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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bizarre Levitating Entity in a Hungarian Forest

I recently came across the following account:

This is a story that I heard from my father and we have no explanation what he saw. I would appreciate any guess to help us identify this being.


So my father has spent most of his life in the forest. According to my grandmother, it was kind of normal that my father went "missing" for 2-3 days in their local forest at the age of 6. He spent these days with walking around, enjoying the nature. After my grandmother realized they can't really stop him it has become a regular thing. This love of nature has stayed with my father for his whole life. He still goes out hunting and camping regularly. I'm telling this to give you some context. He has spent his whole life in the nature, he knows every sound and recognizes every animal at a glance.

He told me this story for the first time 10 years ago. As a sceptic, I did not paid much attention to it as I believed it to be a story he came up with to entertain/scare us. I started to take it seriously because time to time he retold this and every detail stayed the same and he was visibly nervous during his "tale". He is not easily scared, so I feel like I can trust him with this and I can believe his story.


So one time he spent the night in the forest with his dog. (A Dachshund trained for hunting) He was walking down a road separating two parts of the forest. He then realized that his dog who walked in front of him has stopped walking and ran back to my father and sat down behind his legs. Then my father saw that someone is coming from the forest. He believed it was someone on the back of a horse because he only saw the reflections of an eye but they were too high up to be a walking person. Then he realized the eyes are way bigger than that of a normal human. He said they were the size of tennis balls and they were also really far away from each other. He noticed that the creature was looking around because the reflections disappeared and reappeared as if it was turning its head. When the creature saw my father or at least acknowledged his presence he fixed its eyes on him and came out from the trees. According to dad, it was levitating. It was at least 50 centimeters (~20 in) off the ground. It made no sound and was skinny, but was wearing some type of robe/clothing so there was "nothing else to see" beside his eyes that appeared to be a mix of red, brown and grey. (But since the only light was coming from the moon and stars he not so sure about the colors) He compared it to a Dementor from Harry Potter.

The creature did not confront my father...it simply levitated across the path and disappeared in the woods on the other side. This is weirder than it seems, since that side of the forest is just a narrow, 3-4 meters (~150 in) wide region of trees. After the trees there is a concrete fence to separate the forest from a factory.

After this encounter, my father turned back because he did not want to risk a second meeting. He spent the rest of the night in a different area. In the morning he went back to check for trails but the creature had not left any signs of its presence. No footprints, nothing at all.

This happened in Hungary in 2002 (Middle/Eastern Europe). - ZSA

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