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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Turnip-Shaped Heads with Elephant Trunks, 3-Inch Tall Entities & The Cloaked Healers

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Near Milnthorpe, Cumbria, UK - July 1965 - late night

A couple and their baby son were making an overnight journey when they pulled over for a cigarette break at a rest area. Shortly after pulling in they noticed an intense red light, which appeared lens or domed shaped, behind a nearby dry stonewall. Within this light were three small creatures that seemed to give off a slight green luminescence. The humanoids were described as having large round staring eyes and a long nose that looked like a “small elephant trunk” with a mouth that appeared as just a slit. They had large heads and almost turnip shaped, and their bodies were round with hands with digits that were not defined. Two of the three entities had their arms held out in front of them as if gesturing. No definite muscle tone or bone structure was seen, and they did not appeared to be wearing any clothing. The humanoids appeared about 15 feet from the car in front of the wall when the object’s brilliance was noticed.

Both witnesses became frightened and drove off without seeing the humanoids depart. Later both witnesses felt silly for reacting in a frightened manner towards the creatures, because they had an impression that they meant no harm.

Source: BUFORA



Rockville, Virginia - May 11, 1969 - 1:45 am

20-year old Mike Luczkowich, a student at Manakin, Virginia, was returning home after a date with his girlfriend. Just as he passed the Rockville General Store, Mike noticed something about 50 yards ahead of his car. At first he thought it might be a couple of deer, but he soon realized that he was observing two figures about three and a half to four feet tall. The creatures were wearing spherical helmets that looked as large as basketballs. Circling each helmet was a pale green band that reflected the headlights of the vehicle. The beings were motionless at first, but they soon scurried off and ran up an embankment to the left of the witness. The first two creatures had barely disappeared when a third small creature appeared from the right side of the road and quickly joined the others by climbing over the embankment.

Luczkowich reported that the little men were dressed in light-brown coveralls that were somewhat baggy in the legs but were tight-fitting at the ankles. He did not see any arms, and he could not detect features behind the over-sized helmets. The student was shaken by the experience, and he did not tell anyone of the encounter until Sunday.

On Monday, Luczkowich and three other men returned to the site. They were able to locate a definite trail through the poison ivy and honeysuckle on the embankment the three beings had scaled. Beyond the embankment they found a barley field with a path through it, such as the three humanoids might have made. After a few feet they noticed two flattened areas, where small entities might have thrown themselves down in the grain field. The crushed barley at one of the impressions, according to Luczkowich showed the imprint of two small bodies, while another impression outlined one small body. About a half mile west of the area, and about two hours earlier 18-year old Debbie Payne had reported seeing an oval-shaped luminous object over her house as she arrived home from a date. The object appeared rather bright, then dimmed and became bright twice more before she and her date reached the house.

Source: Ted Bloecher, “Occupant Case Detailed” - Skylook - November 1974



In 1975 or 1976 there was some commotion in Kuantan, Malaysia, when a strange encounter with a 3-inch-tall man-like creature was reported. The incident occurred about 9 miles from the town of Kuantan. The small UFO which ferried the tiny entity is said to have landed at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Base.

There were three young witnesses to the encounter. The third witness, not mentioned in the newspaper account below, is known to be still schooling in Kuantan. Attempts have been made to locate this witness. The whereabouts of the other two witnesses is not known and it is conceivable that they have moved to other Air Force installations in the country with their parents.

Below is a short account of the incident as it appeared in the local newspaper:

"Kuantan, Thursday – A 3-inch-tall creature said to resemble a human being, has become the talk of the RMAF base here since its reported sighting, by a schoolboy two days ago. The story has also spread to the town.

"Paul Lazario, 9, a pupil of the RMAF Primary School said he saw the creature two days ago near a drain at the RMAF field. It was stopping to drink water, he added. ‘I caught it but it escaped from my grip and ran into some undergrowth near the drain,’ he said.

"It had two feelers on the head and held a steel-like rod in its hand. A pistol was hanging from its waist. It was brown in colour and looked like a man,’ he added.

"Paul said he related the incident to his friends and in the evening three of them went to the spot near the field. And according to schoolboy, Neo Lee Ann, 12, all three saw the creature moving about on the area. ‘When it saw us, it ran into the undergrowth and disappeared’ he said.

"A teacher of the school, Mr. Yew Kim Guan, said when he heard the story he went to investigate. ‘There was no sign of the creature in the area, but I saw a Red Indian-like wigwam beautifully weaved out of grass. It was partly crushed,’ he said.

"He added he didn’t know whether to believe the story,"

Source: Flying Saucer Review, Jan. 1981



Jay, Florida - June 1986 - late night

The main witness was sleeping with her young daughter, who was suffering from an in-operable cancerous brain tumor, in her bedroom when she suddenly awoke to see three cloaked beings that were standing at the foot of their bed. They were apparently communicating with each other but not with the witness. When the witness attempted to reach over to touch her daughter she realized that she was unable to move. All she could do was move her eyes. The beings then came over to the side of her bed and a very peaceful feeling came over her, the being that was directly opposite to the witness right shoulder bend over and touched her daughter, and everything went quiet and the witness memory ended at this point.

The next day her daughter experienced a massive nosebleed she apparently expelled a very large blood clot from her nose, almost gagging her. A few months later the witness took her daughter for a new CT scan. Soon she was surprised to learn that her daughter's tumor was completely gone apparently removed by a laser, according to her doctor (name deleted). Her daughter is now cancer free.

Source: NUFORC

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