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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Weekend 2 Cents: Was I Abducted? -- Don't Drink Airliner Coffee! -- Family Tormented by Stone-Throwing Entity

Was I Abducted?

I found the following post at the humanoid sub-Reddit...just posted today:

When I looked up this list, I noticed that several points apply to me, namely:

LOST TIME: As a young boy, during the night. I have two detailed memories. Once, I tried to fall asleep; suddenly, time "skipped" to morning, the dark window became lit by the light of the sun and I could leave bed. Another time, I was lying in bed and my nanny said goodnight; as soon as I closed my eyes, I could hear her waking me up! Both times, I wasn’t really tired and the time jump was fully conscious!

TAPPING OR HUMMING NOISES: I hear lots of strange noises in my ears after turning off the bedroom lights - various hums and ringing. Usually, it doesn't stop me from falling asleep eventually.

FEELING OF BEING WATCHED: Sometimes, when I'm alone.

UNABLE TO SLEEP: Sometimes, frightening thoughts about aliens keep me awake for a long time. In bed, I feel the urge to look up and check the whole room to see if somebody is inside.

PARALYZED IN BED: Sometimes, my body refuses to move for several seconds.

DREAMS OF FLYING: Used to have them with great frequency, I still have them rarely. The flying movement is usually equivalent to swimming in a shallow pool - I am standing up, I willingly "jump" up and begin swimming through the air using arm strokes. Usually, I stay close to the ground, but sometimes, I swim up to reach great heights, where my dream ends. The flying is always voluntary and not connected with paralysis. Some dreams abruptly end with a sensation of free fall (e.g. falling off a cliff).

"MISSION"/FEELING OF BEING "SPECIAL": Yes, I have a feeling that I am "special" and that I have some sort of objective.

PSYCHIC: Sometimes, I know what will happen within several seconds or minutes. And I have had prophetic dreams at least twice in my life - one I can clearly remember is about the speech of my school's headmaster during an assembly. I often have Deja vu experiences.

EYE DREAMS: I don't remember any dreams of large, black eyes, but I remember a dream about some sort of a disease which made one grow a third eye (when I was little). It was very scary, and I could not sleep for the rest of the night.

STARTLED: I sometimes awaken in the middle of the night.

PICTURES OF ALIENS: I get a negative feeling when seeing the picture of a grey. It's just uncomfortable; comparable to jumping into cold water.

FEARS OR PHOBIAS: I have a mild fear of heights (e.g. pool jumps). However, what is probably more important is the fact that a certain buzzing sound mosquitoes make forces the muscles of my back to contract. This is one of the reasons I hate mosquitoes and sometimes stay awake for long hours in summer, refusing to go to bed until every mosquito in the rook is dead.

KNOWING PEOPLE W/EXPERIENCES: I know one former Soviet Air Force pilot who claimed that he had seen various aliens (greys, "energy beings") and their technologies.

BLOOD ON PILLOW: I see small blood traces on my pillow sometimes. However, it may come from scratching my face.

INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT: I have always been interested in UFO's and aliens and like to browse conspiracy websites.

FOG OR HAZE: I can not recall seeing fog or haze on inappropriate occasions, but I can admit that I have a strong phobia of foggy water and often refused to swim in pools with foggy water when I was a kid.

NOSE BLEEDS: Very rarely (1-2 times a year) I have spontaneous nosebleeds.

RINGING IN THE EARS: As already stated above. I hear ringing/tinnitus in one or both ears often, especially during bedtime.

BEHIND YOUR EYE: I sometimes have headaches that feel like my brain is pressing against my skull and eyes and has not enough space.

DIFFICULTY TRUSTING: Sometimes, I have difficulties trusting other people.

DON'T TALK: I sometimes have this feeling. My parents and grandparents are very skeptical when it comes to these topics.

SLEEP AGAINST THE WALL: When sleeping in a bed standing by a wall, I always sleep with my back facing my wall.

LOCK ALL DOORS: In boarding school, I lock the door of my room at night.

