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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Sudden Sasquatch Confrontations

I recently came across two rather interesting Sasquatch encounters:

My 2 brothers and I were hunting near Kanosh, UT. Our younger horse and dog were with us. We were just hunting small game, basically wasting time hunting squirrels, and getting the colt used to hunting so we could use him in the future when we needed a pack horse. We had been walking off the trail for at least 2 miles, maybe 3. It was quite light outside still, but getting close to sunset.

We were hiking uphill and our dog suddenly began acting very squirrelly. His hair stood up along his back, shoulders, and neck. He began huffing/snorting and getting very anxious. He was growling and woofing, but repeatedly looking in several different directions. At the same time, the colt began acting very spooky. His eyes widened, head thrown up high, nostrils flared, and he began to dance around nervously. He was letting out snorts and breathing loud and heavily.

Shortly after the animals began acting up, we came up over a part of the hill where it flattened out for a couple hundred yards before it curved up steeply again. As we came up over the hill, there were trees 30-40 yards ahead and I did a double take. There was a huge black, hairy creature with bright yellow eyes standing slightly behind a tree, but peering out at us, as if it was making a very poor and careless effort to conceal itself. It was just massive. It's thighs were the size of tree trunks. And it's chest was easily 4' wide, if not larger. One arm was hanging loose at his side and one was holding onto the tree next to it. The creature was swaying back and forth.

It stared at us for only a few seconds, and we stared back, and then we heard a very low, chest shaking rumble like the sound an elephant makes. As it made that sound, it turned and sprinted up the hill ahead of us, and into the line of trees that covered the rest of the mountain ahead, as far as we could see. As soon as it began running, our barking dog bolted and disappeared into the trees after it, as we yelled for the stupid mutt to come back. We could hear the dog barking further and further away and then silence for several seconds. Suddenly we heard a very faint yelp off in the distance and the yelping continued and slowly got louder and louder until we saw the dog emerge from the tree line and come barreling back to us. The dog had many small cuts, and was very dirty and scared sh*tless but was otherwise in one piece.

We busted our asses back down the mountain. After walking for what seemed like forever, we found an old empty cabin that was actually in quite good shape. We went inside and unlocked the garage man door and led the spooky colt through it. Then locked that door and covered the little window at the top of the door with some newspaper and masking tape. We went inside the little cabin and made sure every window and door was locked.

All night long, we could hear something circling that cabin...branches and sticks snapping, loud rustling, hisses, etc.

We didn't leave that cabin until daylight and we practically ran our asses back to the truck. HS


Wysteria in New Jersey wrote to tell of her Bigfoot sighting:

“I have a supposed Bigfoot living in the Pine Barrens area of New Jersey and I was with someone as a witness so we saw the very same thing. It was very real. Although experiencing much paranormal activity in that area as it was once described as one of the creepiest places on Earth. I'm still not sure whether it was a hoax or not but the one thing I do know for sure, the thing we saw was very real. Giving not a total assurance but giving a feeling that I'm almost certain to this day, I'm leaning toward the reality that it was a Bigfoot and I'm 100% positive, it was not the Jersey Devil. We were driving home through the Pine Barrens' thicket of pine trees one night, on a solitary road going through these pine trees when we saw a very tall, hairy, huge (as in build, not heavy as in weight) male looking creature on the side of the road coming out of the heavily treed wooded area which was on both sides of the road, crossing to the other side. Almost stopping, I thought we better keep going but we did slow. That's when I hollered, 'Look at that thing!'

While slowing, we looked as hard as we could to see the thing running into the woods after it crossed but it was impossible for the denseness of the trees and the very late night darkness, we couldn't see past a few feet as it ran. We were both startled. We could hardly speak for a short while after that. Now why did that creature run out in front of us that time? I feel it was done on purpose but why us, I thought? Maybe I will never know. But I keep on searching for the reasons. Hopefully someday we who have experienced such things as the paranormal will find out the reason."

Source: Beyond The Darkness – December 29, 2018

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