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Friday, June 29, 2018

Turkey Creek Flying Humanoid

Sheila in Humansville, Missouri called in to tell of her weird creature sighting:

“I was driving back from Kansas City, it's about a two hour drive. I get to the wooded area near my place, there was a farmhouse with a sodium light. At first I saw the shadow of something with wings about the span, or length, of my Town & Country van and it had human-esque looking legs hanging down. I completely freaked out. I was speeding all the way back to the house which is still in the woods and I have to get out of the car to get into the house. I go in the house and tell my husband about it and he's like, 'You're crazy!'

A few days later, there was a thing on 'Destination America' about the Turkey Creek Monster (the episode aired the second week of February in 2014 on 'Monsters and Mysteries in America') and it looked just like what I saw. To me, it had really long muscular legs with really big feet. It was night-time, by the way, about 2:30 in the morning, and the wings were huge. It was about ten feet above where I was at. It was in the air. (Lewis compares it to the Mothman) Yeah, exactly like that! And when I saw that thing on 'Destination America', that is exactly what I saw, the same look. (Lewis asks what it was called) The Turkey Creek Monster. And we live...our house out there in the woods, Turkey Creek runs right down past our property but I was about four miles away from our home. (Lewis describes the creature after looking it up) And it had a kind of white head. Its head was very white. And the thing on 'Destination America', it showed that it had flipped a car over because two guys were sitting out hoping to see it. I don't want to ever see it again, thank you very much. When I saw it, it was quite horrifying and nobody in my family believes me.”

Source: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, June 15, 2018

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: you can find the episode teaser here - 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' - Flying Humanoid. While your at it, you can find the teaser to my episode here - 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' - The Sykesville Monster. Lon

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