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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Aggressive Upright Canine Encountered in Berks County, PA

On Saturday June 9, 2018, I received an inquiry from a witness in Berks County, PA. Since my investigation colleague Butch Witkowski lives in the general area, I forwarded the email to him. The following is Butch's report:

Berks County Bi-Pedal Sighting

In 2009, in the area of Mt. Penn and Neversink Mountain, Berks County PA a witness returning home from work witnessed what he thought was a large dog squatting along the side of the road. He approached with caution as he thought the dog may run out onto the roadway and he didn't want to hit it, but as he approached the animal he noticed the lower legs were very large and not those of a dog. The animal stood up and it was not a dog but a large Bi-Pedal Canine, approx. 7 to 8 foot tall and standing on two legs. He described a large wolf head with large ears and massive body build. It had long arms with hands and claws and was aware of him as he approached in his vehicle. As he accelerated to go around the animal it reached out for the door of the vehicle. He said it was a light brown in color and was aggressive. Mapping and exact locations under examination now. Updates will be coming.

Investigators Note: Having grown up in that area and spending a great deal of time on those Mountains, I can attest to the many strange stories of animal sightings and more coming from the Neversink and Mt Penn areas like large wild dogs, bears, ghostly spectres, and near misses on the tracks from the old Gravity Railroad, but as a youngster we all waived off the stories as a parents trick to keep us off the mountains and out of trouble. Time to give those old stories a second look...Butch

NOTE: We are following up on this incident and two other reports we have received in the past week. This incident will be noted on the PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map.

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