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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Huge Canine Cryptid Encountered in Rural Sedgwick County, Kansas

2 woman were driving home at night near Wichita, Kansas when they encountered a huge canine cryptid standing on the side of a country road.

I recently received the following account:

"My daughter, who was still living at home in her first year of cosmetology school, and a friend had gone to Wichita, Kansas to a show. This was in the summer of 2008. On their way home, driving on a country road in Sedgwick County to cut over from a highway to our house, came around a bend in the road. Their headlights swept across the road in front of them and standing by the side of the road, near the guardrail of the concrete bridge, was a huge canine creature. The girls were so frightened when telling me that it took a bit to calm them down enough to get some sense out of them.

The road is a north south road, and the sighting was a quarter mile from town. The bridge is just a small one that goes over a runoff creek, and my guess is the dogman was too big to go under it but had to go over the road, and was coming up the draw from the creek bottom.

They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. My daughter's car was small, a little Chevy Cavalier, and she said the lights didn't reach this things face, so they didn't get an eyeshine, but it was huge. It was black, and the height and width of a cow, on all fours. All they could focus on was the muzzle and all the huge razor teeth when it peeled its lips back and snarled at them. She said it could have reached out and touched their car but it didn't. She screamed and she stomped on the gas, they were both looking behind once they got into town because they worried it was chasing them. She wiped her eyes and said "I think we saw a freakin' werewolf, Mom."

I seriously remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

After asking her if she was sure she hadn't seen a Sasquatch, and her saying, "Mom, you don't understand, it was the biggest wolf. Huge! And it showed its teeth at us! It wasn't a Bigfoot! It was, it was a werewolf!" I just had no idea what they saw, but they were very scared and I told her never drive that road at night. I felt kind of helpless.

Flash forward 10 years, and I hear a YouTube story about a "dogman," and the light bulb came on! OMG, this is what those two girls saw! Here in Kansas, of all places! I sent her the YouTube and she was pretty shook up, but relieved to know it was a real thing. When I showed her different pictures of the types, she said it was the 'Van Helsing' movie werewolf looking one, which scared ME!

If it helps to know, this area is about 2, maybe 3, miles from a river, which is east of the road they saw it on. They didn't get a good look at its feet as the backside of it was coming up an incline from the little creek, they saw the front, shoulders, chest, head and apparently teeth. Those were the details they gave me." GG

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