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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dark Humanoid in the Desert

I recently received the following account:

Back in the spring of 2016, a few of my friends were talking about their experience with some weird creature, in the desert southeast of Tucson near Vail, Arizona. The descriptions sounded a lot like Mothman, though this creature had no wings. I was skeptical, but I didn’t want to doubt my friends because whatever this was had really scared them. They said that they believed it was some kind of alien being.

Later on that year, in the winter, these sightings were far from my mind. I was visiting a friend who lived in Vail. I stayed over late that evening. At about 2 AM I left their house to drive about 25 minutes down I-10 towards home. Driving about 50 mph, when approaching a rise in the road, I saw a silhouette. Before I even processed that I was observing something I soon realized that I had slowed and eventually stopped on the shoulder to get a better view.

It was about 20 yards or so away, standing almost in the middle of the road. Because of the rise in the road I could only see this form from the hips up. It was very tall and looked human-like. Very skinny, with long thin arms and skin that was dark, leathery and dry; though there was a 'sheen' to the body. The eyes were a reflective red color. I couldn’t tell if it was looking at me or not. There wasn’t another car in sight at the time.

I'm usually very calm during emergency situations. I’m very interested in unexplained phenomena, but confronting this thing, the panic switch flipped. My mind is telling me to hit the gas, but I just sit there, staring at this thing. I looked down for a second, considering turning around and driving back to my friend’s house. I put the car in first gear, looked back up and the being was gone. I immediately drove towards my house. I was shivering uncontrollably the whole way home. I pulled into the driveway, walked in the kitchen door, and became violently ill. I literally passed out in my bathroom.

I didn't wake until about 1 PM that day. I dragged myself off the bathroom floor and immediately went to bed. I was totally exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I rarely left the bedroom for the next 5 days. I had no appetite and it seemed like every bone on my body ached. One of my friends eventually came over and helped me into the living room. I ate a little bit, but I was still very tired and despondent. I didn't tell her or anyone else what I had encountered. I just said that I had the flu.

Do you have any idea of what I observed out in the desert? Have you heard of similar creatures? ML

NOTE: I contacted 'ML' by email. Hopefully I can talk to her by phone at some point. She seems reluctant to discuss this event, and is somewhat fearful that this being may seek her out. The being didn't seem to be an apparition, and her description suggests that it was was an actual corporeal entity. It is interesting as to the number of bizarre cryptids and humanoids that are encountered in the desert. This event was no exception. Lon

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