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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time Slips and Unexplained Glitches

“I once had a glitch and it scared the living sh*t out of me. My school once had an exhibition (I think that's what it's called) and I had to go there to help my class prepare stuff. I was going around to see a few exhibition pieces of other classes. I stumbled upon a room where the curtains were open and there were clothes inside. In the other room next to it was a room where the curtains were closed and there were some kind of red LED lights in there with jewels and a woman was sitting in the room. I think she was a seller. After I looked around, I left the room and wanted to go back to my friends. I wanted to pass the room with the opened curtains but I realized that it wasn't the same room anymore. It was the room with the LED lights with the woman sitting in the chair. I went back to the other room and that was the LED light room too. After that, I explored both rooms and I couldn't find a difference. I just got more and more worried that I might be hallucinating or be on drugs. But I didn't think so because I would be able to feel it, I think. And hallucinations are short. I sometimes hallucinate when I have fever, that's why I know that.

So, after the exploration, I stood a few minutes in the corridor, frightened. After those few minutes I dared to move and see if the rooms changed. They changed indeed. The room, that once was white and where the clothes were, was there. Everything was normal. Since that day, I haven't told anyone about that strange phenomenon. I couldn't tell anyone. But I wanted to tell someone who would believe me.”

Source: Youtube comments, Mikro Bit


"I had an encounter on a military post - Fort Riley, KS two months ago. I was outside late, sitting in my car maybe about 0100 and a loud buzzing sound went off and it sounded like someone was about to say something then it cut out. The barracks in front of me and adjacent to my building then came to life, the doors swung open and soldiers in full uniform all started walking out. They weren’t quite walking or running something in between like a really fast paced walk, almost a jog. No name tapes and no US army tapes. Didn’t recognize a single soldier among the three dozen or so that were there. I tried to stop them and ask what they were doing. No response. None of them they all just kept walking. In the direction of some training areas. I tried to catch up on foot but wasn’t trying to run after them so I got in my car and rode parallel to the path they were walking on. The road however had so many potholes it felt like I was going off road. Then I got to the point where the path went into some woods so I got out of my car in a near by parking lot and they weren’t there. I ran on the path they went on. No one. No boot prints nothing. Probed the wood line, couldn’t hear or see anyone. Went back to my car freaked out and generally flabbergasted and looked at my phone that I had left in the car and it said 0434 which is impossible because all of this couldn’t have taken place in more than 20 minutes or so.

So I was pretty freaked out and had no explanation. A bunch of soldiers without name tapes coming out of a building where there’s no way that many people lived in? Crazy. The road which had been worked on just a couple weeks ago and resurfaced having potholes at least half a foot deep? Insane. And now I have to do PT in like an hour. So yeah I kind of dropped maybe I was dreaming but all sh*t was so real. Maybe some kind of training I wasn’t privy to? Who knows. I for sure don’t have a f**king clue.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Cevin Zeke


“My BFF had a "shifting" experience. She and an acquaintance were on their way to a funeral, and, because they were running late (as per usual), they decided to go straight to the cemetery and skip the church ceremony. They made it to the cemetery, but they couldn't for the life of them find the rest of the funeral party. They wandered around weirded out for a while, trying to call up the other people, but they had no signal. They then decided to head out, go home, maybe have a coffee. As they left, they noticed another cemetery a bit further away, so they made their way towards it- lo and behold, they managed to find the rest of the funeral party in no time, as the second cemetery was quite smaller and easier to navigate. When they then apologized to the organizer for being late, and told them they mistakenly went to the "other" cemetery, she was bemused -because, she said, it's okay you were a bit late, there's no need to lie. There is only one cemetery in the village. They still don't know where they were.”

Source: Youtube comments, Barbora Urbankova


“I haven't ever experienced any major 'glitches' myself. The only one I've ever witnessed happening happened to a friend when I was 10 years old and it was minor (I guess). We were at his house and he went to grab a controller from his room so as we could play a match against each other on FIFA (we did 4-man mini tournaments). His room is just a hallway away. He stayed in there 20 minutes and we (me, the brother of my friend and another guy) started to wonder what he did in there. Then he came back after 20 minutes and we asked what was he doing in there all this time and he sincerely told us that he just went in his room grabbed a controller and came back immediately and he didn't remember doing anything else and that for him it was just a moment. He had just lost 20 minutes from his life, literally. Nothing major or life changing but we still were kinda freaked out with the whole situation. We just brushed it off like the 10-year-olds we were. It just came back to my memory. Don't know if it's worth mentioning that my friend and his brother are identical twins, if that increases the chance of glitches or something.”

Source: Youtube comments, Zax Crows

Comments found at Beyond Creepy


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