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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tall Horse-Headed Humanoid (Tikbalang?) Freaks Out Friends in SUV

5 friends were in the car, just sitting and talking when the pair in the front 'sense' a white being circling the SUV. Later a tall horse-headed humanoid rush towards them from behind. Strange account.

I recently came across the following account:

"Looking for an explanation as to what this may have been. About 2 years ago, I was with some friends in my car outside one of my friends' houses. It was around 9PM in winter time, so relatively dark out but clear weather. There were five of us in the car - myself and a friend in the passenger seat, as well as three friends sitting in the middle row (It's an SUV).

We were talking about some random topic, when all of a sudden I felt an intense feeling go down my spine, like we were being watched. I turned to my friend in the passenger seat and he looked up at me at the same time like he had just seen a ghost. I asked him if he felt that too, and he said yes. None of my other friends in the back felt anything. We felt really strange, but ignored it and kept talking.

A few minutes later, the feeling came back stronger than before, and once again my friend and I looked at each other at the same time. He looked right past me out the driver's side window (which my back was to) and told me not to turn around. None of my other friends saw anything, but he said there was something out there, and I felt some sort of "presence" behind me. We took turns describing to each other what we sensed it looked like, and we were for SURE both seeing/sensing the same thing. It was pure white and humanoid, but the details of what we sensed are fuzzy to me. Clearer descriptions later in the post. After a minute or so, it went away, and we were totally spooked.

This is where it gets weirder. My friend and I both felt the presence making circles around the car, and we began to both see green glowing circles moving quickly around it. It's hard to explain, but we couldn't really see them, it was more knowing they were there. They began to move faster and we were freaking the hell out. Then all of a sudden they disappeared. Once again, we both saw/felt these, but nobody in the back did.

Then, one of the passenger seat friends and I were leaning back to talk to the middle row, when all of a sudden on the sidewalk behind the car there was a flash of white light and a creature sprinting down towards us. It was pure white, bipedal, somewhat humanoid, and very tall and lanky. I'm going to guess it was probably 7 feet tall. It had a horse-shaped head, long black thin hair, black eyes, and claws. My friend and I in the front screamed simultaneously, started the car, and got the hell out of there.

Once we were far, far away, we once again took turns describing to each other what we saw, and we were both on point with each other's descriptions. I took everyone home, then as I was driving home, I still felt the presence behind me. I couldn't tell if it was in the car or not, but whenever I got to a stop sign/light, I felt it catching up, so I sped the rest of the way back. Once I got home, it was gone.

Both my friend and I could sense that whatever it was wasn't there to kill us or anything, just to make its presence known. Nothing like it has happened before or since. The only relevant connecting factor between the passenger seat friend and I (that those in the back did not share) is that we were both Christian (at the time).

Any ideas as to what we could have experienced? I can get in touch with the passenger seat friend if needed for extra info." GC

NOTE: Sound sort of like a Tikbalang, a legendary horse-headed humanoid. Lon


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