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Friday, April 02, 2021

Experiencer Describes Abduction By Small Ape-Like Alien

The experiencer recounts a series of event during subsequent abductions as a child. The abductor was a small hairy entity that the witness said looked like a small 'Homo Hablis' primate. Very bizarre account.

The following account was recently posted on the MUFON CMS:

"This experience was over 60 years ago and happened when I was only about 4 or 5 years old and living in the East Bronx of NYC. I have spent much of the rest of my life absorbing whatever technology changes I could encounter in an effort to validate and verify or understand better some of the things the crew of the vessel taught me. It has been hard because we are still way behind the technology level I saw as a 1st grader way back then.

My parents owned a small house on Creston Ave and my father earned a moderate income. My bedroom was on the 2nd floor rear and the window overlooked the roof of the back porch. I had no brothers or sisters.

Late one night a tube radio in my room began making a squeal noise and awoke me. I went to it and although very young understood how an on off switch worked and made sure it was off. The noise stopped and I went back to bed. Then something tapped on my window. I looked and saw what looked in the dark like a small person about my size standing on the roof outside. I was about to go and get my parents when I heard him (it?) ask in my head if he could come in. I started to tell him the window was locked and I wasn't big enough to reach the lock and he thought it is okay I don't need you to, and he stepped through the window.

This was when I realized the person was not a man. He was a little taller than me, but covered with fur. He had a harness and a utility belt of some kind. I was shocked of course because the glass had just kind of waved a little bit, but reformed as he stepped through without breaking and I got a little scared and I was about to scream for my parents when I felt him think it is okay, I am a friend and I just want to talk a little.

The long and short of it was he pointed at a light in the sky over an apartment building on Morris Avenue (to the west) and asked me to come with them to their ship to talk and he promised that we would be back before my parents could notice me gone or get upset. That was when I realized there were two more like him on the roof outside my window. I remember feeling pretty calm about it and really curious too.

Talking isn't really the right word. He heard me before I could speak the words and answered in my head.

I wanted to know how I could get through the window glass because I wasn't like him and he told me if I held his hand and trusted him we could get through it. His hand was like ours, but the skin was different, more like a gorillas but smaller. We stepped on a chair near the window and as he held my hand he touched something on his belt and we both stepped through the glass onto the roof outside. One of the ones outside started to do something with a box he had and the one with me told him not yet. I could feel an annoyance from that one and I was told that it was because I was being allowed to hear what he said to them and if they replied I would hear them too. I was then told that if I went with them to their ship we would be back only a second after we left but more time would pass to me. I expressed confusion and he told me he understood that but I should trust him and again assured me I would be safe and would not get in trouble with my parents. I still felt really calm about it all and I did want to see something new so I said okay. The taller one with the box touched it and we were in a big room with strange lights on the walls and I was told this was there ship and I should come with him to a different room to talk.

I asked him if I could have a belt thing that would let me walk through glass. In reply he led me to a room with a couch and asked me to sit. I think he sat on something too, but I am not sure. We talked. He asked me about my life. I asked him what he was or where he was from. He said he was from here, but hadn't lived here for a very long time and all his people left here long ago. He asked me a lot of stuff I knew nothing about. He asked me what the sun burned and I didn't know and he told me it burned light gas and I asked if that was true and he knew that, why was he asking me? He said something like technical level assessment test and we played that game a few more minutes. Something else, entirely different, and not radiating friend at all, came in the room and asked him things I couldn't quite understand. It was like knowing someone is talking to someone in the next room, but the wall is muffling the conversation so you can't follow what they are saying. I think the new entity may have been what the popular culture calls a Grey. I can't get a clear picture of him in my head sixty years later, but I think it was a Grey. My host and the Grey had a heated but short discussion.

Afterwards my host told me the Grey (I will call it that) wanted me to take something inside me when I left, but my host (I honestly don't think I ever asked him (it) his name) wanted a full consent from me first and that would require I know some things I didn't know about and wouldn't understand unless they fixed how I thought first and I had to agree to that too because I was like them, not like him.

