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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Disappearing UFO Experiencers - Part III

The Disappearing UFO Experiencers, Part III

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy (Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Books, 2015-2017). If you would like to meet the doctor in person, he will be appearing at the Saturday, 12 May 2018 Harmonic Journeys Holistic Fair, 1:15-2:15 p.m. at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 20401 Hilliard Ave., Rocky River, Ohio. The doctor will discuss the mysteries of Venus and the significance of the planet Venus in relation to the UFO enigma. For additional information, please check out www.HarmonicJourneys.net.

Paul Hellyer, the Defense Minister of Canada during the administration of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (1963-1968), believes that representatives of some 80 extraterrestrial species live and work clandestinely among us. See https://boingboing.net/2014/01/06/canadas-former-defense-minis.html

For the past four years, the former Canadian defense minister during the administration of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (1963-1968), has been making some astounding claims about the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. Hellyer maintains that the government of Canada is in possession of evidence that there are as many as eighty alien races on Earth at the present time. In fact, they have a bone or two to pick with us, for they are quite unhappy about our treatment of each other as well as our environment. In an interview with Russian television journalists, the world’s highest ranking believer in extraterrestrial life explained: “They don’t want to tell us how to run our affairs. They have accepted the fact that this is our planet; and that we have the right to run it. But they are very, very concerned.”

Hellyer added that, “They (the aliens) don’t think we are good stewards of our planet. We’re clear cutting our forests. We’re polluting our rivers and our lakes; and we’re dumping sewage in the oceans. They don’t like that and they made it very clear.” The high-ranking military chief emphasized that the extraterrestrials have given us a warning.

The controversial public figure revealed that while serving as defense minister during the Pearson administration, he discovered that numerous species of extraterrestrials have long infiltrated our societies here on Earth. Hellyer noted on a program aired on Russian television in early January 2014 that, “Some of them look like us. They could walk right down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.” He added that, “I would say that nearly all are benign and benevolent and they do want to help us. However, there may be one or two species that do not...”

While he did say that most of the aliens operating on Earth are from right here in our own solar system, hailing from Venus, Mars and Saturn’s largest moon, Titan; and that fortunately these are mostly of a friendly persuasion; he did assert that others with not so kind a disposition toward Earthlings were out there, biding their time and calculating their next diabolical steps.

In the last installment, we explored the United States government’s OPERATION CRYSTAL NIGHT as an integral part of the more overarching PROJECT SERPO program of interplanetary personnel exchange. It is clear that through the decades thousands of individuals have vanished in association with the appearance of strange fires and lights in the sky. I am not the first to notice this, or to come up with a possible explanation for it. One of the first was my mentor, the illustrious ufologist Otto O. Binder (1911-1974).

Binder was a prolific author whose work spanned many fields: astronomy, comic books, science fiction and ufology. He was best known for his work in comicdom, however, being credited with the creation of feminist icons Ms. Marvel and Supergirl. In 1963, Binder was awarded an honorary master’s degree in astronomical science by NASA. In 2004, he was posthumously inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in Lexington, Ohio. But his abiding passion has been UFOs, writing five books on the subject in addition to dozens of articles.

Understanding UFO Abductions

If there is an interplanetary exchange program going on, what kind of Earthlings are the extraterrestrials abducting, and for what purpose? Otto O. Binder believed he had some of the answers.

Binder was a firm believer in the alien hybrid theory. “Briefly,” Binder explained, “this new theory proposes that mankind is a hybrid between early men on Earth and men from another world. And second, that Man and much of life on Earth may comprise a colony, an intentional colony, put here and nurtured by persons unknown, who came from outer space.” See O. O. Binder and Max H. Flindt, We Are the Children of the Stars (Charlottesville, Virginia: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 2013), 7. This book was originally published in New York with Fawcett Publications in 1974. While not intending to snub orthodox religion or established science, Binder’s alien hybrid theory packs a wallop to the stomach of both of these powerful interest groups.

The innovate writer Binder draws our attention to Genesis 6:2 in the Bible (KJV), that provides us with a strong clue to the nature of the alien hybrid theory: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the Earth, and daughters were being born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose.” He asserts that the true meaning of this verse is that, “starmen visited Earth and mated with females, perhaps hominids, to sire the modern human race of Homo sapiens” (page 9).

Are Earth women as easy as ET might think? An older alien civilization will seek biodiversity in other species’ DNA in order to perpetuate its own existence. See http://lifeisreallybeautiful.com/tag/contactees/

Let’s Talk About Sex!

How long has this been going on? Is it still going on? Is sex with humans one of the primary motivating factors for the extraterrestrials to abduct Earthlings? There are dozens of people who have returned from close and intimate encounters with the UFOnauts. This cohort is almost equally divided between men and women. “Because of the intimate nature of such alien’/human contacts,” proffered Binder, “the people involved are anonymous except in the guarded files of private organizations of good reputation that investigate all UFO reports” (pages 225, 226).

Binder deemed this significant because the many contactee stories, when taken collectively, indicate that the saucer folks are quite obsessed about the development of our educational system and our advances in nuclear technology, rocketry, and the fabrication of weapons of mass destruction. In the accounts of all of the contactees, they all agree on one salient point, and that is that the extraterrestrials have maintained a “vested interest” in our species’ development for untold eons. Binder and Flindt, after considered research in this matter, noted that, “We know of nothing in genetics that can produce so many sudden, rapid and tremendous changes (mutations) in a species as have occurred in Man – except enforced hybridization... Man has been the only animal on Earth that showed dramatic biological and evolutionary development in the last half million years, even in the past 50,000 years. It is quite strange that this occurred only to Man.” (page 9).

