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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dragons Circling Above

The following comment was left on the former Arcane Radio YouTube channel:

Since you all are into the "strange" I'd like to tell you about something I witnessed about 6 years ago, down in central Florida. I was staying with some friends and always go out every night to check on the evening sky. I went out on this one night and looked up to see something that made me look away and rub my eyes. It was so amazing! But when I looked back, it was still there! Where I stood on the dark driveway, the moon was directly overhead, and circling around it, in a clockwise direction (from my perspective) were what looked like flying dragons! From the languid swoop of their wings, they had to be really enormous! But they were all black, silhouetted, with the moon above them, and I could see no colors or details.

Then, I realized that above them were dozens and dozens of tiers of more flying dragons, all circling in the same direction! There were easily over a hundred of those dreadful-looking beings, which I believe were Reptilians, as the "royal" ones have enormous wings. I estimate that the lowest one were approximately 500 feet up, though it's difficult to say exactly. And I began to wonder if they could see me down there, watching them, which was not a very comforting thought! I wanted to run to get my friends to see all this, but was afraid of what I might miss!

Then I noticed to the right of them, an enormous, black, circular craft, slowly and silently approaching the creatures. It was easily a dozen times the width of the moon and all around its rim, was a black, curling, wispy mist, which I thought must be some kind of cloaking device. Very slowly the craft crept closer and closer to the circling beings, until it had completely obscured them, as well as the moon. It never stopped or slowed down and remained totally silent. And after it cleared the place where the dragons flew, the sky was empty, save for the gibbous moon and the cold stars. As I watched it move off into the black night, I realized it could never be seen, being so quiet and hidden.

My theory about what had happened is...you know how when people are out boating, they will sometimes jump into the water for a refreshing swim?...well, I believe the Reptilians had left their craft to stretch those terrible wings, and were circling there, waiting for it to catch up with them, to get back on board. That's just my theory, because who knows what wicked mischief they'd really been up to? I told my friends what I'd seen, and being the skeptics they are, they said it was probably bats or birds, but I know what bats and birds look like, and what I saw was something I'd never seen before, or since.

For days after that event, I worried they might return to do some harm to me, for spying on them! And it's a creepy feeling to think what might be there in the black, night sky, just out of our sight! Thanks for letting me tell my experience, and keep trekking...into the mystic. KL

NOTE: The witness did not give a specific location, but I have a suspicion this occurred in or near the Sarasota / Charlotte / DeSoto County areas of southwest Florida. In the past, I have received several similar reports of flying Drago / Dragon beings accompanied by a craft-like UFO in this part of Florida. Lon

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