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Monday, July 02, 2018

The 'Grey' in the Cage

The following account was recently posted at MUFON:

University of California at Berkeley - 1981-01-01 - 12:00: Hello, thank you for your time. An acquaintance of many years told me about an extraterrestrial encounter that is neither an abduction or a UFO sighting. I recently posted this story to Reddit in hopes of finding other people who were there, but found no luck. One response recommended contacting MUFON about the incident. I'm primarily searching to verify the story by finding out if other people have reported it as well, since it apparently involved a few dozen, or perhaps a hundred people.

According to this acquaintance's experience, they were one of two high school students selected from their school to be part of an experiment which took place in 1981. There were dozens of pairs from other schools across California, always one girl and one boy. I'm not sure the metrics by which they were chosen. Regardless, the experiment was run by the US Federal Government, consisting of a several-day stay on the Berkeley campus, during which the students were to be housed and fed by government representatives, apparently "men-in-black" type spooks.

The first few days involved experimentation in psychic powers, such as telekinesis and remote viewing. My source specifically described these sessions to me. In the telekinetic sessions, for example, the students were asked to mentally spin a top which was balanced at the end of a stick they were holding. In the remote viewing sessions, they were supposed to see what was placed in front of a person in another room, although my source could only accurately "view" a hole in the ceiling of that room. But the most important aspect of this experiment took place on the final day. The students were seated in an auditorium, the exits of which were all guarded by armed uniformed soldiers. The students were told that they would be shown something which may terrify them, but warned them not to try to leave the room. What was shown to them was a cage with a creature sitting inside. The creature, which was described to me as one of the "Greys", looked sick and frail. Some of the students panicked upon seeing the creature, some calmly went toward the cage. But at the end of the experience, the students were warned not to speak of anything which had happened during the past few days, or else they and their families would disappear.

I've searched the internet for this story, but have never found another person who has written about it. So either the story is false, exaggerated, or nobody has spoken out about it. If the last is the case, then I would like to know. I have kept two minor details from the story as a way to verify whether another person was indeed there: the description of the creature's cage, and something that was shouted in the room before that person was removed. And if this just looks like delusional nonsense, then I understand completely if I get no response. If there is a more pertinent academic source I can contact, I would appreciate being pointed in that direction. Regards, Harry

NOTE: I would truly like to discuss this situation with Harry. If anyone can find his post on Reddit, please LMK...or ask him to contact me. This situation sounds very similar to MK ULTRA experiments, and more recently DARPA research, conducted by the military and CIA. In fact, I have been told of an event that occurred in an eastern US university during the early 1970s that mirrors some of the of Harry's descriptions. I'm not acknowledging that the event actually took place, but hopeful more information will come to light. Lon

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