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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

'They' Changed Me

“I will share my story for the first time...here and now. When I was 10, I had the most traumatic experience of my life. I will never forget it. I was living in a suburb of Minneapolis at the time. It was an extremely hot summer day in August. I was running around with friends in the neighborhood playing tag when I noticed a HUGE grasshopper or locust clinging to the side of my house. I was an odd child. I used to capture insects and do experiments on them so you can understand how excited I was to see such a big insect within my grasp. I captured the thing and remember thinking it strange how it didn't struggle in my hands. It was super chill even when I threw it in the bathroom sink I had filled with water. I grabbed my notepad to take notes and a bunch of household cleaners we had stored in the cupboard below the kitchen sink. I added a bit of bleach or something and thing started going crazy. (Noted. I added several more chemicals over the next 10 minutes or so until the creature was dead, at which point I threw it in the toilet, flushed, and watched it swirl down the drain until it disappeared.)

After I had put the chemicals back in their place, I went into my bedroom to place the notepad back in the drawer of my night stand. The second I entered the room I saw that damn thing I had just tortured and flushed down the toilet chilling on my little nightstand! I did a double take and sure enough it was there. I approached slowly to examine the insect. When I grabbed the thing between my index finger and thumb the weirdest thing happened. Imagine there is a piece of fabric on the palm of your left hand. It represents the fabric of space and time. Now take your right hand and pinch of piece of that fabric between said fingers and then invert it or pull it inside out so that the bottom of the fabric is now on top. When I grabbed that thing it was as if all of reality had flipped inside out, though. I was a part of that fabric. The fact that I was an observer only created the illusion that I was separate or outside of what I was perceiving around me.

Instantly, I was on my back and paralyzed. Standing over me, one to my left and one to my right, were two very white and tall(er) aliens. Keep in mind, at that point in my life I had never seen the classic, stereotypical image of an alien. It wasn't until I was 13 when I saw the cover of a book titled 'Communion' that I realized that what had tormented me that day were aliens. They had the same big head and huge black eyes as the creature on the cover of that book, except that they were tall and very white, and not the little grey aliens most people describe under hypnosis.

Anyway, the two ETs or demons or whatever they were placed the palm of their hands over my rib cage and what I experienced at that moment I can only describe as raw terror. It was absolute terror. Electric terror. I couldn't breathe or move or even blink. I couldn't tell you how long it lasted or what happened after. I have no recollection of it ending. I didn't come to in my bedroom or anywhere for that matter. That was it. What I did later that day or who I talked with about the experience is unknown to me. All I know is that from that moment on I have been a different person. It was the defining moment of my life.

A year or so ago, I got a little buzzed and called my dad to talk. I asked him something I had wanted to ask him for years but never had the courage to do so because I didn't really want to know. I asked him if he or mom ever noticed anything strange about me when I was a child, if I had said anything about what I was going through, as I had always suffered from what I can only describe as being severe night terrors. I was afraid to go to bed. In fact, it had a severe impact on my youth. What my dad said actually caused me to start hyperventilating and I had to end the phone call. He reluctantly said that, yes, they had noticed something very strange and had even had me exorcised, even though neither my mom or dad are religious....AT ALL. I was also the subject of extensive neuro-psyche testing at the University of Minnesota. In hindsight, it all made sense. I remember the doctors and scientists. They even came to visit me at my elementary school on a daily and then weekly basis. My dad simply said that he would describe what he was witnessing as being almost.....alien. That was the word that brought on my panic during that phone call. I had to hang up.

What makes this so compelling to me is that fact that I had never been into science fiction or aliens or mythology. In fact, I thought it was downright stupid. I became a hardcore materialist reductionist scientist later in life. I rejected everything I had had personal experience with for many years. It was as if I was in denial? I was in denial. I am just now trying to reconcile this experience and others of a more supernatural nature. The experience I described here was the first and last experience I had involving ETs (as far as I know).

I am now 38. I have severe PTSD and had undergone multiple series of electro convulsive therapy. I have been hospitalized numerous times over the years for major depression and PTSD. I cannot for the life of me understand why I have PTSD but I am considering the possibility that there is more going on than I am conscious of. There is something anomalous about me, a quality or ability if you will, that I have never shared nor will I ever share. I know better than to share such things with psychiatrists or therapists. The eyes cannot see what the mind does not know.” - WizardofCause Hoc

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