Monday, September 17, 2018

Insectoid Nocturnal Visit

I recently stumbled upon the following account:

I had been struggling all night to fall asleep due to sinus pressure and our clingy cat, and when I finally fell asleep I was on my back, which is usually uncomfortable for me. As soon as I felt myself fall over the edge and into dreamland, I seemed to wake right back up. I was frustrated and disoriented for a second when I realized there was something in my room.

Now usually when I dream, I’m immediately aware it’s a dream. Colors are over-saturated, people are more exuberant, some things are always off in my surroundings. I never dream vividly of any one location to where I doubt if I'm dreaming or not, but this time room was undoubtedly my room. My husband was snoring softly next to me. I heard the AC kick on. The fan at the end of the bed had its blinking red power light, and then the light was blocked as something shifted in front of it. There was something sitting on my stomach, blocking the light from the fan and the hallway.

I was startled, of course, but didn’t feel any urge to scream. For a split second I stared at the thing and it stared at me, assessing each other. It had a vaguely heart-shaped face, with ridged brow bones that joined together in a distinct rounded M shape, and behind the brows was a noticeable and horizontally elongated cranium, which reminded me of the aliens in the Indiana Jones movie. Under the brow bones there were deep, round recesses like an owl or something, and large black eyes that were more rounded than you usually see in depictions of your typical aliens. Under the eyes the face started to taper off before rounding into a recessed chin, and I don’t recall ever seeing a mouth due to the darkness in the room. The rest of the creature was skinny, long, but altogether it weighed less than my toddler.

My husband made a soft snorting noise in his sleep and the alien creature turned its head sharply to glance at him, and from the side its face was completely flat. Almost like ET.

It looked back to me. Delirious from sleep (or lack thereof) I reached up with sluggish arms and pressed the palm of my left hand against what should’ve been its cheek and temple. My right hand formed a loose fist, and I gently touched my knuckles to its other cheek/temple. Its skin was leathery, thin, and kind of loose. It felt like how an anolis lizard almost, sort of cool to the touch but with a gentle underlying warmth to it. Hard bone just underneath the skin meant that there was almost no fat layer between them.

It started making soft ticking noises, and tilted its head against my hands, leaning forward very slowly. The ticking intensified, deepened, and slowed down as if time itself was slowing. There was a rushing noise in my ears, my hands fell to my sides as limp as overcooked noodles, and my eyes rolled back in my head. In my last second of consciousness I recall thinking "Oh God no" and I used every last bit of my strength to roll to the side, hoping to force the thing off of me somehow.

As soon as my face connected with my husband’s shoulder, I woke up properly and sat straight up in bed. The thing was gone. Two seconds after I sat up my two-year-old started screaming — not her usual cry for a clean diaper or a bottle, but a scream. I shot out of bed and got her, cuddled her, and jumped at small noises until she had fallen back to sleep.

I also feel the need to add that this was written the morning after the incident, about two years ago. I never Googled anything about these creatures and tried not to think about it after the fact. Today, I was convinced to upload this from my documents file because I got the urge to google some things... and found out that people apparently hear these things clicking as a way of communication. That's too coincidental for my comfort levels.

Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? catphistopheles

NOTE: The witness provided a drawing of the being (below). Lon


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