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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stan Gordon: Multiple Bigfoot Encounters, UFO Sightings, and Other Anomalies Reported In Pennsylvania In 2018

Multiple Bigfoot Encounters, UFO Sightings, and Other Anomalies Reported In Pennsylvania In 2018

From Researcher: Stan Gordon


There were many strange events reported from Pennsylvania during 2018. UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, strange creature sightings, thunderbird reports, mystery booms, strange footprints and vocalizations, and various paranormal accounts were among the anomalies reported.

Throughout 2018, residents of Pennsylvania reported strange sounds or saw evidence that Bigfoot may have been prowling in their area. There were also numerous reports of witnesses encountering these mysterious hair covered bipedal creatures. During the winter months, people from various locations reported seeing strange footprints, some with very wide strides between the tracks. While many of the reports originated from southwestern areas of the state, other reports came from locations in the north and east as well. Bigfoot sightings are not new to Pennsylvania. They have been a part of the historical lore of the state for many years.

My research into the UFO and Bigfoot phenomena began in 1959 when I was 10 years old. I began in the field investigations of these anomalies after the Kecksburg incident in 1965. I have been taking calls from the public concerning these reports since 1969. The 2019 year will mark 60 years of my research into UFOs, Bigfoot, and other phenomena. I still have never had a personal encounter with a UFO or Bigfoot after all of these years of investigation.

It became apparent soon after my investigations began that many of the strange observations reported could be explained with proper research. Many UFO sightings were misidentifications of natural or manmade sources, and some Bigfoot sightings were explained by various sources such as bear, large shaggy dogs, or hunters in camouflage.

In the past, there have been annual reports of both UFOs and cryptids, and various other strange encounters from credible eyewitnesses that could not be so easily dismissed. Witnesses to these various phenomena come from all walks of life including men, women, and children. Some were educators, engineers, police officers, hunters, and pilots. They had nothing to gain by reporting these accounts, and most want no publicity.

UFO sightings were reported throughout the 2018 year. Some of the sightings were explained as bright meteors, sky lanterns, and planets. Other sightings were more interesting. There were reports of large triangular, cigar, spherical, saucer, and rectangular shaped objects observed from various areas.

Bigfoot-Among the many people I interviewed were numerous Bigfoot witnesses that encountered these creatures during 2018. I also received detailed information from friends and relatives of other people who allegedly observed these creatures, but were reluctant to report what they saw for various reasons.

Cryptids-Reports of various unusual creatures continued to be reported from across the commonwealth. Sightings of huge flying creatures commonly referred to as “Thunderbirds” continued to be reported statewide as well as from along the Chestnut Ridge area. I heard accounts of large cat sightings (black panthers and mountain lions) and creatures somewhat similar to Bigfoot but with more wolf-like faces that have become known nationally as “Dogmen”. Various other mysterious creatures were also reported.

The following is a synopsis of some of the interesting reports that came to my attention during 2018:

January-North Huntingdon, PA-A family noticed a series of 16 inch long footprints with a 4 to 5 feet stride between each track in the fresh snow. The trail of footprints extended about 70 feet across their yard then just suddenly ended without explanation.

January- a number of independent incidents were reported on different dates from various widespread locations concerning mystery booms that reportedly shook houses in some areas. Throughout the year, I continued to receive similar reports from various counties in the state. In some cases, residents over widespread areas heard and felt something that concerned them. These mystery booms that have been reported for many years from across the country and in Pennsylvania, appeared to increase during 2018. In some cases there have been explanations such as sonic booms, frost quakes and Tannerite, in other instances they remain a mystery.

February-During the early morning hours in a rural area outside of New Alexandria, a witness observed an 8 feet tall, skinny figure with a round head and very long legs running very fast across a field. The creature took one step and crossed over a high fence then continued to run off in the distance. Since 2017, there have been a number of similar reports of a tall, skinny humanoid creature observed by different people in Westmoreland and Allegheny counties.

February-Worthington, PA-strange clawed footprints observed in the snow. There has been an increase of what appear to be odd clawed tracks reported in Pennsylvania and across the country in recent years.

These tracks do not appear to be related to dog or cat tracks. There is no doubt that some weather and ground conditions can make normal tracks appear to be unusual.

February-A motorist driving near the PA/W. Va. border outside of Morgantown observed a strange “something” cross the highway about 10 car lengths away. The creature was hard to describe but it was about the size of a deer, smooth with no hair, and was the color of a creamsickle. The witness said you couldn’t miss it as the color really stood out from the surroundings. It was oval shaped and seemed to be running however no visible legs or other appendages were visible. Whatever it was, it was estimated to be about 5 feet long and about 4-5 feet high.

