowly, never breaking eye contact with it. I gently picked up my gun and my fight-or-flight reflexes kicked in. I chose flight. Maybe not the best option, but even if I stayed there, this thing would kill me. I ran the fastest I ever have in my life and didn’t turn back once. I have no idea if it was pursuing me. I got in the house, locked every door, and window, covered the blinds, and sat with my back against the wall cradling the gun the entire night. I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night and very few the following days. To make a long story short, I don’t live there anymore.

People often talk of Sasquatch being harmonious with nature and living within the ecosystem. Sure, if you see one it might be scary, but it’s probably more awe than anything. With this thing, it was totally different. It felt unnatural. It was sinister. It felt evil. It was stalking me, toying with me, and I believe it would have killed me. I have never seen nor experienced this feeling again in my life. It is a memory I try to put past me, but I still get nightmares about it. I think until the day I die I will always have the image burned into my memory.

The best image I have seen that fits the description of the creature is the werewolf from the movie "The Howling." I will answer any questions you have." RC

The eyewitness provided more information later:

"This is my first time bringing the story forward.

The isolation is definitely the worst part. It’s just you and this creature out there and if it decides that it doesn’t want you around anymore, you will disappear. Then your death will be ruled as either an attack from bears or wolves. Looking back, there were a lot of “wildlife” related deaths in my general area. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence.

My neighbor who was a chicken farmer died. I tried getting a hold of him and finding things out but his family was secretive.

The address was 61720 Highway 43, Wise River, MT 59762

In my mind, there is no way this way a bear. I was so close to it that I could see every feature. It had an obvious canine appearance on the face and also had hocks, like the legs of a dog. Misidentification is always a thing, but I don’t believe this was anything like a bear.

Maybe the whole sinister and evil thing is an exaggeration. If it wanted to hurt me it would have done it. It’s just how I justify coming face to face with something so terrifying I think. It looked like a predator that would rip me apart.

It’s just that it wasn’t scared of me. Unlike other Dogman stories I have read, this thing didn’t run off or back down. It wasn't expressively aggressive in the encounter, it was just silently watching me. It didn’t growl at me either. It was just dead silent.

Yes, I saw it very close. So close I could even smell it. It smelled like well.. a wet dog that rolled in something nasty. Very strong and pungent. When the light was shined on its face, its eyes had the same reflection that cats would." RC

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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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