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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Huge Bat-Winged Being Descends From UFO

I recently posted an account of a witness encountering a Reptilian near Los Banos, California. There seems to be a high number of strange incidents reported in the area, including the following account. In October 1975 at approximately 01:00 a.m. Jack Edleson and Mark Frank were driving north on Interstate 5 from Fresno to their homes in Stockton, when they approached the junction at Highway 152. Here is their report:

“It was about one a.m. we were driving to Stockton. I (Frank) was driving and when we got near 152 I thought I saw a glow up ahead. I elbowed Jack, who was asleep, and he saw it too. We got past the junction and Jack said the light was following our car. I noticed this bright orange light to the east of us. I stopped the car and we watched it. It was moving and started coming closer. I said, ‘My God, it’s a flying saucer,’ and Jack wanted to start going, he didn’t want to be kidnapped like those guys in the south (Hickson and Parker). I tried to start the car but it wouldn’t kick over, even the lights were dimming out. The battery was gone.

We continue to watch the light and it stopped. You could see it clearly. It had a flat appearance something like a dinner plate but upside down. It just hovered in the sky. We were frightened but curious. It didn’t seem to be threatening us. I got out of the car and walked to Jack’s side. He stayed in the car but rolled down the window. All of a sudden this thing shot a beam of light out of the bottom. It looked like a spotlight but it didn’t become wide at the bottom. We could see what looked like black shapes floating down; it was weird. Jack said he wanted to get out of there, so I opened the hood. Several cars passed by but nobody would stop. I thought it was funny that nobody stopped to look at the thing in the sky. It was as plain as the nose on your face.

Jack got out and kept watching the thing, and I lit a cigarette. Then, Jack said he heard a noise in the field off the road. I looked and thought I saw some people coming toward us. All of a sudden this weird screech came out of the field. We must have jumped a foot. Then we leaped back in the car. There was another noise, closer this time, and this big black thing with wings just jumped up right next to the car. It looked like some kind of huge bat. It was walking, kind of rocking back and forth like a penguin. It looked right at us. It was the ugliest thing you can imagine. Its nose was flat like an ape’s and this thing just jumped up and down and squealed. We tried to duck down, we thought it was going to attack us. We heard a truck coming, we saw its headlights, but it was a long way back. The thing spread its wings; they were big. I can’t even guess the spread, just longer than the car. It didn’t flap its wings or anything, it just spread them way out---and flew straight up. We could see it circling the sky and it just circled farther and farther away making this screeching noise. All this time we didn’t notice the orange light was gone.

After the truck passed the highway patrol came along and called a tow truck. That same month near Oakland, California a man named Lloyd King spotted “some kind of huge creature” in a huge eucalyptus tree behind his house. King said, “It was so big it made the tree, which was about 100 to 150 feet tall, look like a bush. It was at least five feet tall, had a head like a vulture, and big gray wings. It was so out of scale with the tree that I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I got my kids and the neighbors and we looked at it for about five minutes. It suddenly just glided off without flapping its huge wings which spread about 15 feet.” King said I wasn’t a blue heron or any other bird he was familiar with.

Source: Peter Guttilla, UFO Report Sept. 77

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