That made me more curious than ever and I agreed. I felt I was getting hungry and I was asked if I was hungry (sixty years later I realize they did something that made me hungry, just like I realized years later my being so calm was probably a manipulation too). Anyway I was given a drink, kind of like a cold tomato soup, but very good and it made me sleepy too.

I woke up in the same room, but I now knew about or understood some things I had never even thought about or envisioned before. The Greys were supervisory. My host was a medical orderly or something tantamount too. The Grey who had come in before was more like a military doctor/officer than a doctor who cared about his patients. There was a war going on. A very old war. My host's side was losing and being hunted. The ship we were on wasn't really in normal space. It could be when it wanted to be, but was normally inside its own space like a bubble in glass. There was some math stuff there I didn't quite get, but my host said that was okay if I understood what the firmament was and how time can be manipulated, and that it is possible to move something in between as a way of getting from point A to point C without bothering to visit point B. Our world was important to my host because it was his world, but that was a long, long, time ago and his people were no more on Earth. There were hundreds of his kind on the ship and many, many, more stored as seeds and eggs. Other animals from then too.

The Greys viewed my kind (you and me) as constructs made with pieces from other beings (I think he meant DNA) by those hunting this ship. Visiting Earth this way was dangerous for everyone because there were things about the ship arriving at a specific place and time that would signal it's presence to anyone looking for the signals. The good news was the detection apparatus would sometimes signal detect something other than the ship (a false positive we call it today) and the shorter the stay, the less likely for someone or something to come and look for it.

I knew the Earth had been hit several times during the eons of war. I am a little vague about which side did what. It was kind of like the US fight over Pork Chop Hill at the end of the Korean War. Nothing at all important about the place, but neither side wanted to lose it. Once one side put a big dust cloud between Earth and the Sun and everything froze for a long, long time until eventually the dust moved away or was pulled away. In an earlier time one side invented a cold virus and almost all of the primates died and almost all of us died too. My host's people left earth around then, maybe a little before, I didn't ask him. I just know his people are extinct except for the ones on the ship. I now suspect he was of the race we call Homo Hablis, but made smarter than the original model. It is all kind of strange, bent relativity. Some of what was done, hasn't been done yet. Some of what was done can be stopped by stopping the future event, but that will only work for that timeline. Timelines are about probability. Causality is usually forward in time from A to B, but sometimes with careful planning the effect can happen before the cause. Yes, I know this gets into theology debates about Freedom of Choice and Predetermination. Whatever.

Anyway what they wanted was someone to act as a spotter. Like one of those Australian coast watchers during WW2 who sat by themselves on remote islands and watched for Japanese ships so they could radio in the sighting. They wanted me to spot the others and signal them if I did. The thing was I was tired. To me I had been there for hours and whatever nap I had had, I still felt really tired They told the Grey I wanted to think about it for a day at home and I couldn't hear the words, but I could feel the noise and he wasn't happy. I want to say he talked to the wall about it too. Not an intercom thingie, but to the wall itself. With hindsight I am thinking the ship or the wall was as much an Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it was a wall or a ship. I want to admire my host because I could feel the torrent of thought thrown at him and see him cringe, but he was adamant that he wanted my consent.

The long and short of it is they made me swear up and down that I would not tell anyone about them or the experience. I was told I would be taken away and either treated in a hospital forever because my head was broken (it was how I conceptualized crazy back then) or else lock me up in a deep vault forever to question me endlessly, and how my parents wouldn't love me anymore (that was the Grey speaking and it made me cry). But finally they brought me back to the roof and I went inside, stepping through the window glass with my friend. He said goodbye and went back outside. I watched as they did something with the box and they just vanished. No one was up, I went to the bathroom and went to bed.

