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Friday, July 27, 2018

Alien Abductions / Ear Implant

El Paso, Texas - December 1, 2014 at approx. 1:30am: I was asleep in my bed on my day off from work. Suddenly, I got the sensation of floating above the bed. I awoke and instantly dropped to the bed. Upon awaking, I remembered hearing voices. I assumed that the voices were what woke me up and someone was outside (I lived on 7 acres and my house was far back from the road. In order to hear voices meant that someone was in my yard). I grabbed my gun and went to the window, which was open as it was a cool night and I didn't want to run the A/C. I sat and listened for a few minutes, but heard nothing. I decided to check on my daughters to see if they were awake, so I placed my gun on the bed and crept back to their rooms. Both girls were asleep. I returned to my bed and slept with my gun by my side the rest of the night.

The next morning I awoke with discomfort in my chest, along the bottom of the sternum. It wasn't painful, just felt like something was there. I know that when you reach your 40s the cartilage will ostracize. I felt my chest and felt a triangular shaped structure in my chest and just assumed that it had just fused strangely. I just never noticed this before as it was sticking out raising the skin around it. The discomfort lasted about 1 1/2-2 weeks and slowly dissipated during that time. I dismissed all of this as mere coincidence as I didn't believe in this sort of thing.

December 3, 2016 - 1:37am: I was asleep in my bed. My wife had moved back in with me (we had been separated for about 8 years) along with her two dogs (Chihuahuas; Alex-the white one who slept between us and CC-the black one who slept on my wife's side of the bed). I awoke suddenly to the sensation of floating above the bed. Immediately I felt the drop and landed on Alex, who was under the covers (both times, I landed above the covers). She yelped very loudly and woke everyone up in the house. My wife asked, "what happened?" "I don't know," I replied. "I landed on the dog. Was I floating above the bed?" She replied that she didn't know as she reached for Alex to comfort her.

The next morning, I felt this discomfort in my ear which lasted about 4 1/2 weeks. Once again it didn't hurt, it just felt like an earache that wouldn't go away.

November 30, 2017 - 7:30am - Tucumcari, NM: I am a truck driver and I stopped at the Loves Travel Center for the night. My younger daughter was riding with me. We got up in the morning, went in to take showers and get breakfast. We returned to the truck to eat our breakfast and as I began to say a prayer for the food, I heard this beeping noise and stopped praying. I told my daughter, "I think your watch is beeping." She looked at her watch and said, "No, my watch is on silent." I told her that I could hear a beeping noise from somewhere in the truck. She stated that she didn't hear anything. I noticed that as I moved around the truck, trying to find what was beeping, that the aspect to the sound never changed, nor the intensity of the noise. I told her, "I think it's coming from my ear." She had been getting over a cold, but still had a cough. She coughed kind of loud and my ear rang very loud. I jammed my finger in my ear while exclaiming, "Ahh!" She asked what happened and I told her that when she coughed, it made my ear ring. I told her that when she was talking, it was making my ear ring also. It literally sounds like someone speaking into a microphone while standing too close to the speakers. We had a load to pick up in Los Lunas, NM going to a Walmart in El Paso and then we were going to take a few days off. I told her that when we get to Walmart, I was going to pick up some ear plugs because the ringing was bad.

We made our delivery and went into the store to get ear plugs. As we were walking through the store, they announced something over the PA. My daughter was on my left side, and I grabbed my ear and bent down. My ear rang out really loud. My daughter asked, "what happened?" "I don't know. When they got on the intercom, it made my ear ring." She asked, "Is that what that noise was?" "What noise?" I asked, not believing she could hear the noise from my ear. She mimicked the noise and I exclaimed, "how can you hear what is going on in my ear?" she replied, "I don't know, but I heard it." I told her that I needed to buy one of those scopes that the doctors use to look in my ear. She told me that Walmart sells them over in the pharmacy section.

We bought an otoscope, and when we got home she looked in my left ear and found a very shiny metallic object just above the eardrum attached to the ear canal with three legs on each side. I have shown this to many people and no one knows what it is. I am hesitant to see a doctor for fear that they may be required to report this. The beeping is constant (24 hours a day). It is driving me crazy and I have to carry ear plugs with me in case I go to a loud area and it begins to ring. I am looking for help to determine what this device is for and who put it there. i need a better otoscope with a dimmable light source, because the object is very reflective and washes out the image on my phone's camera. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

NOTE: This report was sent to MUFON. It is obvious that the experiencer had an implant inserted in the ear. It would be interesting to interview the person in order to find out what happened later. Hopefully I will be able to obtain contact information at some point. Lon

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