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Thursday, January 17, 2019

More 'Glimmer Man' Accounts

My personal sighting was when I was staying at a friend's house for the weekend. They live in a nice mountainside neighborhood outside of the capital city of Honduras. After a nice breakfast and a good amount of coffee, I went back to the guest room to wait while my friends got ready for the day. I was in bed playing with the dog and had the door open looking out to the living room. I was sitting up on bed when I saw 'Glimmer Man' run through the living room and out the balcony. It ran at a jogging pace so the whole thing lasted less than 2 seconds. The best way to describe it is to say I saw a humanoid shaped mirage running out of the house. The outline of the mirage was stable, it wasn't flapping around, like real mirages do. After I saw it I froze but not in fear. Just curious. I started playing with my eyes to eliminate any chance of an optical illusion, but I couldn't reproduce it.

The interesting part is that the family I was visiting are long-time experiencers of all things paranormal. The mother and the son are both alien abductees. She has been informed by her doctor that she has signs of 5 pregnancies she can't account for. They always see lights in the middle of the night. Both of them frequently wake up with bruises. And from that, they have all types of other experiences including a visit from 'Hat Man' and even a winged humanoid that fit the description of 'Mothman', red glowing eyes and all. Other people who have stayed overnight also see shadow people and the boy's girlfriend saw Glimmer Man running towards her. They have learned to live with it.

The son recently sent me an audio. A friend of his was being harassed by window tapping and other sounds. She also kept getting phone calls with weird sounds. She was able to record on of the phone calls. He tells me that he recognizes the sound recorded as something he heard in one of his alleged abductions.

All this stuff seems to be related. I am working on a hypothesis. I hope to write it up and send it over once I flesh it out.

I hope you find it interesting that all this stuff seems to be all around the world. If you use, just refer to me as Bob, and feel free to mention the fact that all this happened in Honduras.




My name is Justin, and I have what has been recently coined as a Glimmer Man sighting. I've thought about this many times since it happened.

I grew up in the eighties and early nineties listening to my mother's ghost and UFO sighting stories, but I never took much stock in them. So when I had the experience that I had, I didn't tell anyone, because I have never heard of another person seeing something like what I had.

It was 2001 in mid-August, which I remember because my birthday had just passed a week or so before this happened. I was living with my Mother in her home in the Short North in Columbus Ohio. I was watching TV in the living room around 10pm. The overstuft chair I was sitting in faced the dining room and the TV was to my left where the window was. I was alone in the house, as my mother was probably at work. She was the manager at her job and normally closed the store. I had just started to think that it was off that my mother's dogs weren't in the room with me. They followed me everywhere until my mother got home. I began to feel alarmed? Like something was off. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. The feeling intensified over the next few minutes.

At some point, I felt like I wasn't alone. I glanced over at the door leading to the dining room, and I saw it, and I was struck with fear. Standing right inside the doorway was what I can only describe as a Predator. Except it was human in shape and size. It couldn't have been any taller than me, and I'm only 5'7". It didn't move. It stood fixed in that position for several seconds. Then it lunged forward and crossed the room very quickly. All I could do was close my eyes and cover my face. And I felt air brush my hands and arms like something had moved quickly towards me. After what felt like several minutes, I managed to convince myself to lower my arms and open my eyes. I was alone in the room. Whatever was there was not anywhere to be seen.

I sat for a few more minutes trying to calm down. Then I proceeded to the game room which was toward the front of the house. My mother had a billiard table, dart board, golf clubs, and a few baseball bats in there. I picked up a baseball bat and made my way through the house room by room looking for whatever it was that I saw. The only thing that I found was my mother's dogs, hiding under the computer desk upstairs in her office.

Justin S.

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