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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Two Reptilian Abductions in 48 Hours

I recently received the following information from Reptilian abductee Matt R:

On the Sunday morning of 6/24/18, I woke up feeling completely wiped out. I rarely drink, and certainly didn't do so on this past Saturday night.

When I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth, I noticed a nearly 2 inch long scratch on my face. It was unusually painful to the touch. I do own 1 cat, but it is declawed. The cat has never walked on my face, and does not even sleep in my bed. Even if she somehow had, with rear legs, there'd be at least one other parallel scratch from the closely adjacent other claws. I'm a very light sleeper, and the pain of this should have had me jumping out of bed, if it was them.

I sleep stomach down. And, my fingernails are all well trimmed, with absolutely no sharp edges that could produce any sort of sharp scratch. There was nobody sharing my bed, last night (that I'm yet aware of). This was one extremely sharp object swiped across the area. Similar to a large single clawed index finger, swiped at me with a straight down striking trajectory. It looks like I was standing at the time, facing whatever being swiped down at me. Had they struck me while I was face down in bed, the angle would have been horizontal, or at least diagonal, on my face. Based on my long history of Reptilian abductions, which I have discussed in Lon’s blog before, I presumed that this is Reptilian in origin. What's odd is, my pants were also unusually loose after this. As if I lost fluid, overnight. Or, maybe involuntarily donated some blood? I certainly felt like a truck had hit me, in terms of fatigue.

I don't recall anything from the experience, so far.

And, then, I woke up Tuesday morning (6/26/18) with a painful bruised middle knuckle, with a small cut on its front. I have an elevated queen sized bed, without a headboard. There is nothing within reach that could have been struck with such force, while flailing in some dream. There was absolutely no cut or bruise, when I was preparing to go to sleep, the night before. I clearly punched something with a great deal of force.

This is extremely reminiscent of my Christmas 2016 abduction. http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/01/the-pathology-of-reptilian-alien.html Specifically, in terms of some details I wasn't yet comfortable sharing at the time.

In that experience, I found myself awakening while laying on a large diamond shape stone table, with wood trim around its edges. It looked like a large boardroom conference table, although I saw no chairs nearby. I couldn't make out details of the ceiling or room. It was dark, but seemed cavernous. There was a wingless female albino Reptilian standing directly over me. She wasn't very tall, compared to most Reptilians. Only about 6ft. She looked extremely similar to those infamous Sumerian statues of Reptilians, although without whatever head dress they used to wear back then http://www.crystalinks.com/anunnakifigurine.jpg. Maybe, because they only need it when in strong sunlight. Next to her was a larger male Reptilian, who was brown scaled. As soon as I awoke, she rolled her eyes over to the guard, and excitedly said "Oooo, I should eat him". And, I just reflexively jabbed at her with my right hand. The guard intercepted and grabbed my right forearm. That's where that deep inner forearm bruising came from.

Now, she was obviously joking. But, that's really hard to process when it's the first thing you see and hear, upon waking. What is interesting is, she was squinting just like the Sumerian statue. Although, only during the joke. Female reptilians do tend to be more sarcastic than males. At least, in the experiences of abductees like Ken Bakeman and David Eckhart. The males joke around often, as well. But, not quite as consistently as the females.

She did some energy work on me, after that. And, then had me do about 15 minutes of psychic energy tuning with a male winged albino Draco. I don't want to get too far into that, because their techniques aren't really supposed to be shared. He only gave me some training on her referral. He was extremely business-like, and I got the impression it's a bit frustrating for him. Because, the abductees he is given to train are so far beneath his skill level, and he only has a few minutes to try and improve them.

I can say that I've developed a very strong "presentiment" ability since then. That is, I can feel emotions. I will have at least 3 days in advance, almost to the hour. I've also been picking up premonitions of events much more often than normal.

At present, I recall absolutely nothing from my Saturday and Monday night abductions. I must reiterate that I was on absolutely no medication, drugs, or alcohol. I strongly suspect there has been a burst of MILAB training abductions recently, like the one I was involved in, in 2005. According to Joe Montaldo ("Ancient Aliens" guest, and head of ICAR), there have been many crowd control type training sessions, involving Reptilians and abductees. These are performed in places like malls, sports arenas, after dark. The abductees often play the role of rioters or looters, who the Reptilians need to properly corral and subdue. And, according to Mr Montaldo, they have continued to occur sporadically, in multiple cities.

It would be consistent with the injuries I've received in the past week. The fights I was in were certainly not life or death. These are mild injuries, which are more consistent with training. For some background on that, here's one of the most recent interviews I did with Joe. Its broken into two parts, because someone knocked the station offline, part way through.
1-- https://youtu.be/wqreJNcw0R0 2 -- https://youtu.be/5yyC8UUaDZM

Additionally, here is a link to James Bartley's discussion of Reptilian / MILAB joint training, where he discusses my case and other similar ones: https://youtu.be/qOoJofA1ZXI

I do think it's possible that my memory was intentionally blanked, because of my history of sharing details of these encounters. So far, I have no memory fragments. I will keep you updated if any return. If you’re interested in further context, here is a link to my last article here. It contains links to my previous posts http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/12/crossed-lines-reptilian-espionage.html

Addendum: Starting yesterday (6/27/2018), I began having an unusually strong feeling of dehydration and dry mouth. That's extremely unusual for me. It's even worse this morning. And, drinking water doesn't seem to be helping. I know this is a side effect of several types of drugs, but I don't take any. Not over-the-counter, or prescription. This seems to be some kind of delayed hangover effect from whatever procedure or drug was used on me, in the abduction that happened overnight on Monday. I'm including this detail, in case it comes up in any similar abductions. I presume whatever was done to me wasn't an isolated case. This has never happened to me, after any of my previous abductions. - Matt R.

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