In the morning I told my father all about the weird dream. I didn't know it yet, but as a boy he had read a lot of Amazing magazines before joining the USAAF for WW2 and was familiar with some of what I now knew about. He was pretty interested. He looked at the window but other than some waves in the glass he hadn't noticed before he didn't see anything wrong with it. However he did see some roof tar on the chair seat and he got a little worried at that. I guess it had stuck to my foot while I was on the roof until I stepped on the chair when coming back inside. He wanted to know if I had stood on the chair and the desk to reach the lock (I had never even thought of standing on the desk till he said it) and then go outside after unlocking the window. I told him no and he got annoyed because he thought I was lying about that. He also thought I had perhaps snuck into the living room to watch late night TV and maybe saw some science fiction movie that shaped my dream.

The next few nights nothing at all interesting happened. In school (PS 33) we had been learning to associate images with written words and letters of the alphabet. There was a big chart with words under a picture, b for ball, c for cat, d for dog, stuff like that. I had found it hard and failed several times the week before. After the dream I knew the alphabet, and when the teacher gave us the book with 'see Sally run, Sally runs fast,' I was like super bored.

My father had a good collection of paperbacks and I started reading them. My parents thought it was great. Of course when my 1st grade teacher caught me reading Dr. No while everyone else was still struggling with Sally runs fast, teacher was not pleased. I wasn't following the curriculum and a little kid shouldn't be reading about government assassins, etc, etc. Yeah whatever. Dad and mom made me promise to not read our books in class. Louis L'amour, Hammond Innes, HP Lovecraft, etc. I had gone through a dozen of them by the end of second grade.

So anyway on the third night the tube radio in my room began making noise again and when I looked outside the window the little furry friend was there. (For like 50 years I thought of them as little furries (no connection to H. Beam Piper's little fuzzies which I didn't read till I was 30 or so). It wasn't until I saw a facial reconstruction of what Homo Hablis probably looked like that I recognized my little fuzzy friends.

So the trip to the ship went pretty much the same as before. This time the Grey was taking the position I was too young for such responsibility because I told them up front I had ignored them and told my dad and he thinks it was a dream caused by watching some science fiction movie. The Grey discussed it with the ship and maybe some others because he left the chamber then came back and announced the others thought I was too young and it would probably be better to just erase the memory and send me back. My furry friend didn't like that and thought to me that he didn't like that because sometimes erasing a memory either causes hidden side effects.

So once again I had to promise to not only never say anything, but also only use the implant one time and only if I am sure the other race is actually here. For the first time I was told the procedure would hurt and they could deaden some of it, but wouldn't enjoy it. I agreed anyway. A secret outer space signal device. How cool would that be? Better than a decoder ring for sure.

The Grey did it. They were right. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Something small, smaller than a pea, translucent. Stuck through my upper abdomen into a spot just above my liver behind a rib. I got another beverage to drink and I was told how to activate it if the others actually came here. Funny thing is I have no recollection of being told how to tell an actual arrival from a false report or something I couldn't explain. I was there a long time I think, at least a day, but I don't remember a lot of it. It didn't matter anyway because when they brought me back it couldn't have been more than a few seconds after I left.

So I was a good boy from there perspective for at least a month (my time) or two. What was I, 5 years old? How long can you expect a 5 year old to keep a secret like that or not do something wrong? The Grey and the ship were correct I was too young. Plus I had all this crap in my head decades before I should. Books I wanted to read I wasn't allowed to. Hell, I couldn't even visit the NY Public Library Reference Section without a parent or guardian accompanying me. The only part of the Public Library I was allowed to access was the Children's Book section. Books about a kid named Sambo turning tigers into butter by running fast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Ivanhoe, etc. Utterly useless. Meanwhile I am trying to be good, reading newspapers. Some guy named Castro nationalizing oil refineries, a French ship blowing up in Havana Harbor, Haiti, East and West Germany, etc. Reading the stock market page.

My otherworld friends had told me of nuclear wars, and I knew quite a bit about Sputnik and what would probably follow. 'I like Ike' buttons. A teacher growing upset when I pointed out Hawaii would be very hard to hold in the next war if Japanese mistakes were avoided. Not what he wanted to hear. My mom bought me some shares of stock under the Minors Act, but very sadly she had let the broker talk her out of the companies I suggested and instead bought me things the broker said so. Of course they later went belly up and she didn't transfer them when I wanted her to.

