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Friday, November 27, 2020

Tall Knife Wielding 'Dog-Like Figure' Observed Stabbing A Crow Near Lawton, Oklahoma

An Oklahoma teen wakes one early morning and observes a strange figure with a dog-like head. The figure reached into a crow cage, pulled out a knife and killed the bird!

I came across the following account after it was referred to me:

Back in the winter of 1961, near Lawton, Oklahoma, I remember waking up during the wee hours of the morning while it was still very dark and needing to urinate. I was in my mid-teens but I was very small-framed and would have to literally turn crossways on the bed and slowly slide down until my feet hit the floor. I still recall the partially open window with its peeling paint on the window frame as I almost reached the floor. I could see straight out toward the big hole and I could see the crow's cage. As I looked out I saw a strange figure emerging from the hole.

It appeared to be very tall, thin, dark and had a dog-like head with very pointy ears and a pointed muzzle. I was paralyzed with fear as I watched this thing walk over to the cage, reach right through the chicken wire and grab the crow. It pulled out a knife from somewhere and with a quick jab, stuck it into the bird, then dropped the dead crow back into its cage.

I don't recall anything after that except crawling back into the bed and pulling the covers over my head. I stayed there until daylight hit, desperately needing to urinate.

Once it was light, I ran to the front of our house and awakened my parents, telling them something had killed the crow and I had saw it. They laughed it off, but to assure me the crow was okay, walked me to the back of our yard to where the crow's cage was. The crow was dead. My dad chucked it over the fence into a nearby field and told me that the crow froze to death. KO

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