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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Shadow Figures and a 'Mini-Me' Humanoid

I recently received the following account:

Orlando, Fl - mid-November 2006 - My parents' old house used to have something strange going on inside of it. The first "odd" thing I ever noticed there was in 1998, when I caught a shadow person staring at me through my ajar bedroom door. When it realized I could see it, I saw it shrink back and continue to watch me. In 2001 and again in 2003 I had "sleep paralysis" incidents, where I felt like something was in the room with me, keeping me from moving for several seconds.

Sometime later, in the mid 2000s, stranger things began to happen. I began to feel a cold feeling on my back if I walked through the house or spent a long time in the house with the lights out. The strongest shadow person I ever saw was in the summer of 2005. I was sitting, listening to music in my room during the night when a shadow person appeared out of nowhere and slowly walked through the exterior wall of the house. This humanoid form was just completely black, there was no denying I saw it. This one was there with the lights on.

When my cat died in 2006, I saw more shadow people, sometimes as many as 3-4 at a time. I began to wonder if I was going crazy. If I slept with my door open, a crowd of them might gather in the doorway. Several times I saw the faint outline of one standing over my bed, even with the lights on. The culminating event came in November 2006. I usually slept with some light on but for some reason that night I didn't.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find I was being held at the ankles. The room was darkened and I couldn't make out any features of the room (but I wasn't trying either), I could see however an illuminated humanoid figure holding me by the feet. In a blog I had at the time, I described it as "having a face like Mini-Me of the Austin Powers film series." It was clearly recognizable as human, with a man's face. The entity was illuminated against the darkness, with jet black hair and jet black, absolutely black eyes.

This entity was short, it stood little more than head and shoulders above a standard bed frame, mattress and box spring. It held my ankles tightly and I began to attempt to get away. It appeared angry and it broadcast to me every negative human emotion, with a special emphasis on hate, rage and malice. It had a fierce countenance. The encounter felt like it lasted much longer than it did, but it probably only lasted several seconds. The grip on my ankles became painfully tight before it disappeared.

Once it was gone, I felt a pain similar to an inguinal hernia. This pain lasted for about 4-5 months before it dissipated on its own. Since then, I have usually slept with a light on (nightlight, TV on mute, etc). I am a man in his 30s still afraid to sleep in the dark. Oddly, after that incident the paranormal events in the house decreased substantially. D.

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