May-The incident took place outside of Waynesburg, PA-That afternoon, the witness was looking out a window as a storm was approaching. A dark hat shaped saucer like object approached from the southwest then banked less than a hundred feet over the neighbor’s house. The object continued on and was out of sight in a matter of seconds. The object was estimated to be about 20-25 feet long and about 8-10 feet high. There was no sound and no lights or windows were observed. Two days later, only miles away near the Washington/Greene county border, a Bigfoot was reportedly observed by some motorists.

May-I began receiving reports from many different areas from local residents who reported loud screams and howls unlike anything they were familiar with. These reports continued throughout the year and increased during the summer. Some of the people I interviewed and visited with were experienced outdoorsmen and hunters. From some locations, these people reported that moments after the loud unknown vocalizations, all of the nature sounds in the area suddenly went quiet. Others reported the sound of trees breaking and seeing odd tree damage in their location.

At one location in Westmoreland County where screams and other activity was reported, a large depressed area of grass was found that was unlike a deer laying area. Large footprints were reported on the Derry side of the Chestnut Ridge an area with a long history of Bigfoot encounters.

September- Cambria County-During September of 2018, a number of UFO sighting reports originated from observers from locations between Johnstown and Ebensburg. Many of the reports were of unusual lights in the sky, and what was observed was not typical of navigational lighting on aircraft. A witness reported an object that hovered in place, than moments later would quickly jet across the sky to another location.

Other people in the area reportedly observed a V shaped object with three separated lights. A photograph taken by a local resident is similar to what was reported.

On another occasion, during daylight hours, an object that looked like a metallic sphere was observed making unusual maneuvers in the sky. While under observation, the object seemed to suddenly vanish within seconds, as though to become invisible. At that point, the witness could see the outline of the object and could see through it. While this was occurring, the object was zig-zagging to different locations in the sky at a very fast pace.

In mid-September, during the early morning another witness taking a walk near Colver, PA, observed a white oval shaped object moving slowly across the sky that vanished into the clouds. The object wasn’t seen again.

September-Derry Township-Westmoreland County-A man was riding down a rural road in Derry Township in Westmoreland County. It was a rainy night when his headlights caught something about 75 feet ahead of him that seemed to “appear out of nowhere.” Whatever it was, it was in the middle of the road and moving from left to right. What he saw was a humanoid form that was foggy or misty in appearance. The man stated that it was a “foggy white form” that was about 6 ½ to 7 feet tall. The creature seemed to be somewhat stooped as it moved. The physical traits that stood out to the witness were the huge muscular shoulders and a small waist. The creature crossed the road and entered into a field where it seemed to just vanish.

October-A person was taking a walk on the Derry side of the Chestnut Ridge. What sounded like loud knocks on a tree were heard as the witness approached the tree line. About 20 feet away the observer saw a dark tree trunk. The witness saw a 7 feet tall humanoid creature with long black hair hugging the tree trunk as though trying to camouflage itself. The creature had its cheek against the tree and was staring directly at the witness. The witness was able to give a detailed physical description of the creature. The witness was very familiar with the bear in the area and was certain that was not what was seen. This creature had no muzzle, appeared to be tall and thin, and the eyes were dark and unusual looking.

November-On a dark rainy night, a man was traveling on a rural road in the Mon Valley area outside of Pittsburgh when he noticed in his headlights something standing on his side of the road. As he slowly approached, a 7 feet tall shaggy creature stepped out on the road. The creature stopped 5 feet from the witness and stared at him with luminous red eyes. It then turned and with long strides ran up a hill and was out of sight in seconds.

The shaken witness was able to provide a very detailed description of the creature which he said was very muscular and had massive shoulders. It also had very long arms and legs, and the hands were larger than that of a human. The next day, the area of the encounter was searched but due to a soaking rain and leaves covering the ground, no evidence was apparent. There has been a long history of Bigfoot reports in the Mon Valley.

In late November—Motorists in two cars traveling between Greensburg and Delmont observed an 8 foot tall creature standing in the middle of the highway. In early December near Hannastown during the afternoon, a witness noticed a 7-8 feet tall, broad shouldered creature standing on top of a hill and later walking through a field.

To report a UFO, Bigfoot, Cryptid, or other unusual occurrence from Pennsylvania, you can email Stan at paufo@comcast.net or call 724-838-7768. For sighting reports and updates on upcoming events visit Stan’s website at: www.stangordon.info.

Multiple Bigfoot Encounters, UFO Sightings, and Other Anomalies Reported In Pennsylvania In 2018


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