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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Lights in the Sky, Growling Creature and Voices in the Woods

I received the following account this morning:

I live near Pevely, Missouri, not far from the Mississippi River. This incident took place on June 30, 2018 about 1 AM my time. I was having trouble sleeping since it was very warm and I was restless. I went outside onto the back porch to smoke and saw a small yellow light in the sky in front of me. I didn't think much of it but it was getting closer. I moved a bit to my left in order to get a better look and it suddenly stopped. I stood still and continued watching it. About a minute later, I noticed two more lights approaching from the same direction. There was now a large dim yellow light and two smaller bright lights, one was white and the other was orange. The orange light then flashed brightly and then there was a loud 'bang' a second later. The white light disappeared, but the orange light started to come towards me while the dim yellow light seemed to observe what was going on from a distance.

I was becoming more curious and attempted to signal it to come closer, but it stopped and started to back away until it disappeared. I was mesmerized by this activity and continued to observe. The orange light then reappeared, accompanied by the white light. The lights were dancing around the sky, going in all different directions.

I stood there, lit another cigarette and watched the lights for about 15 minutes. Then I heard a distinct 'growling' sound coming from the woods behind the house. I could literally hear this thing walking through the brush, cracking limbs as it moved closer. It was growling and snarling. As it moved closer to me, I could see white orbs of various sizes flying throughout the woods. Then the growling and footfalls stopped. After a few seconds, I heard what sounded like someone was calling my name from a distance. There was another call coming another direction as well. I was beginning to get scared, but I wanted to know what this was. Then suddenly a load roar emanated from the edge of the woods. It was so terrifying that also lost the use of my legs. I quickly gathered myself and ran into the house and locked the door. I peeked out the kitchen window and attempted to take photos of the orbs, but the phone went dead. I had just charged the damn thing! I didn't hear anymore roars or sounds, and the orbs soon disappeared.

The next day, July 1st, I called my neighbor who lives down the road on a small farm. I asked her if she had heard or seen anything the previous night. She replied by telling me that something got into her barn and killed 2 turkeys, but she never heard or saw anything. I asked her if I could come over and look around, and she agreed. As I looked around the barn I didn't see anything unusual, but her livestock was very skittish. Her dogs and cat never came outside and were hunkered down in the barn.

I don't know what killed the turkeys, but I have no doubt it was the same thing in the woods behind my house. I later walked through the woods and didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but there was what I would call an electric or static charge that affected me has I walked around. It actually gave me a bad headache.

I decided to contact you in regards to this experience because I haven't felt well since then. I'm very weak and have trouble keeping my food down. If it gets worse, I may need to go to the doctor. Have you heard or read any similar situations like this? My brother believes that this was a Bigfoot, but it still doesn't explain the lights, the orbs, the voices and how I feel. Thanks for reading. JM

NOTE: I called and talked to the witness' wife. She informed me that JM had gone to the doctor. JM called me about noon today and said that the doctor diagnosed his illness as a stomach virus, but JM doesn't believe that is what's affecting him. As I have mentioned in the past, there does seem to be a lot of orb activity associated with Bigfoot sightings or areas where Bigfoot have been seen...especially in reports received here in Pennsylvania. As well, there have been instances where UFO activity has also been noted in relation to Bigfoot sightings. JM's experience could have very well have been a Bigfoot encounter, but I'm not discounting that something else may be involved because of the other anomalies. Lon

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