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Friday, September 21, 2018

'They' Use Me Through My Dreams

I recently received the following account:

I live in eastern Oklahoma. This originally occurred in October 2013. It was around 7:30 in the morning. I woke up to the sound of my mom leaving for work. I went back to sleep. That's when 'they' entered my dream and proceeded to use it to connect with me telepathically.

I can't really pinpoint what triggers my encounters, but these alien entities always direct me to do what I need to do to help them. At first, I thought that I was just dreaming, until I was overcome with an intense feeling of this dream no longer being my own. It was my alien guide watching me from above me, taking control of my dream. I was alarmed by this. I remember seeing other people, more like shadows, on an elevator that they had produced for me, it being a means of transporting me from my room to their craft. I knew that they were doing this. I was aware of it. They placed me in the frame of mind that was needed in order for me to do my job by scaring me, and becoming submissive as a result of my fear. Only when I was submissive would I be able to comply with their requests. They scared me by means of hearing the engine of the craft gearing up to leave. The noise seemed to come alive by means of a tingling light that penetrated not only the elevator, but also passed through me front to back. The tighter I shut my eyes, the more details of my surroundings I could see because the light that this noise produced got so bright that had my eyes been opened, I would have been blinded by the brightness. With my eyes closed, it was easier to see details of my surroundings! I was magnetically drawn into the craft where I then proceeded to tend to my first order of business, which was to try on different visualizations of different types of hands, faces, arms, legs, and feet for the purpose of deciding what would look most human, but more importantly, what would be most practical for their purpose.

I would enter into a hospital-like area. I somehow knew that this craft had multiple levels. During this visit, I was only needed on this one level. My guide told me to go get something from one of the 'receptionists.' I walked past the receptionists, surveyed the patients, saw some scary looking tubes and bags containing what looked like blood. These bags were apparently organic in nature because they seemed to be alive, and providing nutrients to possible hybrid beings.

These scenarios have occurred at least a dozen times since then, and continue to this day. KL

NOTE: I was able to talk to this experiencer, who is a female in her mid 20s. She added that she has seen a medical professional on a number of occasions...each time being told that there are no psychological problems with her. After each incident, she exhibits physical problems, in particular a loss of appetite and extreme weakness. She has never had a very detailed look at the entities, but believes that their perceived shape is humanoid. She also explains that these alien entities use humans as submissive pawns in order to create hybrid beings. Lon

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