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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: 'Manimal,' Glowing Entities & the Young Little Woman

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina - February 26 2003 - 10:00 pm

Alerted by the sounds of his barking dogs, 62-year old Patricio Saldaño, armed with a flashlight went out to investigate. He noticed that the dogs were furiously running back & forth from one area of the yard to the other. He then saw standing only about 10 meters from him a huge hairy figure standing on two legs. It resembled a giant ape, which stared at the witness with large bright red eyes. The creature was silent and moved its huge arms in an apparent attempt to scare the dogs away, which curiously did not attack. The creature had long sharp claws that reflected the light in the darkness. His wife and two young children also saw the bizarre creature, which disappeared into the darkness. Several days earlier a dead calf had been found dead and partially eaten.

Source: Witness account to local reporter

NOTE: For a number of years, this hairy humanoid has been reported on numerous occasions in the same general area...though the size of the creature in this particular report seems to be larger than the others, thus the moniker 'The Manimal'. This area has also experienced several cattle mutilations and UFO sightings during the same period...Lon



Location/Date: Tualatin, Oregon - February 2003 - night

As the witness' boyfriend lay sleeping in bed she got up to use the bathroom. After she left the bathroom she decided to walk out to the living room and have a cigarette before she tried to go back to sleep. The apartment was pitch black. There were no windows except in the bedroom, which was covered with blinds and curtains. The living room had a sliding glass door to a balcony that was right along side the main door and completely closed up with a drape as well.

As she started down the hallway to the front of the living room she could sense someone walking up behind her. She thought it was her boyfriend and continued down the hall expecting that he wanted to scare her. After a couple more steps, she quickly glanced back and was stunned at what appeared to be an outline of a figure with a faint glow around it. As well, she could see the bedroom door behind/through it. She looked straight ahead and continued walking. She was stopped on her tracks as she reached the end of the hallway where it branched to either the entry to the kitchen or the entry to the dining room or straight ahead to the living room. She literally felt as though something was standing in front of her. She was afraid to look up but did glance behind at which time she saw the same outline as before only more defined. There was almost an actual being there though it seemed to glow all around. She quickly turned back toward the living room, as it seemed there was not only one presence in front and behind her, but also from the dining room and the kitchen. She was literally trapped by the four separate beings. The more she was feeling and seeing them, the more she could see them take shape.

The being behind her seemed to be wearing suspenders and maybe plaid, and was probably no more than 5'7", but the others seemed quite a bit larger and taller. The whole time that she felt their presence around her she felt a wind moving around at the end of the walkway. There were no windows opened. She could also hear what sounded like unintelligible whispering. During all this she was trying to look away and reach the light on the kitchen entry directly behind her on the hallway wall she was leaning on. She felt as though the presences were forcing her to the floor. She did manage to turn on the light; as soon as she did the room seemed back to normal. It wasn't cold or windy. Her boyfriend had been sound asleep the whole time.

Source: ParanormalAbout.com from email

NOTE: sounds like a haunting, aside from the 'glowing'. Very unique encounter...Lon



Location/Date: Hollywood, Florida - April 2003 - 1:00am

Two women came to the side of the South Florida gatehouse where "June" worked as a security guard. They said that there was something strange out by the curb, about 100 feet away, but they didn't know what it was. It was on the road just east of the driveway. The women were upset and seemed to think that something was very wrong. June instructed the women to wait in their car by the gatehouse while she went to investigate. If there were any problems they could call the police on their cell phone. June walked out to the curb and found sitting on the curb, curled up into a ball somewhat smaller than a beach ball a strange "person". With her flashlight June could see a neck and a dark suit. Gently, June touched the figure and said, "Hello!" but there was no movement. Finally as June touched the shoulder, a small woman suddenly unwound from the curled up ball position. She was about 4'8" tall with very high heels on her shoes. She was dressed very well with beautiful jewelry, a leather purse, diamond appearing earrings and long red hair that fell to her shoulders and very large brown eyes, a small nose and a tiny barely noticeable mouth. She appeared to be in her early 20s and appeared to be afraid. June questioned her gently:

June: What are you doing?
Woman: "I'm waiting".
June: "For whom"?
Woman: "A-a-a ride"
June: "Well, who is supposed to pick you up?"
Woman: "I don't know"
June: "Honey, come off the curb and stand next to me"

June put her hand around the little woman and noticed that she maybe weighed about 70 pounds, had long arms and very long fingers. Her pinstriped suit with a skirt looked as though it could have been made in the 1940's. Finally the woman looked at June and asked:

Woman: Where am I?
June: Well we're on earth, and it's the 4th rock from the sun. (!)
Woman: "Oh...."
June: "Can I do anything for you? Do you need the police?
Woman: "The who"?
June: "The police"
Woman: What do they do? (Was her stunning response)
June: They might be able to help.
Woman: No, I am all right. I am just going to wait.

June took hold of her and insisted she come with her to the gatehouse to talk for a while. But the strange woman insisted that she wanted to wait by the curb. At this she sat back down and curled up into a ball again. Reluctantly, June returned to the gate where she found the other two ladies still waiting in their vehicle. June then called the police, which came around and spoke to the woman for 45 minutes but could not detain her. They told June that the woman did not have any identification on her, and no keys, but had some money and small papers with scribbles on them in her purse. They said that they had no reason to detain her and left. After the police left, June went out to check on the little woman but she had vanished into thin air.

Source: Local police / Miami SkyScan



Location/Date: Kuusamo, Finland - August 1, 1998 - 11:30pm

Two couples were in their summer cottage chatting and waiting for a bath in the sauna. The owner of the cottage, Pekka, went to the terrace to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly he noticed a man who he at first thought was his guest, Teemu, come to his left side. He was a little surprised since the door had made no sound whatsoever, but ignored it. Pekka began to talk to Teemu about events in the cottage last winter and wondered why did Teemu did not say anything and just smiled. He then noticed that the man was not Teemu, but only someone that resembled him. Pekka said, “But you are not Teemu” The man just smiled and walked to his right side.

Pekka now noticed that there were three other persons in the cottage sitting in the living room talking. He was going to ask the man a question but was answered before posing the question, apparently reading his mind. The stranger said, “You know very well who I am, Pekka.” The man now seemed to be having difficulty in keeping his disguised appearance. His jaw fell down wax-like, but he manages to reconstitute himself after some facial “gymnastic”. When his jaw fell down his mouth was very thin and the jaw pointed.

Pekka now began to think that the man was not from this planet and began to feel uneasy. He kept asking the man who he was, to which the stranger answered, “You are one of us Pekka. You are chosen”. Pekka began to walk inside and asked, “Why me”? To which the stranger answered, “You are a good man”. Once at the door Pekka asked, “How long did the journey last?” The stranger said 11 months. Pekka resisted the urge to get closer to stranger and walked inside. The others noticed right away that something had occurred but Pekka did not tell them about the incident until the next morning. In spite of what the stranger had said Pekka did not recognize him and he had never been interested in UFOs. He was badly shaken after the experience.

Source: Witness statement

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