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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Upright Canine Charges Witnesses in Northeast Montana

2 Montana men are driving on a rural road at night when they observe a dark mass in the road. As they stop and watch, the canine creature stands upright and charges at the pair.

The following account was recently sent to me:

"This incident occurred in summer of 1993 in rural northeast Montana. While driving home one evening, I spot something in the middle of the road up ahead. My friend in the passenger seat notices it at the same time, and says, “What the f*ck is that, dude?” At first, we can’t tell what we are looking at, but as the car draws nearer to the big black shape in the middle of the road, it starts to look like a mass of fur. I think it must be an animal, but it looks big enough to do damage to my car, so I slow down and stop the car about 20 feet away from the thing. At this point, it is completely illuminated by the headlights, but neither of us can figure out what the hell kind of animal it might be.

Since it hasn’t moved, we assume it must be dead and start to argue over who will drag it over to the side of the road. That’s when the thing starts to rise up. We silently watch as it stirs, then suddenly stands up.

I preface the next part of the story with “I know this sounds crazy, but-“. I really can't describe what I saw, because I had never seen anything like it before. The closest I can come is this: the thing, whatever it was, was about seven feet tall when it rose to its full height. Its body was shaped like a human male, but it was covered with a thick, dark fur. The head was not human. It looked almost like a jackal or a German Shepherd, with a long snout and pointed ears, and its eyes were glowing in the headlights the way that a cat’s eyes sometimes glow. It was staring right at us.

I don't know how long we stared back at the thing before we noticed that it was clutching a dead rabbit in one of its enormous hands (paws?). I had barely had time to register this bit of information when the creature suddenly flung the dead rabbit away and took several steps toward the car. We both screamed, and I slammed the car into reverse, made a U-turn, and got the hell out of there." JM 

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