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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

'Pig-Like Humanoid' Observed Feeding on Deer Carcass in Upstate NY


A witness in upstate New York noticed a dead deer along a well-traveled trail. Later, he came back and observed a 'pig-like humanoid' feeding on the carcass! What was this beast?

I just found this on social media. The witness seems very sincere:

"I live in upstate New York near a relatively high traffic hiking trail that runs alongside a stream for a portion. In mid March 2021 I noticed a dead deer near the stream––pretty common in our area, especially in winter. Went for a walk yesterday evening and I passed where the deer was and saw something that’s been really messing with me since.

Something was crouched over the dead deer. It looked like a pig but large, the size of a grown man, with loose, sagging skin. Its whole face was kind of sagging and leaking out of its nose and eyes. I’ve worked with livestock before so I know what pigs look like, and this pig was all the wrong shape. Its body was swollen, and its back legs were splayed out so I could see that they were really long. I could see that it had virtually no hair, just smooth skin. It was sitting on its back haunches near the deer, and by the time I got close enough to see, it was staring at me, totally still.

I have this sick certainty that it noticed me way before I noticed it. I was standing like 20ft away, still basically on the trail, and it was just staring at me. The deer carcass was kind of everywhere, like it had been messily eaten. While I was watching the pig raised both its front legs and I saw that they ended not in cleft feet, but in large hands, like human hands. It reached into the deer and just ripped off a chunk from its side, raised it to its snout, and ate out of its hands. All this went down in a matter of seconds, and as soon as I saw its hands I just turned back the way I came on the trail and walked away as fast as I could. I wanted to run but I was afraid it would chase me, so I went back to where I came in, just trying to stay calm.

It was the worst walk of my life. I was afraid to look behind me because I was so scared I would see the pig following me on his hands, but I made it out and ran across the parking lot to my car.

Now I’m just trying to understand this encounter. I want to believe my mind was playing tricks on me. I haven't found anything on the internet about this creature. Please if anyone has seen something like this, please let me know. Any leads are greatly appreciated." FD

Follow-up: "It didn't make any sounds at all. It's skin looked tan/taupe, but that could have been from the light. It's eyes were very small, but I couldn't tell much about them because they were kind of obscured by the loose skin around and above them." FD

NOTE: I believe that this occurred somewhere along the Appalachian Trail in New York, though the witness has been tight-lipped on the location. Lon


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