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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Large Bat-Winged Humanoid Reported Over Coachella Valley, CA

On September 16, 2017, early morning about 5:15 AM PT in Coachella, CA. near 4th and Palm Ave. I woke up and went outside. Observed an unknown creature, bigger than any kind of bird I have ever seen. I've seen condors in the past, but this was much bigger. It was all black with a huge wing span that was at least 10 feet; possible larger. It was at an altitude of 100-150 ft. and gliding over my location towards the southeast. The wings had an outline of a bat's wing. It looked very much human, almost 'demonic' I felt; bony arms hanging down with claw-like hands and long legs extended behind. The body had to have been 7ft or more in length. It was making no noise, but I felt like it knew I was looking at it and I was fearful at what I was seeing. I told my spouse and he said it must have been a large bat. I looked up bats, flying fox and the like, and this did not match the description.

We have seen lots of drones, and those are quick, large and have an aerodynamic body. This creature look nothing like a drone or any other bird that we can identify. I contacted you after searching again on Google, and in relation to the Chicago winged humanoids.

Have there been any other similar sightings in the valley or in California? Thank you. KE

NOTE: I contacted the witness by telephone. She says that she reported this sighting to the UFO reporting agencies and a cryptid investigator, but never heard back from anyone. This is the first related sighting that I have received from southern California. The witness comes from an USAF family and is well aware of aerial objects. Lon


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