NO RECALL: I cannot remember anything directly related to aliens/abduction. If I dream of aliens (which happens VERY rarely), it is usually in a science fiction style that has nothing to do with abductions. Sometimes, I see UFO's in my dreams, however.

COMPULSION TO STUDY ASTRONOMY/QUANTUM PHYSICS: I am very interested in anything that has to do with space and physics as well as in higher mathematics. I desire to study Aerospace Engineering.

SEE SAME NUMBERS ON CLOCKS LINED UP: Sometimes, usually during the day. One time, I read an article about waking up at 3:33 and alien abductions - the next day (I was sleeping in a room with an electronic clock), I woke up at night and BAM - as soon as I forced myself to look at the clock, it showed 3:34, suggesting that I indeed woke up at 3:33. Couldn't sleep for the rest of the night due to fear.

I don't have dreams, but I have clear memories of the following things:

An operation when I was a little boy. I clearly remember waiting at the hospital with my parents, being led to the surgery by a nurse who offered me to play with a toy car and having the anaesthesia mask fitted before breathing in the gas.

Fireworks. My family lived at an enclosed residental park (a "country club") when I was small, and we bought fireworks often, even on non-festive days. We would light them when returning from the city and watch them together with the security guards at the entrance checkpoint. I also remember that my dad lit fireworks on my 3rd birthday in the house garden and that I was afraid and hid behind a car. I remember liking fireworks strongly.

I must say that my intelligence is above-average (according to a teacher, my IQ is "at least 140") and that I learned to read at a fairly young age. I always used to read the astronomy section of my childrens' encyclopedia and knew about rudimentary terms ("red giant", "galaxy", "black hole") at preschool age. I started playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbiter and KSP in primary school.

Pertaining to health problems - I have nasal polyps, but it seems to be getting better. In the last two years, I had calf cramps in spring, which could be treated by means of magnesium pills. Last summer, I had (unexplained) occurences of cystes inside/on the surface of the eyeballs, which caused reddening, itching, pain during eye movement and discharge of sticky tears that made opening the eye hard after waking up.

Many points from the "72 signs" list apply to me.

Do these statements point towards a possible alien abduction experience in the past and/or subliminal contact with aliens?


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Don't Drink Airliner Coffee!

According to flight attendants -- the men and women who should know -- there's one thing you might want to think twice about consuming on your next flight.

That one thing?

A hot cup of coffee or any other drink that uses water from the airplane's onboard water system.

A flight attendant for a major airline, who was quoted anonymously to protect her job, explained in an interview for Vice:

Don't drink the coffee on airplanes. It's the same potable water that goes through the bathroom system. We recently had a test for E. coli in our water and it didn't pass, and then maintenance came on and hit a couple buttons and it passed. So, avoid any hot water or tea. Bottled and ice is fine, of course.

Another flight attendant told Business Insider,

Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane. They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain tea.

You'd think that an airplane's water storage and plumbing systems would be designed in a way that would prevent any possibility of contamination from occurring, and according to the airlines, that is the case. However, some flight attendants claim that these systems are not cleaned on a regular basis. According to a flight attendant interviewed by Travel + Leisure magazine, airplane water tanks "are probably only cleaned out every six months to a year." Read more at The Surprising Thing Flight Attendants Say You Should Never Do on an Airplane (Though You've Probably Done It Many Times)


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The Musirinofa family suspects that the bizarre incident is being caused by an avenging spirit (ngozi) of a family member killed by the father.

Since the attacks began, Koniwai Musirinofa was living alone, locking himself indoors to save himself from the stones that are reportedly hurled from all directions, hitting the doors, windows and roofs whenever he set his foot outside.

The old man has, however, now been given refuge at the home of one of his sons, with his own haunted homestead now abandoned.

Headman Murahwa, Godfrey Murahwa, who lives close to the Musirinofa homestead, confirmed the predicament of the family. Read more at Bikita Family Pelted By Mysterious Stones As Father Confesses To Killing Daughter



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