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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Philadelphia, PA Suburban Experiencer Details UFO ENCOUNTER & POSSIBLE ABDUCTION

A Harleysville, Pennsylvania experiencer describes their UFO sighting and possible abduction. The experiencer also wonders why they weren't afraid throughout this incident.

I received the following account:

"Sometime in the middle of October 2010, I was up late playing computer games in my bedroom on the second story of my home here in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. I was getting tired around 12:30 am and decided to go to sleep around 1:00am. I fell asleep quite quickly in nothing but my boxers. Before I go into detail about the encounter I experienced, allow me to explain the layout of my room.

My bedroom is on the second story on the southwest end of my home. I have 3 windows in my room on the front face of the house and have access to both the attic and the only fire escape on the building. This house used to be an old office building in which my bedroom was one of the offices used. My actual bed is located in the southwest corner next to a window and directly next to the fire escape door. This door has no handle on the outside and only a bar release on the inside similar to what you would find on the inside of a school entrance door or office building. The door also has a 1.3x1.3 foot window in the top center. The actual fire escape on the outside of the door is nothing more than a metal platform and railing leading down the side of my house with metal stairs. I often use this to have a cigarette when I am at home since smoking inside the house is forbidden by the landlord. This goes to say I am quite familiar with what the scenery on the outside of my home looks like in this location.

I awoke on this day around 3 am based on the dark of night outside, however, when I awoke I was already outside on my fire escape platform. I had not been dreaming as far as I could tell since everything was as it was when I was awake, and have had many vivid almost lucid dreams in the past, and I can tell you this was not that sensation. I was very groggy and confused as to how I had walked in my sleep. I have not sleepwalked since I was about 8 years old, and at this time I was 19 almost 20. I almost immediately noticed something very very large above me after this initial confusion, and took quick notice of my door being closed behind me leaving no way of re-entering my home.

As soon as I noticed this, however, I felt the urge to look at this large object hovering above me. As I looked up I noticed it was sort of rounded in shape but had many many lights on the underside of it. It was directly above me so I had no view of the sides of the object. The lights were a very very bright white. Nothing like any fluorescent bulb I have ever seen. These lights were flashing without any pattern it seemed and were located all over the underside of the object in rectangular and very long trapezoidal shapes. The object had to have been at least 250 feet in diameter, possibly larger.

The underside of the object also had many things jutting out from it with these lights on it as well, but I took firm notice of one in particular. There was this large piece with the lights on the side of it coming out from the right of the object. Its shape was like an upside-down cone with the end cut off. It resembled an air filter for a high-performance engine in a car. It had symmetrical lights all around its sides that were identical to the ones on the underside of the object, however, the bottom of this piece jutting out was a very dark gray-black color.
When I first looked up, the lights were so blinding that I had to shield my eyes with one hand to see they were flashing and their shapes and locations. I observed all of this within less than 90 seconds before I became very disoriented. I forgot what I was doing, where I was at, and who I was. Almost as if these lights were inducing an acute case of amnesia. The last thing I can remember before passing out was the strange sensation of floating. I had never experienced this before, but it was as if I were suddenly weightless. My feet were no longer touching the cold metal platform and I was no longer shielding my eyes. As soon as I was blinded by the lights that were flashing I seemed to lose consciousness, unless the lights caused me to forget everything leaving me no memory of anything afterwards.

Throughout these short minutes, the object made absolutely no sound. It was as if it was making everything around it completely quiet. If you have ever heard the saying "Silence is Deafening," I would have to agree, that there were no sounds made after I noticed the object above me. This was extremely strange since my home is on a main road, and relatively close to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Hearing not even the sound of a cricket chirp or the hum of the highway was definitely weird. I also remember the silence being almost suffocating. It felt very heavy as if it were making the air thick like soup.

In my short, and very close observation, I remember the object being about 20 to 40 feet above me, the space in between my house, and the neighbor's house, and the tree in between the front of our homes was blocking out a portion of this large object. There was no wind as if Time had stopped in its tracks. This is all simply speculation, but it was what it seemed to me.

After I lost consciousness, it got extremely bizarre. I remember waking up without any senses except for my sight and sense of balance. I was lying down with my eyes looking upwards towards what seemed to be a ceiling. My eyes were not working correctly though. It was as if I had been administered eye drops that you would get at the doctor to dilate your pupils. Everything was very blurry and distorted. I remember very little, but I do remember everything was a green/brown/gray color around me. I also remember seeing strange objects above me that appeared to be tools or examination equipment, none of which seemed to be created by humans. It was very very blurry though so it was hard to tell if that was exactly what it was.

I then remember a figure moving into view above me. I was unable to move at all, and my vision was very poor so I could discern nothing about this being other than it seemed a little taller than I am and it had appendages like a human being (arms, torso, head, legs, etc.). It did not speak to me, however, I seemed to hear a voice in my head. It was much less a voice than it was a feeling or emotion being conveyed. The very last thing I can remember was feeling very calm as if this being was trying to help me in some sort of way. The "trying to help you" feeling I received was much less about me in particular, but more of a "you" as in "your race." I then saw one of the objects above me move slightly, and I lost consciousness again.

When I came to I was sitting on the edge of my bed. My bed was made very neatly as if I had never laid down at all that night. When I looked at my alarm clock, the time was about 4:45 am. I tried to remember how I got there, but nothing came to mind. I tried to sleep, but my thoughts were buzzing faster than I could even keep up with. I could not sleep no matter how hard I tried that night. The only thing I kept asking myself was, "Why wasn't I scared or afraid throughout this entire experience?"

I am not trying to garner attention in any way shape or form with this.. This is why I am choosing to remain anonymous. I just hope that maybe this can help somebody understand things a little better, even if I can not understand any of this myself.

I always thought the UFO phenomenon was a bunch of crap before this experience. Since this experience, I have been haunted, and have wanted to tell somebody but have always been too afraid of being called a crackpot. The only person I have ever told this story to is my best friend, and he is probably the only person who will ever know who I am and what I witnessed. I have witnessed a few other strange occurrences that happened after this account I have just given you, but they are far less important I think.

I hope this will help in some way shape or form." M

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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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