Anyway, my classmates started thinking I was weird. Yeah, probably. I had no proof anything at all had ever happened beyond being curious about stuff I had never cared about. And having zero interest in the things the other school kids cared about. There was only one other kid in school I could talk to. Mitchell Dupler. I didn't talk with him about little furries though. But I liked talking to him because he was the only one who usually knew about some of the things I wanted to talk about.

One day the Federal government took him away. Literally. He had been classified as a genius and the government had set up a special school somewhere out West for such children. His father was given a government job and the whole family just moved away and vanished and their house went up for sale. I remember one of our teachers telling us on his last day how what his father did was very important to America and we should all feel honored that Mitchell was smart enough to get into such a special program in a special school with others like him. Even back then it all sounded very scary and creepy to me. So I toned down my act a lot. Underachiever is good. No one comes by and makes your family disappear if you are not exceptional.

Okay, one night a month or two in while laying in bed I decide I dreamed the whole thing about the visitors and just to prove that I activate the signal device in the way I was told and nothing happens which proves it was all dreams. Then I go to sleep. I was awakened by a new furry shaking me in my bed and commanding me to come with him. I was like who are you? At the same time though I was getting out of bed and walking through the window with him without wanting to. Very scary. His thoughts were not not friendly and he was brusque.

In the ship's entry chamber there were several Greys and they were angry. They were scared too. It had to do with the ship creating a small splash in the firmament each time it transited. The foe might ignore one splash, and they left before learning if there was a reaction to the second splash. But I had sent up a signal much sooner than was expected and it was kind of flare like, and yeah, they saw the flare in the same spot there had been splashes and they were coming. The general attitude was I had betrayed them and placed everything in grave danger. I was thinking back I didn't believe it was real, you were all just a dream I thought. You should have given me something physical, something not important like a uniform button or something (they didn't have uniforms) I could look at and touch when I doubted it happened. Didn't matter. They were pissed and were about to erase my memory and also remove the device, and I still couldn't move, I was just standing there totally paralyzed. I wanted to move, but nothing responded. I asked where my friend was and they didn't want to tell me. I got the impression he was being punished for arguing in favor of giving me the device without wiping my memory of it.

After about 15 minutes he came in the chamber and we went into the room where the couch was and I was made to lie down on it. There was a lot of high level talk between him and the two Greys in the room. I couldn't externally tell one Grey from the other, but there voices resonated different in my head. I was finally told they were going to remove some memory, but not all of it and also remove what they had put in me. It hurt. I could feel the Grey didn't care. There was no drink afterwards. I was told they had to leave right away to run and hide and would never be seen by me again. I was returned to my home roof by just one furry and he didn't go inside the room with me. He just pushed me and when I went through the window cracked behind me. I turned around and he just vanished and a second later the light over the roof of the apartment building on the next block also vanished.

I have never had any contact since then. My dad had to fix the cracked bedroom window. I lied and told him I had been bouncing a ball and hit it by accident. He was annoyed at that, but hey, I was 5, kids are dumb right? That was over 60 years ago. I taught myself computers when the Commodore came out. Since then I worked as a Federal Police Security guard at CIA HQ for a decade (reading the science section of their internal library every lunch break) then I became Pentagon Police for awhile, then one of their Criminal Investigators until my wife got sick in 1998. Then after leaving the government I became a contracted Special Investigator for different alphabet soup agencies for a few years. In 2009 I became a contracted declassification reviewer (a job in which I was expected to process 300 pages per day) and kept that job for about a year or so after my wife died of cancer. I just got tired of spending 3 hours or more a day in my car. I am now diabetic and my eyes can't handle that anymore, so I am a retired person. My last paying job was working as a morning coffee boy for a local 711 until Covid19 ended the morning rush hour crowd. My latest college degree was an AS in firearms technology. Prior college experiences were Government Administration, Political Science, and Civil Engineering. I have never shared this before."


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