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Friday, December 02, 2016

Bizarre Eyewitness Encounters

Hooded Figure

A user calling himself Uhtred of Bebbanburg wrote of something strange he saw as a boy:

"I've had an encounter of my own. My friend and I saw a hooded figure on a "Dead End" fence at the end of my road in the suburbs right off the country. We stumbled upon it by accident just riding bikes at night. My friend was closest to it about 25 feet away and I was a little further but I noticed it before he did. At first we thought it was a person in a black hood so we yelled at it trying to get it to turn around but it kept looking out into the field so my friend and I just booked it outta there in fear. This encounter has left him and I curious for years and it would be cool if you could dig up some encounters similar to ours. When I look "hooded figure" up all I could find is grim reaper stuff but this thing we saw was short looking because the torso wasn't too big and we couldn't see feet hanging off the other side of the fence, the hood was pointed and it wasn't near Halloween so the whole thing was weird."

Source: Youtube Comments


Toenail Fairy?

Marie Beardemphl wrote in to tell of something strange that happened to her daughter:

“The first story reminded me of my daughter when she was between 6 and 9. She had stubbed her toe and her toenail eventually fell off. She came to me and said she wanted to put the toenail into a glass so the toenail fairy would give her some money. With a small snicker, I told her there was no toenail fairy. She wouldn't believe me, so I told her to put it under her pillow and if she found money, of course, there was a toenail fairy. The next morning, she got up and the first thing she did was look under her pillow. Do you know what she found? The toenail was gone. but she also found a quarter. I have no idea where that quarter came from and asked her dad if he put it under there. He said he didn't put it there and I didn't put it there. There was no other "grown ups" other then her dad and I AND she was the oldest child. So her brothers were too young. She also didn't see an entity either. So tell me, who DID put the quarter under her pillow?"

Source: Youtube Comments


Beam of Light

Annette in Dayton, Ohio called in to tell of her weird encounter:

“I was only 12 and a half and just before that we were moving from Salt Lake City and it was snowing. We had to stay in this nice hotel where my brother and I had a suite and my parents next to me. Well I woke to looking at a beam of light. I don't think it was an alien. I think it was a real angel. It was so bright, like the Sun, but you could look straight at it. It seemed to have a face but less distinctive. It had like an open robe with all this light was coming out of it. I kept thinking, I know I'm awake. I kept thinking why isn't my brother awake, looking at this. I look back and it was still there. And it was just there!”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - November 29, 2016

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