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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tall Smelly Humanoid Encountered in Scotland

I recently came across the following post and subsequent information:

Me and my friend were walking around a massive park in my town and it was around 11pm. We were just walking around having a smoke and a laugh, being teenagers and stuff. By this point it was pitch black. There's no lights in the park and I'm a bit on edge because I'm not keen on the dark and I was kind of paranoid from the weed, but I'm gonna just cut to the interesting part.

So me and my friend, let's call him Sam, walk towards the actual swing park within the park and we're like 10 feet from the park. There's this unexplainable rancid smell that physically caused me to gag. We joke and say something about it being this girl from school we don't like and head into the park. The smell is only getting stronger and I glance over at the small wall surrounding the park. There's a bench and squatting behind the bench, at least 5 ft tall squatting, was what looked like a freakishly tall guy. He appeared to be naked and hairless. We both kinda stared for a minute before looking at each other as if to say "Yo, you can see that right" and the thing started laughing like a 4-year-old girl. We got the f**k out of there and ran like our lives depended on it and went home. We just laughed it off and kind of forgot about it, at least Sam forgot about it. But it was weeks ago and I'm still spooked and refuse to go near that park after dark.

Can anyone help me figure out what I saw? Thanks - livinlavidaloca182

The witness later stated the following after one person commented that it had a 'wendigo-esque vibe' (Being very tall, pale whitish in color, very thin and hairless). Another person commented that it may have been a Rake / Fleshgait (Tall, extremely skinny, lanky arms/legs usually a pale white and mimics humans):

I live in Scotland and it's cold here. The park is massive and heavily wooded too. What you've described definitely fits. What's weird is that I've smoked there for years and never ever saw something like that or heard anyone mention them here. It would have been at least 8 ft and granted it was really dark. It was very pale white-gray in colour and I think that it was that thing that was giving off the smell. I haven't heard any local folklore or urban legends about anything like this. I don't know if it just wondered and ended up here or if they're migrating here or something. Over all was really scary and will haunt me forever!

NOTE: This is a very interesting account. The witness preferred to not give out location details, but it seemed that they were sincere. Any thoughts? Lon

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