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Friday, February 02, 2018

Bizarre Shrine, Animal Sacrifices and a Hovering UFO

Chris, a member of the USAF living in Portland, Oregon called in to tell of his bizarre UFO story:

“Big caveat. I'm a big non-believer. But something happened when I was younger that I don't have a good explanation for. So, long story short, I grew up in Upstate New York, practically on the border of Canada. During high school, we would go park at a fisherman's parking lot on the New York side of the border and take a three to four mile hike through the woods, across the Canadian border, buy some beer and then lug it all the way back. We were able to buy it there. The path we took was well trodden and as long as we did that trip during the day or before the sunset, we were okay.

We were running late one day and we got lost and we started getting a little freaked out. We were smart enough to bring flashlights. We basically left the path and somewhere on the Canadian border, when I was in high school, there was a – I don't know if it's still there, but we came upon a clearing that had some kind of stone obelisk or statue in the middle. Just a big open clearing and all around it in a large circle were these small wooden crosses and these animal carcasses in all various forms of decay, hanging on those crosses upside down. We laughed at first but the first thing that came to my mind was that it was some kind of crazy satanic cult thing. It looked just like that kind of thing. I mean, you could tell they were purposely hanging these animals upside down. But what kind of started making us nervous was, I mean, number one, we're already lost. Number two, you come across this stuff. Some of them were bones but a couple of them were real fresh. So we're thinking, we gotta get outta there. And all that I can chalk up to, we just have freaky guys who can do that kind of thing.

So we're starting to think, how are we gonna get out of here. A buddy of mine knew astronomy and he said, 'Well, we know where the north star is, we're just gonna quietly sneak out.' While we were looking up to get our bearings... and this is what I can't understand and to this day it kind of freaks me out. I never really talk about it. You know how you can look up and on a clear night, you can see satellites. They go at a specific speed and it's very clear that that's what they are and they go and they don't like waver in their speed or anything like that and you can just follow them across. It's cool to watch. Well, we were looking and this thing that looked larger than a satellite. I assumed it was a satellite. We all assumed it was a satellite. It just sort of caught our eye because it was so prominent in the sky. It went from moving at a set speed to completely stopped. Dead stop directly above where we were. In other words if I was... I remember we were literally looking up and craning our necks and it was like at a 90 degree angle directly above us at this crazy site we were at and it stopped. I'd never seen anything like that in my life. That pretty much sealed the deal for us and we took off running and we eventually made our way back.

Nothing more to say. We just took off at that point. We do remember that the light stopped directly above us. It went from moving to stop. I can't tell how high it was but just the whole series of events and the fact that it seemed to stop directly above this site. (Clyde Lewis asks where this happened) Definitely within a four to five mile radius exactly on the Canadian border with the US in Upstate New York. I mean, you know, we were carrying the beer. We hadn't started drinking it yet so I mean it was all crystal clear. There was no influence of any kind. It was just so bizarre. It wasn't natural. It wasn't something I think you can explain with, you know, anything that is common science. The US military couldn't have come up with something like that, as high up as it was and the way it was moving and the way it just completely stopped and just stood still, perfectly still in the sky. It gives me chills to this day.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio With Clyde Lewis - May 1, 2014

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