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Friday, February 23, 2018

Stepped Into Another Reality

“It was the end of my shift and I was heading out to meet up with my roommate, who worked at the same place but in a different floor. As I was heading out, I saw him passing through the door of the main entrance with our mutual friend. I jokingly thought 'The bitch isn't waiting for me.' They were about 10 meters in front of me. I saw them turn the corner so, when I did the same, I was expecting to see them on the walkway, heading toward the car, but they weren't there! I kept walking, wondering where they were, telling myself it was impossible for them to already be at the car. There was about 100 meters, then they would have to cross the road and then walk another 20 meters behind the fence to reach the car.

I got to the car, no one was there. I waited about 2 or 3 minutes before I received a call from my roommate, asking me where I was. He told me he was waiting for me inside the building. I said that I saw him exit the building with our friend, to which he replied that he was beside him. I thought it was a joke. That they, somehow, managed to hide somewhere and got behind me to prank me. When they got to the car, they told me to quit whatever drug I was on because they never left the building and waited in the hall. So, I tried to rationalize what just happened.

I knew my roommate's clothing so someone wearing a black cap with a gray shirt is somewhat common. But I hadn't seen my other friend until then... but the other of the duo I saw exit the building was also dressed like him. I asked them where they were and my roommate told me he was waiting for either me or the other friend in the main hall so he could go in the bathroom while who ever got there first waited for the other. So either I would have seen my roommate or my friend in the hall, but we didn't saw each other and none of us have a cell phone addiction.

To this day, their story is still the same and if it's a joke, well, they're tenacious. It happened six months ago. It became an inside joke among us. That I’ve made jump between dimensions, unknowingly. Whenever we have a misunderstanding, we jokingly blame my dimension drifting tendency. I don't know what happened that day, but I swear I saw them exit the building. And even if it wasn't them, my friend would have intercepted me.”

Source: Youtube comments, sporebliss

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