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Saturday, April 10, 2021

British Columbia Cryptids & Unexplained Phenomena Encounters

3 different accounts of cryptid and other unexplained phenomenon in British Columbia, Canada. These include a Sasquatch encounter, a white biped cryptid and phantom voices.

The following accounts were recently provided to me:

"My grandfather had witnessed for himself the tremendous size and strength of a Sasquatch for the first time in 1951. At the time, he was working in the Nass River Valley as a Chief Forester for the province. He watched this occasion from a distance of about 100m, as a large black haired figure walked across the log camp from one end to the other. The creature he said was the height of the top of the cookhouse, which was near 9ft, and the stride was near 5ft after later examination of tracks. It walked across the camp in about a minute or so, and when it reached the cookhouse it had to move barrels full of diesel away from the entrance to the cookhouse. When the weekends came the logging crews would shutdown and would often leave fully loaded fuel barrels stacked in front of the cookhouse doors to prevent the natives and hermits from breaking in and stealing food.

The creature picked up the barrels tossing them each aside, one at a time without stopping or showing any signs of fatigue. Each barrel weighing several hundred pounds being full of diesel. The creature just threw them aside, like we would throw aside an empty cardboard box. After clearing the barrels away from the cookhouse doors, it simply stripped the doors away with one movement, breaking the heavy hinges leaving the doors to the one side of the doorway. It then had to bend over to get under the top of the doorway to enter the back of the storage area. It spent about 20 minutes inside before it must have sensed something, because it rushed out of the cookhouse and headed into the bush in a major hurry.

My grandfather waited for a friend to show up before approaching the cookhouse. They found the storage room ransacked and meat locker door ripped off the hinges. Tubs of lard, butter, sugar and honey were consumed, along with things like chairs, fridges and benches being pushed against the wall or toppled. The meat locker had been ransacked, bundles of sausages and bacon had been mostly eaten, along with a large ham being nearly half eaten. Bags of flour and baking powder had been broken in half. It took the day to clean up the mess, then they moved the camp 10 miles into another area." MU


"I live in a small town in northeastern British Columbia (part of the Peace River Regional District) We are surrounded by a lot of untouched forests and beautiful rivers. My family lives out in the country and we are about ten minutes away from an uninhabited valley. It had an old road going through it from ages ago and it had an old pioneer homestead that we could make our way down too (I think some kids burnt this down around 2000/2001).

Even from a young age I hated going to this place with my family. I had no reason to despise it so much. Everyone that visited was always in awe of how beautiful it was down there, but I always just got this sick feeling in my stomach. My sighting was from when I was young, so I realize not many will believe it but it stuck with me.

My family was showing a cousin from Australia this place (our town is boring so outdoors stuff is all we have to offer) and I was sitting on my dad's shoulders while the adults walked. Now the road we were on had large shrubs on either side, in BC we have berries called saskatoons and the bushes on this stretch were tall and thick. Because I was on my dad's shoulders I could see over these, but nobody else could. I remember looking over and on the other side of these bushes was a big field with a dense forest on the other side. I saw something massive and WHITE walking on two legs into those trees.

As a dumb kid I yelled out POLAR BEAR which obviously my parents ignored (absolutely no polar bears here) and that was that. Still no idea what I saw, although I'm sure there could be a rational explanation involving an albino animal and possibly an overactive kid imagination.

My neighbour, who is also the closest thing I’ve had to a grandfather, lives in a spot that overlooks a large field with the valley below (you pass his home to get onto the property I had my sighting on). A few years ago he told us of a night he watched what he thought was a helicopter coming in to land in the large field below his home. Right as it looked like it was landing it shot straight up and disappeared into the sky. He’s a pretty serious guy and he told this in front of my parents, so I doubt he’d lie. He’s convinced he witnessed a UFO.

My younger sister was driving home on our country road after a late shift. She remembered seeing two dark people (no reflective clothing or anything) walking in the pitch black and thinking “wow IDIOTS” just as one of these things turns and glances at her. She told me it had green eye shine which she knew humans shouldn’t have, yet it was a human-like shape. She glanced quickly at her clock then back up and whatever she was seeing had disappeared." DR


"I lived in southern British Columbia most of my life and I always felt welcome wherever I visited. At least till my boyfriend and I spent a night at Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island. We went early March when the campgrounds were nearly empty and the temperature dropped below zero. The campground there is massive. Even with half of it closed off for the winter months the open area was still 50 sites. We had no one near us and the only people we saw were on the opposite end with no kids and no dogs. We have our fire and food, enjoy the stars and then tuck in for the night. It got cold very fast. Even with layers we were freezing our butts off but we eventually drift off to sleep.

I woke up startled. I swear someone had been whispering my name. As I took in my surroundings I realized that I was facing my boyfriend, who was passed out and breathing softly. I stopped to listen to the woods around me. Nothing. I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep. As I'm feeling comfortable and drifting it happens again. I hear my name whispered. I open my eyes and my boyfriend is still sleeping. The whisper happens again, it's definitely not my boyfriend. I look around in a panic and hear my name again. Just as I'm really freaking out and about to wake up my boyfriend dogs start barking. I can hear the barks getting closer and then further away. Like they followed something close to the site and then chased it away. And then silence. It felt like everything was back to normal and the woods were safe again (as safe as they can be). I fell back asleep and woke up the next day. Beyond the aches, pains and stiff body from the cold, everything felt fine. After food and packing we wandered the campground and could not find any dogs.

My boyfriend was curious about why I was looking for dogs so I told him what happened. He joked that maybe he died in his sleep and haunted me briefly. We chalked it up to maybe some dogs from the neighbouring farms but we couldn't figure out what was whispering my name at night and why the dogs seemed to scare it away. I've joked that it's a wendigo or a skinwalker but honestly I have no idea." VS


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