Yes, very strange indeed. This is why Binder thought it was far more logical for humankind to have been hybridized at intermittent periods over time instead of relying on the slower path of a normal Darwinian evolutionary process of natural selection. Such a program would, of course, necessitate a multigenerational program of human crossbreeding, carried out over thousands, or perhaps millions of years. Is it any wonder why Binder created so many comic book and science fiction superheroes? Are they portents of what humankind is collectively evolving into?

Otto Binder, the creator of Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes (depicted above) and the author of five UFO books, believed that our descendants would gain superpowers through an intensive program of alien-human crossbreeding, now and long carried out here on Earth. The Legion of Superheroes now forms an integral part of the storyline in the third season of the Adventures of Supergirl on the CW Television Network. See http://cdn1us.denofgeek.com/sites/denofgeekus/files/styles/main_wide/public/2018/01/supergirl-season-3-what-is-the-legion-of-superheroes.jpg?itok=D3qE82sO

A Sinister Side

From contactee lore, we come to understand that some aliens, such as the so-called “Nordics” from the Pleiades star cluster, are quite compatible sexually with human beings. The Pleiadians don’t have to force any human beings to have sex with them. In the case of these beautiful star beings, humans are probably viewed as sexual “doorknobs.” In their estimation, we are all just waiting around for the next one of them to have their “turn of the knob,” so to speak. In the Pleiadian scenario, we’d share a lot of the sentiments expressed by Katy Perry in the hit song, Extraterrestrial, from her 2011 Teenage Dream album (Capitol Records).

But what about other extraterrestrial species seeking bio-diversification from our human genome, would they steel it from us by abduction and coercion? If the former Canadian defense minister Hellyer is correct, there are a minority of aliens who might. In their cases, however, they would have to be classified as rogue elements, being largely kept in check by human authorities or by friendly extraterrestrials in an alliance with human political and military powers.

The rogue elements would most likely be held in special detention facilities until they could be picked up and transported off world for further or ultimate disposition. Or in the case of a personnel exchange program like PROJECT SERPO, humans that have been off world for longer times, tending to their hybrid young on other planets, for example, might be returned to Earth and exchanged for these captured rogues.

Dulce, New Mexico

Rumors have long persisted that there is just such an alien holding facility, seven stories deep underground at Dulce, New Mexico, a small town in the north central part of the state. New Mexico is often called the Land of Enchantment, but there is nothing so enchanting about the alleged Dulce base. This massive base is supposedly the most fearsome site on the planet, where unimaginable technologies are developed and tried out on imprisoned extraterrestrials in horrid experiments. Some report that attempted breakouts have been brutally put down there. We’ve supposedly been on the brink of interplanetary war over the shenanigans that have taken place there, far from the scrutinizing eyes of the general public. Phillip Schneider, a former explosives engineer that was employed by the United States government, claims that he worked on a construction project at a “secret underground base” at Dulce in 1979; and that while he was there, he witnessed a brutal alien-human war where 60 humans died in combat with the extraterrestrial inmates.

A Nasty Situation

Local residents have suspected since the 1930s that some kind of underground base was located there, but for what purpose they could only guess. Then, in the 1970s, a series of cattle mutilations plagued the area round immediately round about the small town. Former New Mexico State Police Trooper Gabe Valdez had taken it upon himself to investigate these mutilations and reported on a New Mexico radio interview that, “The evidence that was left there, you know…. Predators don’t leave gas masks, glow sticks, radar chaff. They don’t leave that stuff.” Wow! Now we began talking about black ops government conspiracies.

Valdez made it a point to interview everyone on whose land mutilated cattle were discovered. Most of the landowners reported sightings of black, silent "sophisticated spacecraft" and the discovery of a fetus inside a dead cow — but not a calf fetus. The former trooper asserted in an interview on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters that, “It looked like a human, a monkey and a frog,” adding that, “It didn't have any bones in the head. It was all full of water.” Valdez speculated that the cows were incubating alien babies. After all, cow blood is compatible with human plasma.

Evidence of UFO activity emerged in the late 1990s, however, when Tim Anderson, a former police officer in Dulce, claimed to have seen a flying saucer in the town. Anderson excitedly told a reporter from the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, “It lit up the whole valley and just disappeared into the rocks. I just rubbed my eyes. Did I really see that?” Anderson also believes that a Bigfoot and other cryptids reside in or near the town, although he hasn’t seen any so far.

Yet another witness to strange events at the Dulce base is Dr. Paul Bennewitz. With a Ph.D. in physics, he became convinced that cattle mutilations around the area were the result of extraterrestrial intervention after he began picking up intercepted electronic signals just outside the town. “It’s a town too small to receive such messages,” noted Bennewitz, theorizing that these signals were coming from underground and going toward a target up at an extremely high altitude.

Dulce, which is a word that means “sweet” in Spanish, has left a rather sour taste in too many people’s mouths.

Otto O. Binder, 1911-1974
See http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Otto_Binder.
“The perennial disappearance of thousands of people from Earth annually- as well as many animals - who could quite logically (with no other explanation available) have been spirited away by UFOs...” - Otto O. Binder, 1974

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