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Monday, December 19, 2016

Pursued by a Horned Shadow

Glen called in to tell of his bizarre shadow man experience:

“My story starts about 25 years ago. 17 years old. I used to take a short cut through the woods. Freeport, Long Island, New York. And heading towards the short cut, I'd say maybe about 12 blocks, I had to go through like a marshy swamp area. About a hundred yards in, it's dark. It's in the back of an old railroad station. No lit light. You could barely see. You could barely see 20 or 30 yards. About a hundred yards in there, I had to follow a trail along a fence, I had to sit down to smoke a cigarette.

I'm sitting there. 17 years old. I'm not scared of much especially growing up in New York. All kinds of surprises. Until after this experience. So out in the marsh, I'm sitting down and out in the marsh, I hear some dog tags, you know, clanking together. I didn't think much of it. There are a lot of dogs out there, goofing off. And as I sat there, the chains just started coming closer. The tags were clinking and clanking and started coming closer. So I'm thinking a dog's on its way, no big deal. No need for alarm. As my ears... I couldn't really see. To my left was a creek that came out of a pipe that came from under the property. It wrapped around in front of me to about a 10 or 12 yard drop to the creek. The creek's about 10 yards and a sand bank on the other side. Then there's some type of marshy small trees and then you could see maybe 10 or 20 yards past the creek.

Those clanking sounds are coming closer and closer. My ears are telling me that it should be visible soon – should be coming into my range. And I still thought it was a dog so I'm expecting to hear a little critter, you know, coming through the grass and the leaves and what not... And I hear two footsteps. I hear something with two footsteps. Thump. Thump. And it's coming towards me. Not a French poodle. Not a German shepherd. Two distinct footsteps coming through and you can hear the grass, and the walking and the dog chains are still clinking clinking. That's about when my alarm bell went off. I'm thinking, okay, this is a problem. There's no way you can think this is anything but a problem. Something’s wrong and my ears are telling me that I ought to be able to see this thing and it should be right there on the other side of the creek.

This kinda just dragged on for about 20 minutes. It didn't just walk up. I'm thinking serial killer. I'm thinking... something. I didn't know. Just bad. And I was ready to go because I should have seen it. My ears are telling me it should be there but I couldn't see it. And I'm looking around trying to figure should I go back to the right or should I go to the left. And I'm in New York so it's not always a friendly place and I'm out in the middle of this swamp and you can't see that good. To get to the backstreet of the neighborhood I was heading to, I had to make a left about 10 yards, go across the pipe to the right, go another 25 yards then up the side of the hill, it brings me to the dead end street, straight up there to the neighborhood and I have about 30 more blocks to my house. And the trail on the other side went away from the creek. So whatever would have been done there on that bank would have had a 30 yard trip to where it was and I had a 30 yard trip to where it was.

So I got up and bolted. I figured I'd beat it. I hang to the left, run to the right and I'm in full sprint. I'm the athletic type, I'm 6'2... And just where I got to the point where I would go up this hill, a 10 or 12 foot shadow with red beady eyes stepped up from the bank and was standing right there. 10 or 12 feet. Huge. It had horns. I froze. It had horns. Just an outline. It was as dark as dark could be. All you could see is dark, all you see was an outline. Looking into this creature, it was as dark as night. Red beady eyes. Beady! Not just glowing eyes. Red beady eyes! And I froze. I was just stuck. And I don't know how long I was there. I stood there contemplating some kind of communication coming at me, like step into me or something. I didn't know. But I didn't want to touch it so I did what any red blooded 17-year-old would do in this situation. I turned around and I ran. And I ran. And I didn't stop running. I ran all the way home. This was like 40 blocks, you know. This was like 2 miles.

I came home sweating, huffing. My parents kind of looked at me odd. I was well-raised, you know, yes sir, no sir. No ma'am. Catholic boy. I was in an almost shock. I couldn't explain to them what happened. I didn't dare. They would have committed me. They would have sent me to private school or something. I told one person in my life. I grew up in Catholic schools and I tried to tell my priest. (Bell asks what he thought the creature was) It was just a definition to figure out that life wasn't what I had figured out at that point. It was something that alienated me from what I considered normal.”

Source: Coast To Coast – October 31, 2005

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